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Publication numberUS2615496 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1952
Filing dateMay 26, 1949
Priority dateMay 26, 1949
Publication numberUS 2615496 A, US 2615496A, US-A-2615496, US2615496 A, US2615496A
InventorsLorenz Anton, Luckhardt Johannes
Original AssigneeLorenz
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Reclining article of furniture
US 2615496 A
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ATTORNEY Patented Oct. 28,' 1952 RECLINING ARTICLE OF'FURNITURE Anton Lorenz, Bufialo, N. Y., and Johannes Luck- 7 hardt, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany; said Luck-. hardt assignor to said Lorenz Application May 26,1949, Serial No. 95,412

a leg-rest swing'a'bly mounted on the seat may bepropelled to a-fgreatextent during the initial tilting of the back rest and the seatlfrom the sitting position intoaireclined position.

A further objectiofithepresent invention isto improve on thegart of:reclining articles of furniture as now ordinarilykmade. a a V With the above andnother objects of the invention in. view; thiinventionconsists in the novel construction; :arrangement. and combination of various :elementsuand parts; described hereinafter and -.'set forth in the .claims hereof, certain embodiments of the same being described in the specification and being illustrated in the accompanying; 'drawings forming specification',lwhereinz Fig; :1 .is :a side elevational oiiflcechair ."v

. Fig..25isx-a sectional view 'takenon line 22 of Fig..3'is aflsideelevational viewof a tiltable chair, H


4 part .of this a side 'elevationalyiew of an arm chairfapo'rtion of 'a side wall of the frame being i lf -Fig'. I6 is 'a'fsectional view stream-11m 66 of Fig. 7 is a sectional-. view taken on line belief Fig. 4, g 4

F eld is' a-sim-plified diagrammatical illustration ofthe'link sy stems of the arm'a-ch'air shown inFigl ii Fig. Qis aside elevational view ,ofanother embodiinentof anofiice chair, I

Fi 10 is a; sectional view taken on line Iill0 F 11 is a side elevational ,view' of a further m d m n enem s chain.

'Fig. 12 is'a side elevational view of an arm chairfapoition ofja'side wall beingigbr'oken away 'and to articles of furniture,-

Fig. is afragrnentary view taken on line' 55 22 Claims. (Cl. 155-105) 2 a .Figr13 is a sectional view taken on line [3-13 of Fig. 12. e r

Referring now to Figs. 1 and2, 20 generally in-- dicates a support of. the ofiice chair, saidsupport I being inthe shape of a customarypedestal.

ing portionof the back-rest 26 at 30. Each-0t said lower connecting links 28 is pivoted at 32: to an adjustable bracket 34 of the pedestalor. support 20. The front end portion of each lower: connecting link 28 is pivotedattt "to one-end of a front connecting link 38, the other end ofwhich' is pivoted at 40 to the front end portion of theseat 22. On each side of the chair, one end of'a guiding link 42' is pivotedto the bracket .34 of. the support 20 at 44. The otherjend ;,of said. guiding link 42 is pivoted to the back-rest 26 at 24 in coaxial alignment withthepivotal connec-.: tion between the back-rest 26 and the seat 22. Thus, the ofiice chair comprisesv a constrainedcomplex linkage having a plurality :of movable" links and a stationary link. 'A portion of. the support between the-pivots 32 and is included, in said constrained complex linkage as said stationary link. The movable links of'the constrained complex linkage include the seat 22,;the' back-rest 26, the lower. connecting link'28 and the front connecting link .38.. I

The sitting position of 'the movable links; of the constrained complex linkage shown in full;- lines is limited by stops 46 arranged onforward. extensions of the bracket 34 for-abuttingengage-i;

ment with the seat 22. Compression springsx lh arranged between said forward extensions of the- I ,bracket 34 and thelower connecting links relate. as a load on said lower connectingrlinks', and; tend to urge the movablelinks of the constrained;

complex linkage into the sitting position.

When the user of the chair presses againstthe back-rest26 the movable links of the -con-"lseat 322 forming, likewise, a movable link ofithe constrained complex linkage is also. tilted into the position shown in dashnand dot lines.: The movable membersof the chair maybe returned from a reclined position into thesitting position when theoccupant of the .chair relieves the pressur 'on the back-rest and shifts his weight somewhat forwardly, The compression spring 348. acting-as a load on the lower connecting-link 328 assists in the. returningof themovable members into theisittingposition.J r *ci-Theschairl is provided -ateach of its. sides with an fiarm:-rest'350 pivoted to the baok 352 'andfpivoted to a bar 356 .at 354-; The. bar 356 isfswingably mounted on the seat 322 at 358.

According to the embodiment of an ofiicechair. shown in Fig.1 -11 again; the seat ivotedto therbackerest. 42 6; at .42 4, the back-rest is pivoted at.,4;30 'totthe-lower connecting link 42,8, .the lat ten-is .-.,sw.i.ngab1y 'rmounted. at -432 on the bracket 434::of the-support 420 andy-the front'jconnecting link;.43 8 is.pivoted at 436 to the lower, connecting linkjZ S, and at 440 to. the seat 422.; According toEig, 11 however, the pivot 424 between'the back-res ,2.6andthe. tA a so...s d 1v n-.. eased w th.a..=s t 4 1 t e b a t .3.4,of;the.v susp nd"... V ...w,A -,compression spring A48 arranged between thegbra cket 434;and the lower connecting link. 28 tendsetcurset m va rs 0f-;.the Fhair into the sitting position limited by anabutment of the seat .422 against theiorwardlyextending arms of thebracket 434;

- The rear end of an arm-rest 458 is pivoted at 452. to the back-rest .426. The-front end of. said st 4 50 -is pivoted at 454-to a bar 456, piv-. oted atits'other endg to the seat4122;: at .458., ..-.-'Ihe arm-chair shown in Figs. 1 2;,and; 13 hasa support 520 comprising connected side frames 51,9 and. 52L The back-rest 525' is pivoted at 52.4.. to the rear portion 'Of the seat 522 and at 5381-totherear portion of lower connecting Jinks 1 s i sab ym n on e su or 0. a 532 Theffront-end of-each lower connecting link 528 is pivoted at 5 36 to one end of a front connectinglink 538, theother; end of which is pi'v ed to the-seat522 at- .540.

Asshown -in liigs. 12 and 13,. on -each sidesoi thejchairg the seat. 522 is provided with a 131115592 arojecting; from the 'sideof the seat. fEach pin is slidably engaged with .a recess or slot 594 arrangedona side frame of the support 528..

' I he sitting position oithe movable members of -'thefchair2 is limited by a stoplj54fiarranged on the'support for cooperation with the. back-rest 5261 Thefeirtreme'reclined position of the movable members of the chair is limited by the rear wall 5|1Fof the support against which thebackrest 526 may abut. i

each side of the--chair onea'rm'58l of a controlling bell-crank lever 583 swingably mount ed on the support 520 at-585 is in engagement with-the back-rest 525. According to the'jemboldimentshown in Fig.'l2 said arm 58! carries a pin 58'ljslidably and 'rotatably engaged with a slot 589 of the back-rest. The other arm 580 of said controlling bell crank lever 583 is pivotedatf-SIB to the rear-endportion of a controlling link- 516, the front end of which is pivoted at 514 to a legrest 5l0 swingably mounted on the seat 522 at 512. "--When the-back-rest 52B and seat 522 are broug'ht from the-sittingposition shown in full lines into 'a.reclinedposition shown in dash and dot lines; the leg r est 'is propelled from the po- "siti-on shown in full lines into theposition shown 6 in dashand .dot lines by means of the controlling mechanism 583, 516 conneetedwith theleg-rest. and theback-rest. Thegslot 589 on thebackj rest can be omitted. and the arm.58l..of-th'eibel1-. crank lever 583 can be pivoted. to the back-irest, if the slot 594 guiding the pin 5.92 of .therseat .522 is of such ashapethata pivot. connecting the back-rest 526 with thearm 58l of the controlling. bell-crank lever is movedalonga circular path; the center of .whichcoincides with-the axis or the piv017585. 31- V2.1: j The controlling mechanismc583, 516 permits a swinging movement of..the.leg-rest510i about its pivot 512 to a great extent,.although.:the backrest 526 may be tilted only slightly.

, The leg-rest 5.10 connectedtoithe back -rest5261 4 I through its ,controllingmechanism 583.3518 acts as. a, load on the movable links of the constrained complex linkage of the. chair and contributes to areturn movement of said movable links froma reclined position into the. sitting position. M1,;

We have described preferred embodiments-of 1 our inventiombutit is understood that thisdis"- closure is for the purpose of illustration-and'that various omissions or: changes in; shape; proportion and arrangement ofhparts, as wella'sthe substitution of equivalent: elements -for ':those herein shown and described may be 'made with out departingv from the'spirit and scopeiof the invention as set forth in .theappended claims'i What we claim'is; 1

- 1. An article of repose for supporting 4 of a person, comprising incombinationz -a.sup port, and a constrained linkage. having stat'ione ary link-means anda plurality of movable'links'; said stationary link-means being included 'insaid support, saidmovable links including a front connecting link; a lower connecting link; guiding means and a seat back unit wherein the rear end portion of the seat "and: theback-rest' are. pivotally connectedand the. back-rest hasa downward extension projecting beyond the-pivotal connection betweenthe seat and theback"- rest, the upper end of said front. connecting link being pivoted to the front portion of the seat; the lower end of saidfront connecting link being pivotedto the front endof said lower. connecting link, the rear end {of said lowercon-nectinglmk being pivoted to thedownward extension o'fth'e' back-rest, said lower connecting link being pivoted to saidsupport, andsaidguiding-means 1 being connected to saidsupport and being en? gaged with said seat-back unit.

2.-Inan article of --repose for supporting the body for a personas c1aimed-inolai1n 1,}biasing means operatively connectedwith a movable linko'f said constrained linkage for moving the movable links thereof from a; reclined position towards the sitting position. I

ingstopping means arranged on re1atively mov able links for ilim'iting'an extreme position there 5."In anarticle of repose :forsupporting the body .ofv a person-as claimed in claim: 1,;a leg-rest swingably mounted-onthe'front end. portion of 3. In anflarticle'of -repose forsupportijng the body'ofapjerson as claimedin 'claim l, cooperat acre-nee the seatnandc controlling means. responsive to movements oii amovab'l'eilink of the constrained linkage, said controlling. means being connected; said swingable. l'eg=rest. .for: controlling movemen'tsz.of.the-latter;.-. :In-ani article? of repose. for supporting the: body ofz'a personas claimed in claim 1, a. leg-rest swi'iigablymounted on; the. front end portion. of theiseatniacontrollingielement swingably mounted on. saidxsupport and'connected to a movable link of said constrained linkage, and a controllingzzllink connected. to said controlling" element and toz saidv leg-rest. for controlling. the movements .of the latter,

'7. In an article of'rep'ose for supporting the body of. a person. as; claimed. in claim 1 a leg -rest swingably mounted: .on the frontv end portion of the seat, a controlling element swingably mounted on-sai'd support and connected to: a movable linkof said constrained linkage, said controlling element being in the shape of a bell-crank lever anda controlling link connected to said controlling; element and to. said leg-rest for controlling. themovements of the latter.

8-.An article of repose iorsupporting. the body of. aperson, comprising-in combination: a support, and a constrained. linkage having'stationairylink-means and a plurality of movable links, said stationary link-means being included in. said support. said movable links including. a front connecting link, a lower connecting: link, a. guidinglink and a seat-ba'ck-unit wherein the rear end. portion of the seat and the back-rest are pivotally connected" and the back-rest has a downward extension projecting beyond the pivotal. connectionbetweerr the; seatv and the backrest; the upper end of. said front connecting link being: pivoted tothe front-portion of the seat, the lower'end of said front connecting link being: pivoted to the front end of said lower connecting link, the: rear end of said lower connecting link beingpivoted to the downward extension of the back-rest, said lower connecting link being piv-v oted to said support, and said guiding link being swingably mounted on said support, and being pivoted to said seat-:back-unit. ,9. =Inzanarticlegof repose for'supporting the bod f; a p so a c aim n l it b a means ;operativelyconnected; with a movable link of said'constrained; linkage for moving the movable links tl iereof from 1a reclined; position towards the sittingpositio-n.

10. In an article oi repose for supporting the body of a person as claimed in claim 8, resilient means arranged between said support and a movable link of said constrained linkage for. moving movablelinks thereof frorna reclined position towardsthe sitting position. v V 1 11. In an article 0i repose for supportingv the body of a person as claimed in claim 8,-a leg-rest swingably mounted on the front end portion of the: seat, a controlling element swi-ngablymounted on said support and rigidly connected with said guiding link, and a controlling link pivotedto said controlling element and to said leg-rest. i 12; In an article of repose for supporting the body of a person as claimed in claim ;8, said guidinglink being pivotally connected with-said seatback-unit in coaxial alignment with: the pivotal connection between the seat and the back-rest;

13. In .an article of repose forsupportin the body of a person as claimed in claim 8, said guidg me; link being pivotally connected .tosaid seat at axpoint spaced from the'pivotal connectionber tween the seat and the back-rest:

134,111 an article of repose. for supporting the body of: a; person as claimed in claim 8;. said guidingulinki being pivotally' connected to said'backe rest at a point spaced from the pivotal COILTIEC-I tionbetween the seat and the back-rest.

15. In an article: of repose: for supporting: thebody of a personfas claimed in claim 8,. said: guid ingl link being pivotablvconnected toisaid back.- rest at. a; point spaced from the pivotal coin'iem tion between the. seat and the back-rest, alegrest swingably mounted on the: front end portion of. the seat, a. controlling .element'swingably mounted; on said support an'd rigidly cormected withv said guiding" link, and; a controllingiink pivoted to said controlling element; and to; said.

leg-rest;- 1

I 16;: Axiarticle of repose for supporting thebody eta person, comprising in combination-:lasupport, and. aconstrained linkage having stationary link -means and a plurality'of'movable: linkssaid stationary link-meansbeing included in said support;- said movable links including a- 'frontcon necting' link, a lower connecting link, cooperating. guiding means and a seat-back-unit wherein the rear end'portionoi the seat and the back-rest are pivotally connected and the back-rest has a downward extension projecting beyond the pivotal connection between the seat and the backresume upper end of said front connecting link I being pivoted tothe front portion of the seat, the

lower end of said front connecting link being pi'voted'to the front end of said lower connecting link, the rear end of said lower connecting link bein'g pivoted to the downward extension'of the back-rest, said lower connecting link being pivoted to said support, and said cooperating guiding meansbeing sli-dably engaged with each other and being arranged onsaid support and said seatback-unit.

17:111. an article of repose for supporting the body of a person as claimed in claim 16, biasing means opera-tively connected with amovable link of said constrained linkage for moving the movable links thereof from-a reclinedposition-towards-the sitting position. f v '28. Inan article ofrepose forsupportingthe body of a person as claimed in claim 16, resilient means arranged between said support and a movablef link of saidconstrained linkage fohmoving the 'movable linksthereof from a resilient-posi tion towardsthe sittingposition, A

1 9. Inan article of'rep'ose' for supporting the body of a person as claimed in claim' 16', a legrestswingably mountedon the front end" portion of the seat, andcontrolling means connectedto. a movable link oi saidconstrainedlinkage and to said leg-rest for controlling the movements.- of

thelatter. I 20. In. an article ofrepose'forsupporting the body of arperson as claimed in claim lfi, aleg-rest swingablymounted on the front end portion of the seat a double-armed control-ling element swingably mounted on said support, one arm of said controlling element being-inpivotal-conneation with said back-rest, and a controlling link in pivotal connection with the other arm of said controllingelement and with said leg-rest.

21. In an article of repose for supporting the body of a person as claimed in claim 16, said 00- operating guiding means including a pin and slot connection between said, support and said backrest, said pin being spaced from the pivotal con-,- I

body of a person as claimed in claim 16, said cov operating guiding means including a pin and slot UNITED STATES PATENTS connection between said support and. said seat, Number Name Date I said pin being spaced from the pivotal connec- 1,433,657 Schops 12, 1922 I tion between the back-rest and the seat. 5 2,353,333 Lorenz July 13' 1944 g g i 6 fi 2,470,781 Lorenz May 24, 1949 FOREIGN PATENTS REFERENCES CITED Number Country Date The following references are of record inthe 10 34617077 France p 1939 file of this patent: 513,709 Great Britain Oct. 19, 1939

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