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Publication numberUS2616558 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1952
Filing dateSep 7, 1949
Priority dateSep 7, 1949
Publication numberUS 2616558 A, US 2616558A, US-A-2616558, US2616558 A, US2616558A
InventorsKay Jr Sidney
Original AssigneeKay Jr Sidney
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Smoking pipe portmanteau and stand
US 2616558 A
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'N ov4, 1952' s, KAY, JR 2,616,558


Application September 7, 1949, Serial No. 114,318

1 Claim. 1

This invention relates to a smoking pipe portmanteau and smokers pipe stand.

It is an object of my invention to provide a portmanteau and stand for smoking pipes whereby a number of pipes may be storedv and carried about, to afford a neat stand for supportin(T a plurality of pipes, to leave a selection of pipes for the smoker as the occasion may require, and to permit a convenient enclosed odorless storage of smoking pipes. y

My invention contemplates the provision o a portmanteau ory container which will provide the user of smoking pipes with convenient storage for a number of such articles, and which will hold them ready for selection without spilling any of the tobacco or ashes, and which may be quickly and conveniently stored, to avoid the offending odors of used smoking pipes.

Still more particularly it is an object of my invention to provide a portmanteau and stand for smoking pipes which will hold pipes in the most effective position for drying, so that a rotation of use of smoking pipes may be afforded to the user.

More specifically, it is an object of my invention to provide a portmanteau or stand characterized by the provisions of a container having a bottom and side wall and a lid or cover with which there is associated a smoking pipe holding bracket, serving as a brace for the lid whereby a combined effect of mounting the pipes for inspection is achieved in the open position of the container while permitting the storage of an as sembly of pipes in a covered position, suitably arranging the same for effective drying after use.

To attain these objects and such further objects as may appear herein, or be hereinafter pointed out, I make reference to the accompanying drawing forming a part hereof, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view showing a portmanteau in accordance with my invention in the closed position;

Figure 2 is in a perspective view of the same in the open position, with portions broken away to show details;

Figure 3 is a section taken on the line 33 of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a fragmentary perspective view of another embodiment of my invention.

Summarizing my invention, I provide a combined portmanteau and stand or rack for smoking pipes whereby a base member is provided with a plurality of brackets including, for example, pipe stem engaging and pipe bowl seats whereby a number of smoking pipes may be held in a neat (Cl. 20G-45.13)

and convenient position for selection, and in which the bowl is so held within a container that tobacco ashes are prevented from spilling. The invention further includes the utilization of the stand or rack as a brace for a lid which controls the shifting movement of the rack, to retain the contents within the container not only to enclose and cover the pipes within a container to avoid offending odors, but also to permit its use as a carrier.

Making reference specifically to the drawing, in its simplest form the portmanteau and'stand illustrated in Figures 1 to 3 includes a box-like container I0 having a bottom wall I I, side Walls I2 and I3, and end walls III and I5. The end and side walls are connected to the bottom wall I I by the folds forming the corner I6. The side walls are integrally connected to each other at the corners by folds I 'I, by Well known box making procedure where breboard or cardboard is employed. In the illustration shown in Figures 1, 2, and. 3, I employ relatively stiff cardboard. It is to be understood that sheet plastic, pressboard, plywood, or sheet metal, may be employed in which event the corner joint is of well known construction with such materials.

To the rear wall I5 I affix a lid` I8, employing a hinge fold I9 where I use the aforementioned fibrous material, such as cardboard, which may be formed into a hinge by a score line. Separate hinge means may be employed where wood, compositeboard, plastic sheeting or other rigid sheeting material is employed to form the container and lid. The lid I8 is sectionalized to provide a rear segment 23, a swinging segment 2l and a connecting segment 22, separated by the hinge lines 23 and 2li, respectively. A closure flap 25 has a hinging corner fold 2S to permit swinging movement of the tab 25. A locking nap 21 is extended in substantial parallelism with the front wall I4 and is attached by adhesive or other fastening means at the bottom edge 28, to leave a slot 29 accessible adjacent the edge 3B and into which the flap 25 may be extended to lock the lid into engagement, when sandwiched between the locking flap 21 and the front wall I4.

The lid as described has its overhanging edges 3l in overlapping position on the edges 32 of the container I0, for purposes which will appear hereinafter.

Aflixed to the lid I8 there is provided a bracing sheet or base 33 whose side edges 34 extend within the side walls I2 and I3, and to provide an overhang 35 of the lid I8 for abutting the edge 32, as previously described. The bracing sheet or base 33 terminates into a common bowl-support 3E, formed with a front lip 31 substantially in parallelism with the base 33. Partitions 38 are provided to outline smoking pipe bowl seats 39 as well as to brace the lip 31 to the sheet 33 by suitable fastening means, such as adhesive, staples, mortice joints, in accordance with the nature of the sheeting of which the base sheet 33 is made.

Extending from the intermediate portion of the base 33 I provide a hinge tab 4U having pipe stem engaging loops 4I axially aligned with the seats 39 for the bowls of the pipes. With this construction a plurality of smoking pipes P may be tted and held in position by threading the stems thereof through the stem loops 4 I, resting the bowl of the pipe within the seats 39, The container in its closed position will hold the pipes as shown in Figure 3, the lip 31 and tab 40 holding the smoking pipe against displacement.

.Upon lifting the lid I8, a combined swinging and hinging action is secured about the hinge I9 and the rear segment and the swinging segment 20 and 2 I respectively, until the lip portion 31 abuts the front wall I4 and rests on the corner 4,2. A bracing action is secured with the connecting segment 22 also acting as a prop where the edge 3| of the lid rests upon the edge 32 of the container I0. l

Thus, a very convem'ent receptacle for storage and carrying of the smoking pipes is afforded in one position, serving as a stand or rack for selecting pipes in another position, as shown in Figure 2,.

I may rely upon the sheeting itself suitably surface ornamented, to provide a self-sustaining container and stand. Where more lasting and aesthetic finishes are desired, the structure described may generally serve as the core to be covered by such materials as leather, fabric, artificial leather, such as employed in making luggage. This form of construction is illustrated in Figure 4 wherethe container Ia is shown comprising substantially the same arrangement in which a core element I9 is covered with a sheeting IDa, such as leather, fabric, articial leather, as previously described. In this form of construction, the front wall I4a is formed with a fastener 21a, cooperating with the complemental fastener 2lb, on the tab 25h. In all other respects, the bracing sheet 33a, the bowl support 36a, the hinged pipe stem tab 40a, structurally are held in position on the lid I8a by the sectional- 4 ized lid comprising the rear segment 20a, the swinging segment 2Ia and the connecting segment 22a.

Other finishes for the exterior surfaces of the core or for the inside lining, including quilting or padding, will readily suggest themselves to the skilled luggage maker.

The device may be readily transported and set down for selection of a pipe, to form a merchandizing package as well as .a convenient article of utility.

Having thus described my invention and illustrated its use, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

A portmanteau or the like carrier for smoking pipes having, in combination, a box-like container forming one member and which includes a bottom wall to the edges of which are connected a pair of upstanding end and side walls,

a lid or cover forming another member hingedly connected to one of said side walls, said lid comprising a plurality of swing segments comprising inner and outer segments to each side of a brace segment, said lid overlapping the edges of said end and side walls in the covering position, the

outer of said swing segments of said lid having connected thereto on its interior face a rigid brace sheet member substantially co-extensive with said bottom wall member and extending free of the other of said swing segments in the open position of the lid, said brace member having loops attached thereto for engaging the pipe stems, supporting brackets extended at a bottom edge of said brace member comprising a base and a front lip cooperating with the loops to hold said pipes in position on said brace member in swinging to and from the covering position of said lid, said brackets being engageable on the bottom and side wall in the open position and cooperating with the brace segment to serve as an angular support for the brace sheet member.


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