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Publication numberUS2616617 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1952
Filing dateOct 7, 1949
Priority dateOct 7, 1949
Publication numberUS 2616617 A, US 2616617A, US-A-2616617, US2616617 A, US2616617A
InventorsHarold Hill
Original AssigneeHarold Hill
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Air circulating device
US 2616617 A
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Nov. 4, 1952 H. HILL AIR CIRCULATING DEVICE Filed Oct. 7, 1-949 INVENTOR,


Application October '7, 1949, Serial No. 120,133

2 Claims. 1

This invention relates to air circulating devices, and more particularly to a portable type in which a fan or other air-circulating apparatus is housed within and concealed by an attractive article of furniture, such as a table or th like.

I am aware that prior to the present invention, it has been proposed to house an electric fan within enclosures of more or less cylindrical form and generally resembling round-top tables. Such housings are open at the sides or else are enclosed in an open grill-work which permits the fan and motor to be visible, with the result that the fan and its housing has presented the appearance of a machine or apparatus rather than an article of furniture and is quite out of place in the center of the floor in a well-furnished room.

It is therefore one of the objects of the present invention to provide an air-circulating device which will not only be effective mechanically, but will present the aspect of a handsome piece of furniture serving to enhance the appearance of any room in the home. The invention contemplates the provision of an air-circulating device including a fan or blower, housed within the body of a handsome table in such a manner as to make the fan or blower and the motor and associated parts, concealed or invisible, permitting the device to effectively function both as an air circuiator and as an article of furniture. The invention further contemplates the arrangement of the fan within the table in such a manner that the efiectiveness of the fan is not retarded while at the same time the fan and operating parts are concealed or rendered unobtrusive.

These and other objects are attained by the invention, a more particular description of which will hereinafter appear and be set forth in the claims appended hereto.

In the accompanying drawing, wherein an i1- lustrative embodiment of the invention is disclosed, Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the improved air-circulating device, and Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view through the same.

Referring to the drawing, the supporting structure for the air-circulating mechanism, herein disclosed as an electric fan and propulsion means therefor, consists of an article of furniture in the form of a so-called coffee table. In th form shown, the table includes a substantially flat top 5 supported at its opposite ends by the endpieces 2, constituting the legs of the table. The legs are connected by the side pieces or vertical and parallel panels 6 and I which have their lower edges 3 terminating above the lower ends 2 of the legs 2 thereby providing lower air inlet openings through the sides of the table between the edges 8 of the side panels and the floor on which the table rests.

The side panels are suitably connected by the transverse cross-braces 3 which not only serve to lend rigidity to the table but act as a supporting means for the fan motor 4 which has a vertical shaft upon which the fan 5 is attached in the known manner.

The upper edges of the side panels I terminate at 9 or some distance below the under side of the table-top I and located in this area is a frame which includes laterally projecting wings is constituting air-deflectors operating as indicated by the arrows in Fig. 2. Secured to the underside of the table-top l is a conical or angular deflector I3 which serves to deflect th air blasts outwardly from the fan, forcing the blasts out through the outlet vents l2 located between the top of the wings It] and the under side of the table-top I. Below the wings It] and between said wings and the upper terminations 9 of the side panels is and 7 are inlet vents ll through which air is drawn inwardly by the fan and then circulated upwardly and outwardly through the vents i2 into the room in which the device is located.

The arrangement of the various parts of the table structure within which the air-distributing fan is housed is such that the operating parts of the device, consisting essentially of the fan and motor therefor, are wholly concealed and on normal inspection are not visible, except possibly by stooping and peering through the vents 2. The result is that the device presents the aspect of an attractive article of furniture quite in place in any attractively furnished room. At the same time, the vents and co-operating parts of the structure are such that the operating efficiency of the fan is in no wise impeded and the device is thus highly efficient as an air circulator or cooler.

While I have herein shown, and solely for the purpose of illustration, the device embodied in an article of furniture, such as a so-called coffee table in a certain design, it will be apparent that the device may be modified in many particulars without departing from the spirit of the invention. The design and shape of the table may be changed; the device may incorporate several fans rather a on y one, or other air circulating elements, and various other changes may be readily made, as intended shall be comprehended by the scope of the claims appended hereto.

3 What I claim is:

1. An air-circulating device comprising, a fan,

a table in which the fan is housed and is substantially hidden and concealed, said table having a horizontal top, imperforate parallel side panels having upper ends located downwardly of the top and providing vent openings between said upper ends and the top, the table having an open bottom below the lower ends of the side panels deflector wings projecting laterally out of the vent openings," the deflector wings being located above the upper ends of the side panels, said deflector wings being located below the top of the table and providing outlet vents between hem and said top, and an angular deflector seured to the under side of the top above the fan. 2. An air-conditioning device comprising, a fan, a table in which the fan is housed, said table having a horizontally-arranged flat top provided with an angular deflector on its under side above the fan, the table being closed at its opposite ends, imperforate side panels connect- 4 ing the closed ends and located with their upper ends spaced from the top and their lower ends elevated above the floor on which the table rested, whereby air vents are provided in the table both above and below the side panels, and fiat, horizontally-arranged deflectors located below the top and below the upper edges of the panels and projecting laterally beyond the side edges of the top, the fan being directed upwardly toward the angular deflector.


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