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Publication numberUS2619771 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 2, 1952
Filing dateJul 24, 1947
Priority dateJul 24, 1947
Publication numberUS 2619771 A, US 2619771A, US-A-2619771, US2619771 A, US2619771A
InventorsJones Olive M
Original AssigneeJones Olive M
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Toy figure
US 2619771 A
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0. M. JONES TQY FIGURE Dec. 2, 1952 2 SHEETS-SHEET 1 Filed July 24, 1947 I Dec. 2, 1952 0, M, JONE 2,619,771

TOY FIGURE Filed July '24, 1947 2 SHEETS-SHEET z Patented Dec. 2, 1952 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFIE TOY FIGURE Olive M. Jones, East Haddam, Conn.

Application July 24, 1947, Serial No. 763,301

Some of these known toy devices are shaped in such manner that the fingers of the hand form complementary parts of the figure or doll body which may be actuated by moving these fingers.

Other known structures of the aforesaid type employ as a toy body a mitten in which the fingers of a persons hand are inserted to move head and/or paws of an animal which are attached to the ends or finger tips of such mitten.

The present invention has reference to a doll or like toy figure whose body, which may be stuffed or otherwise stiffened, preferably constitutes a complete unit in itself and has as one of its main objects means for manipulating or operating predetermined body parts relatively to the remainder of the body to enhance animation and maneuvrability of the toy figure.

It is another object of the present invention to to provide means offering the possibility of novel efiects produced by the handling of and playing with articles or elements carried by the toy figure.

Still another object of the invention is to provide means for maintaining the toy figure in upright position independently of the insertion of the fingers of the hand of an operator.

Yet another object of the invention is to provide means affording rigid extensions of the finger tips of the hand with which extensions movements of articles or elements are brought about, which may be carried or held in pockets or other openings of the covering of the toy figure.

Still a further object of the invention resides in the provision of means for actuating the toy figure in a manner similar to that of a magician and for obtaining unexpected displacements of elements or articles with respect to each other,

when contained in the covering or suit of said toy figure.

Another object of the invention is to provide means facilitating the insertion of the hand of a person behind the covering of the toy figure for obtaining access to particular body parts to be manipulated and swung.

Other objects of the invention will be pointed out in the following description and claims and .illustrated in the accompanying drawings which 2 Claims. (01. 46-454) disclose, by way of example, the principle of the invention and preferred modes which have been contemplated for applying said principle.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a front elevation view of a toy figure embodying the invention, a part of the sleeve of the figure being broken away to show inner portions of said toy figure.

Fig. 2 shows the upper part of the toy figure of Fig. 1 in a different position.

Figs. 3 and 4 illustrate parts of the toy figure as seen in two different positions, respectively.

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary vertical, sectional view of the toy figure seen in Fig. 1.

Referring now more particularly to the drawings, there is shown in Fig. 1 a toy figure Ill having a stuffed body with covering including a head H, ablouse l2 and a pair of trousers l3. Blouse I2 is provided with two hollow sleeves l4 and Hi to which are attached respective hands l6, l1 made of relatively stiff or rigid material, such as plastic or plastic composition.

Each of the hand members l6, l1 has an inner extension [8 which, as exemplified in Fig. 1, projects into the sleeves, such as shown with respect to sleeve 15 which is partly broken away in order to indicate the position of hollow extension I8 which is used for the insertion of one of the fingers of a persons hand.

The pair of trousers i3 is provided with side pockets I9, 20 which communicate with each other. The upper part of trousers 2| is provided with an inner elastic band 22 to keep the upper trouser part in position above the blouse 12 which in this instance is tucked in underneath the trousers.

The elastic band 22 permits communication from pockets I9, 20 to the upper trouser portion 2i. The trouser pockets are formed rearwardly of outer trouser wall 23 by a lining 23a, as will be later explained and which may carry several articles, such as a miniature turtle 24, an egg 25 and a fish figure 26, all of which being held in position behind wall 23 and thus hidden from view.

Fig. 2 illustrates how the turtle 24 placed in the pocket of toy figure Hi may be removed therefrom by manipulating hand members 16 and I1. To this end hand members l6, I! are inserted into side pockets [9 and 20 and moved so as to lift the turtle figure 24 beyond the upper trouser part 2| and elastic band 22 which is held in position by stitches 22a, 22b connecting the corners of wall 23 to trouser parts l3a, l3b.

In order to arrive at such operation, reference gpocket 4|.

is herewith made to Fig. 5 which shows the body of the toy figure l stuffed with a suitable filling material 21 customary in the toy industry. The rear part l2a of the blouse 12 of the toy figure is used for accommodating and covering the hand of the operator. The blouse i2 is normally held in taut condition on the body of the toy figure It] by means of an elastic band [2b, but is allowed to be moved according to arrow A into a position indicated in dot dash lines upon insertion of the hand of the operator.

A suitable recess or finger rest 28 is provided in the head of the toy figure for placing therein the index finger 29, whereas the middle finger 30 and the thumb 3| of the hand are inserted respectively in the hollow sleeves l4 and I of the blouse l2. At the end of each sleeve, and as hereinabove explained, there is affixed at 32 hollow extension l8 which may be made from cardboard, plastic or suitable stiff material. Each -extension has a flange 33 with perforations 34 in order to fix said extensions 18 in position at the extremities of sleeves '4 and i5.

As can be seen in Fig. 1, the middle finger and thumb 3| frictionally engage-within the blouse I2 the outwardly flared endsof extension I8 to thereby facilitate operation and movements of hands l6 and I! of the doll or toy figure.

As can be further seen from Fig.5 the 'reinbody rear wall 35 includes a forwardly slanting wall 39, which may constitute the continuation 'of the inner lining or covering 36 of rear wall -35. Wall 39 thus forms a guide for the insertion of the fingers of the hand of the operator in pocket 4| and also serves as a rest for the palm Q of the hand, when the latter is slipped under the yieldable blouse rear part 12a which closes The body wall '39 is stitched or otherwise conneet'ed at "31 to the lower end of hollow head II. Blouse rear part l2a is likewise *aifixed to'the lower head "end at 3m, whereby finger rest or recess 28 in body portion H forms a complementary part of pocket-4| In order to conceal the fixation at 37 a-simulated scarf or collar 38 is employed, which is either permanently or detachably secured to the toy or like body, the latter being made from any appropriate material, such as cardboard, fabric, pliable plastic composition, etc.

As will be realized from the drawings, blouse I2 and the upper part 2| of the front wall of the trousers [3 are so constructed that the lower front part 1 20 of blouse [2 may --be either tucked in underneath the 'upper part 2| of the trousers (Figs. 1 and 2) or may be concealed and held '(by means of rubber band l 2b') on top of the upper part 21 of the trousers 13 (Figs. '3 1105). Such construction'o'f the outer covering parts of the toy figure enables the operator to bring about Vanous mampulatmns and movements 1 i. 'cla imed as new and desired tobe secured'by Lette-rsPatent, is:

toy figure elements similar to those performed by a magician.

For instance, as seen in Fig. 3 article 25 placed in the front trousers pocket is readily lifted and pushed by manipulation of hand ll (inserted in .pocket at '20) beyond the upper :part 21 of trousers l3, while the lower blousesparlt 120 is held in taut condition by means'of the elastic band l2b 'on top of the trousers l3. Egg-article 25 is held in this position (-Fig. 39 by hand I! -muriicate with the opening and if subsequently the lower blouse part IZ-c (Fig. 4) is lifted by hand l6 and removed from above the upper part 2| of said trousers, the egg article 25 becomes visible and can entirely be pushed out of the pocket which, in this instance, is formed by lining 23:: extending between the outer wall 23 of trousers and front wall 40 of the toy figure as clearly seen in Fig. 5. Lifting of the front part I20 of the blouse 12 and removal of article 25 may be had bymanipulation of finger 30 and thumb 3|, which are inserted in extensions l8 of the hands l6 and I1.

As further seen in Fig. 1, if the pocket contains several articles hand l6, when placed in one end I3 of the pocket of the trousers I3 may push one of 'the articles, designated by numeral 26, sidewardly out of the other end 20 of the pocket whereby also unexpected effects will be attained.

It is quite obvious that instead of a toy figure, animal or other imitation bodies may be employed for the purpose of the invention incorporating the features thereof.

The body of the toy is preferably soqshaped andconstructed that the covering therefor includes at the front and back thereof the oppositely directed pockets 4|, 42 of'which the rear pocket '41 lends itself to the accommodation of the'hand and fingers of the operator, whereas the front pocket is employed to hold any suitable objects or articles-for removal from and/or displacement in said front pocket by simply manipulating the finger holders I 6, I! from said rear pocket. If desired, =saidfront pocket may be temporarily hidden from view by a portion of the covering-such as lower blouse part 120, which may extend to lie over said'front pocket.

It can thus be seen that there has been provided in accordance with this invention a figure iii-the form 'of a toy having a body of relatively stifi material and a flexible covering therefor, which includes aglove-shaped portion arranged on the back 'of said :body, two finger :holders, respectively, connectedto said glove-shaped portion and movable relatively to "the remainder of said covering, apocketd'isposed at the front 'of said body, said pocket terminating in an upper edge, said upper edge-being provided with an elastic element to maintain said upper edgein taut condition, fingers of an operator's hand being enga'geable with said fingerholders, respectively, to "displace an article whencontained in said pocket. The front pocket is preferably also provided with side openings, which 'c'o'mat the upper edge of said po'cket.

As Imany possibleembod'i-ments may be con-- c'ei-Ved of the above invention, and as alterations and-changesxmay be made in the embodiments above set forth, it is to be stated that all matters hereinbe fore-explained or shown in the a'c'companying drawings, are to-be interpreted as illustrative andnot m a l imitat'ive sense.

Having thus de'scribed the invention, what is 1. In a toy figure having a stuffed body throughoutits length and including an upper body por- --tion with head; a covering extending over said body and including a blouse and two arm sleeves,

of said arm sleeves being provided with a substantially rigid hollow hand member, said first pocket being provided with sidewardly directed end openings and with an upwardly directed opening perpendicularly to said end openings, whereby articles in said first pocket may be displaced therein for removal therefrom through one of said openings, said second pocket being adapted to receive the hand of an operator with one of his fingers in engagement with said finger rest and with other fingers inserted through said sleeves in said hand members, said sleeves and said hand members being of sufficient lengths to reach into said first pocket for operating said articles therein and to displace same, said blouse being provided at its lower edge with an elastic band, said lower edge being adapted to extend over at least one of said openings of said first pocket to conceal same.

i 2. In a toy figure according to claim 1, wherein the upwardly directed opening of said first pocket is defined by an elastic strip to normally hold 6 said first pocket in substantially taut and closed condition.


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