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Publication numberUS2622539 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 23, 1952
Filing dateMar 8, 1947
Priority dateMar 8, 1947
Publication numberUS 2622539 A, US 2622539A, US-A-2622539, US2622539 A, US2622539A
InventorsMartin Orlie E
Original AssigneeMartin Orlie E
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Liquid soap dispenser having a valve and plunger mechanism
US 2622539 A
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Dec. 23, 1952 o. E. MARTIN 2,622,539


The present invention relates to a liquid soap dispenser generally used in wash rooms, kitchens and the like, and adapted to be fastened to the wall whereby by oscillating a projecting hand piece a quantity of soap will be dispensed by each oscillation as in devices of the character.

The principal object of the present invention is to provide a dispenser which is simple, easily manufactured at low cost.

The next above characteristics are obtained by a specially designed pump and valve mechanism which can be disassembled and readily cleaned and reassembled by a person of ordinary intelligence.

It is an obiect of the present invention to provide a dispenser of the character which can not get out of order if a standard liquid soap is used and the bowl kept supplied.

A further object of the present invention is to provide a dispenser having valve and plunger mechanisms which can not be injured by rough handling.

To these and other useful ends my invention consists of parts, combinations of parts and mode of operation as hereinafter described and claimed and shown in the accompanying drav ing in which:

Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of my device partilly sectioned through the vertical center of the base and operating mechanism.

Figure 2 is a front view of the washer marked 25 on the drawing.

In the drawing the base of my device is designated by reference character A and the container or bowl is designated by reference character B. Member B may be of any design. As a convenience I have shown a conventional bowl having an opening H1 in its top in which the liquid soap may be poured, and a screw threaded neck H at its bottom, the base having suitable threads for the reception of the threads on the neck and having means whereby a suitable elastic washer [2 may be used for making the joint between the base and bowl liquid tight.

Base A is provided with a suitable bracket l5 for attachment to a wall or otherwise as is the custom of devices of this character.

I provide a horizontally arranged three stage opening I6, I! and I 8 in base A, opening 16 being threaded for the reception of a screw threaded plug l9. Plug I9 is preferably grooved as at 20 the groove registering with an opening 2| in the base. Member I3 is provided with a two stage opening 22 in its rear end having a connection 23 which intersects groove 20.

Opening 22 at its large end has a depth and diameter adapted to loosely embrace a ball 24, the ball being held in the aperture by means of a washer 25 having a concentric opening 26 as a valve seat for the ball, for a purpose which will hereinafter appear.

Washer 25 is provided with openings 26 and 2? so liquid may pass from receptacle B into opening l6 when ball 24 is forced from its seat. I provide a piston 30 which is snugly slidably mounted in opening 56 and having a shape as illustrated and a stem 28 which extends snugly through opening l8, the stem having at its outer end a removable hand piece 3|.

The offset between openings it and I! is adapted to act as a seat as at ll for the tapered rear end of piston 30. This piston is provided with a two stage opening 32 and providing an offset as at 33 against which a washer 3 may rest. Opening 35 is adapted to loosely receive a ball 36. Washer 34 has an opening 35 adapted to act as a seat for ball 36 and a spring 37 is positioned in opening 35 and adapted to yieldingly force ball 36 on this seat. When piston 33 is in the position shown in Figure 1, and it is moved forward, the liquid in front of the piston will cause valve 24 to seat and the liquid displaced by the piston movement will be discharged through ports 39 and into the second stage opening I! and out opening 40. When spring 38 returns piston 30, valve 24 will be opened and valve 33 closed so the space between washers 25 and 34 will be filled by liquid from container B and surfaces l1 and 30' will be in contact forming a closed valve between spaces 35 and I! thus to insure against dripping.

I provide a spring 38 which is considerably heavier than spring 31 and is adapted to hold washers 25 and 34 on their seats and automatically move piston 30 as far rearward as its tapered rear end will permit.

It will be seen that normally piston 30 will act as a valve to close the passage from opening I6 into opening IT. From this opening I provide a dispenser outlet thus normally opening I6 between the plunger and washer 25 will be filled with liquid soap as long as there is soap in the container.

To operate the device, hand piece 3| is pushed forward which will cause the liquid soap in front of piston 30 to lift ball 36 and flow through aperture 39 into the space in rear of the piston and when hand piece 3| is released, spring 38 will move the piston rearward, seating ball 36 and forcing the liquid soap displaced through 3 opening 40; thus for every forward and rearward movement of the piston, a quantity of liquid soap will be dispensed.

It will be seen that the simplicity of applicants dispensing mechanism will insure its operation and at every movement of the piston a predetermined quantity of liquid soap will be dispensed.

Applicants device can readily be disassembled by removing screw plug I9 and hand piece 3] so that the valves, springs, washers and piston can be removed. Clearly since there are no fastenings within the device and the valves, springs and washers are held in position by the spring 38, disassembling and reassembling is a simple matter because the entire mechanism comprising but eight different parts, can not easily be misplaced.

Clearly many minor detail changes may be made in the design shown without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention as recited in the appended claims; for example, one or more of my base portions may be connected to a single remote liquid container, in this event the tube connections may be made direct to opening 2| or otherwise.

Having thus shown and described my invention, I claim:

1. In a liquid soap dispenser of the character described, comprising in combination, a base member having a horizontally positioned three stage opening therethrough with its large end in the front, a plug detachably secured in the front opening and in the front end of the opening, a two stage opening in the rear end of said plug, a ball in the rear opening adapted to seat on the off-set between openings, the front opening having an inlet connection to the source of supply, a washer seated on the rear end of said plug having a concentric opening as a seat for the ball and positioned to permit the ball to leave its seat for a short distance, another opening in said washer providing a, passage way therethrough when the valve is seated on said concentric opening a piston snugly and slidably mounted in the front stage opening, the off-set between the front and second stage opening adapted to act as a stop in the form of a valve, a two stage opening in the front end of said piston, a ball in the rear piston opening, a washer in the front stage piston opening having a concentric opening adapted to act as a seat for said piston ball, a push spring in rear of said piston ball to yieldingly hold the ball on its seat, another push spring positioned between said two washers to urge the piston rearwardly on its seat, a port between the second stage piston opening and the front stage opening terminating in an off-set in the piston in front of said stop, a downwardly extending outlet opening in the second stage base opening, said piston having a rearwardly extending stem closely and slidably fitted in the third stage base opening, whereby by manually forcing the stem forward liquid soap will be discharged into the second base stage opening through said last port and whereby when said stem is released said second spring will force the piston rearwardly and liquid soap out said outlet opening and cause said first ball to leave its seat and liquid soap to flow into said front stage base opening.

2. A device as recited in claim 1 including, a hand piece removably secured to the rear end of said stem, means whereby by removing said hand piece and said plug all parts of the entire assembly may be removed from the base and disassembled without the use of tools of any kind.


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