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Publication numberUS2625192 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1953
Filing dateApr 25, 1950
Priority dateApr 25, 1950
Publication numberUS 2625192 A, US 2625192A, US-A-2625192, US2625192 A, US2625192A
InventorsAdam L Kinskie
Original AssigneeAdam L Kinskie
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Belt supported battery case
US 2625192 A
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Jan. 13, 1953 A. L. KINSKI'E 2,625,192 BELT SUFPORTED BATTERY CASE Filed April 25. 195o INVENTOR.

40AM 4. -K/Nsz/E,

Patented Jan. 13, 1953 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE BELT SUPPORTED BATTERY CASE Adam L. Kinskie, Morristown, Tenn. Application April 25, 1950, Serial No. 158,000

i (Cl. o- 52) 2 Claims.

This invention relates to a belt receptacle, Such as a belt supported battery case, and more particularly to a case for supporting the battery for a miners head lamp.

It is among the objects of the invention t-o provide an improved battery case and support therefor so arranged that the case is loosely supported from a belt and is not bound against the body of the wearer in a manner to cause chai-ing of the skin or other discomfort, which protects the battery against perspiration and protects the Wearers clothes against battery acid, which is formed of flexible material and secured together by separable fasteners so that a battery can be easily placed therein or removed therefrom, and which is simple and durable in construction, economical to manufacture, and neat and attractive in appearance. Y

Other objects and advantages will become apparent from a consideration of the following description and the appended claims in conjunction with the accompanying drawing wherein:

Figure 1 is an elevational view of a fragmentary portion of a human ligure showing the manner in which the battery case of the invention is worn;

Figure 2 is a top plan View of a battery case and carrying belt assembly illustrative of the invention;

Figure 3 is a cross sectional view on an enlarged scale on the line 3-3 of Figure 2; n

Figure 4 is a cross sectional view on the line 4 4 of Figure 3;

Figure 5 is a perspective view of the battery case and a fragmentary portion of the carrying belt; and

Figure 6 is a perspective view similar to Figure 5 showing a somewhat modified arrangement for attaching the battery case to the belt.

With continued reference to the drawing, the assembly comprises, in general, a battery case II) supported on a belt II.

The belt II comprises an elongated strap I2 of heavy leather having parallel longitudinal edges and having at one en-d a loop I3 in which a front buckle I4 is secured. The buckle I4 has a Width less than the strap portion of the belt and the end portion of the strap opposite the buckle Il is reduced in width and provided with a series of spaced apart apertures to receive the buckle tongue. The reduction in the width of the buckle land of the buckle engaged portion of the belt prevents the buckle of the wide belt from chang the skin of the wearer or causing other discomfort,

A strap retaining loop I5 is mounted-on the belt adjacent the loop I3 to receive the portion of the belt extended through the buckle I4.

Two loops I6 and I'I are secured to the outer side of the belt at spaced apart locations between the ends of the belt, and a buckle I8 is secured to the belt by the loop I6 while a similar buckle I9 is secured to the .belt by the loop I'I. An

attaching strap 20 provided with a series of` spaced apart holes or apertures near each end thereof is received at one end in the buckle I'8 and at its opposite end in the buckle I9 and extends along the outer side of the belt strap I2. The buckles I8 and I9 and the strap 20 have a width materially less than the width of the belt strap I2 and the loops ll'and I'I are located along the length of the belt strap so that, when the belt is worn, as illustrated in Figure l, the strap 20 will be disposed over one hip of the wearer. the buckles I8 and I9 being spaced apart a distance somewhat greater than the width of the battery case III.

The battery case I0 comprises Ya rectangular back plate 2| of heavy leather or other suitable flexible material, having an area somewhat greater than the area of a major surface of a battery to be supported in the battery case. 'I'his back plate 2I has a top edge 2 la and a bottom edge 2 Ib and two substantially parallel side edges 2I and 2 Id, respectively, and is provided with two spaced apart vertical slots 22 and 23 disposed at respectively opposite sides of the mld-width location of thev back plate and at .substantially equal `distances from such mid-width location. Thetwo slots 22 and 23 are disposed intermediate the length of the back plate 2I but nearer the top edge 2IP than the bottom edge 2Ib of the back plate and the attaching strap 20 is threaded through these slots to connect the back plate 2l of the case to the belt strap I 2.

` In the arrangement shown in Figure 5, the portion of the strap 20 between the slots 22 and 23 is disposed at the back side of the back plate, that is, the side of the back plate nearest the belt strap I2 and the end portions of the strap 20 are disposed at the side of the back plate 2| remote from the belt strap I2. In the arrangement illustrated in Figure 6, this connection is reversed, the portion of the strap 20 between the slots 22 and 23 being disposed at the side of the back plate 2I remote from the belt strap I2 and the end portions 'of the strap v20 being disposed between the back plate 2l and the belt strap;A In the arrangement shown in Figure 6, the slots 2 2 and 23 are also spaced apart a distance somewhat greater than the distance between these slots in the arrangement shown in Figure 5.

In the arrangement shown in Figure 6, the battery is supported entirely by the battery case while in the arrangement shown in Figure 5 the end portions of the strap at opposite sides of the pair of slots 22 and 23 pass through loops on the battery and support the battery from the belt, the battery case in this arrangement merely providing'fa coverrforthebattery;

A flap 24' is secured along one edge to the back plate 2| along one side edge of the latter by the. stitching 25 and this flap has a width such that' it provides two side wall portions'126`. and ,ZTI'andl a front wall portion 28 extending between the side wall portions and having a width only" slightly less than the width oftheeba'ckplatef'2|.A The side wall portions 26 and 21 have awidth slightly greater than the thickness of the battery to be supported in the case and are joined to the front "wall portion "2B along -respectiiiely opposite edges` of the latterfandextend at rightfangle's thereto. The 4ap 24 reaches upwardly from the i bottom `edge 2 Ib'of 'the backy plate-2| andits upper edge 213eis spaced below the-top edge12|`a-of` the back" plate -2 and is `substantially on IaY levely withthe'upper-A ends of theslots L22 and 23. 'llhesideL wall portion26 is cut down' as indicatedat` 29- in`itsupper edge adjacent to the back Lplate23| to receive the corresponding end portion of thestrap 26; while the upper edge 126eof'w th'efother sidewall portionZlfis depressed below the level4 ofthe otherendportion of the `strap 2 Ui' A'flap 3U is secured along onefedge to theba'ck' plate 2| along'the -side* edge vof the'latter "oppo"A site that to which the nap 24 issecured'at '25 'and this flap-313 has a width'sligl'itly'lessv tharitlle widthpf'the side Wall portionZlofY the flap 24 Theflap 30is lsecured'to the"back"plate2| bythestitching 3| and'extends atrightangles from the back plate 2|^ along the inward "side oi'the'I side wall portion 2'| of the flap 24 when-the-'case isclosed; the side -wall portion 2l being unsecured to thebackn plate 2|. The-flap 3i)l has'a'elength" substantiallyequal 'to the length of Vthe flap-24 and 'extends Vsubstantially Jto the bottom Ledge 2 |b" of'theback plate 2|. Theap 30`-is`-also prof vided inits' upper end "adjacent the back *plate-1 2| with"n a' notch u32 Hliketlie notch' S''w'hich re;

ceives the correspondingend portion' ofthestrap*l Ai receptaclejn'whichthe lowerend'of'the bateY teryg'is" adapted tobe 'seated' is formed*:bya` thirdJ flap" 33l secured` to'v thebackmplate" 2 along the'VY bottome'dge' 2|hv r of -the back plate bythe stitch= ing 3i and' vcomprises a bottom4 wall portion 3b"i which extends perpendicularly outwardlfrom the backplate along the4 bottom edge of" thelatter; a`front wall portion`35 which extends'perpen'dicu; larly upward from theedgepfithe bott-omwall portion 35 remote 'from the ba'ckplate 2 and two sidewall portions 37' and38 which' entend'Y from`l the". opposite ends"of`the`front wall portion'bY along the opposite ends' of :the l'bottom' wall*y por= tion Brte the baclrplate'il being' substantially perpendicularly disposed toboth the' backwall* portion StandL the bottomwall portic'nrr'n The side 'wall i portion' 2 l of napA` 24 jcarries near itsA free edgey two snap fastener elements-39 'and' 39"' and the flap' 3D carries two`complementa'ry" snap fastener elements 40' iand" d I of which 'tl'l'e"l lower.'V element 4| is also en'gagedwith'the end wallportion 38 of lthe bottom i'lap`35". Theelements `3 8rand 39"are"'engageablerespectively'with' the elements 40 and 4| to" secure the flap 21H0 4 the flap 30. The front wall portion 28 of the flap 24 also carries near its bottom edge and substantially at its mid-width location a third snap fastener element 42 and the bottom flap 33 carries in its front wall portion 36 a complementary snap fastener element 43 with which the element 42 is engageable to releasably connect the flap 24 to the nap 33.

The aps 24, 39 and 33 are preferably formed of y'leather of afthickness somewhat lessithan the thickness of the back plate 2|`and when the naps 24 30 and 33 are secured together by the separable fasteners, as illustrated in the drawing, theylconstitute' a receptacle which closely fits a lamp battery tobe carried in the battery case. Thisreceptacle can be quickly opened to replace a'battery thereinY and can be quickly closed after a battery has been placed in position therein.

Thestrap 20 loosely supports the battery case from the belt strap I2 so that the battery case is not boundJ tightly to kthe body of. they wearer and vthe :looseness' of.. .the .battery case relative to' the belt can be varied'by adjustingzthe strap'. 20.1 in the buckles 8 and I9. The position of thebatetery case relative tothehip-of the wearerican also ber varied by properly adjusting the strap f2 El). Thisloose connection;between'v the battery casey andthe -beltstrap prevents thelbattery casez from chang the skiniofitheiwearer orcausing otherl discomfortfandzthe largeback plate 2| of.heavy moisture andiacidresistantl material .protects the.. batteryivagainst the perspiration of. the wearer: and also protects theclothing of thev wearer against'batteryv'acid if the battery should. leak;

The invention may be embodied in other specicvforms without-departing from the spirit or essential characteristics thereof. The present embodiments are, therefore, to be considered'in all Vrespects as illustrative and not restrictive, the scope of the invention-beingindicatedby the appended'claims-ratherthan'vby the foregoing description and :all 'changes fwh'ich come within the meaning Vand range ofequivalency' kof the claims are; therefore, intendedto--be embraced* therein.-

What isclaimed isi' l. A battery case comprising a normally verti: cal backI plate adapted-to -be secured'lto'- an support; aL receptacl'e'comprising abottonr walll on^- and projecting forwardly from the lower partof a" side yof the `-back lplaterarfrontwall 'on andi-rising fromtlieforward edge'ofsaid bottom wall and vvforwardly spaced from said-baclrplate; and side walls on the side edges of said-ffrontwall projecting rearwardly thereonv to the ,regioni of said "back plate; aclosure lflapcomprising fa'rst vertical side wall portion secured to said platealongasidefedge-thereo said -rst sidewall portion projectingforwardlyfrom saidl back 'plate' along the outeriside offth'efrelated side offsaid receptacle, said" closure -ap further comprising a frontv platev oni and projecting laterally' :from: a forward part of said first side wal-l portion'and/ extending acrossA the forward-sideY of saidreceptecla toward the; side oi said I"back pia-te remoteJ from'said"-iirst-side-wall portion,` and arsecond4 verticalsideewall portion on' saidfront plate pro-- jecting;` rearwardly --t'owaldY saidL back" plate and'v havingA a'ffree verticaledge' unconnected 'to :saidA back plate; said/second-vertical side wall portion normally-extending alongz the outer side of` the side'f of theV receptacle remote fromY said` first`r vertical side Walllportion, and-fastening meansl acting between said second vertical side-wall por;- tion of 'the closureilap' and the adjacent side'l wall of the receptacle releasably holding saidIv closure nap in closed position to retain a battery seated in said receptacle.

2. A battery case comprising a normally vertical back plate adapted to be secured to a support, a receptacle comprising a bottom wall on and projecting forwardly from the lower part of a side of the back plate, a front wall on and rising from the forward edge of said bottom wall and forwardly spaced from said back plate, and side walls on the side edges of said front wall projecting rearwardly thereon to the region of said back plate, a closure ap comprising a rst vertical side wall portion secured to said plate along a side edge thereof, said rst side wall portion projecting forwardly from said back plate along the outer side of the related side of said receptacle, said closure flap further comprising a front plate on and projecting laterally from a forward part of said rst side wall portion and extending across the forward side of said receptacle toward the side of said back plate remote from said first side wall portion, and a second vertical side wall portion on said front plate projecting rearwardly toward said back plate and having a free vertical edge unconnected to said back plate, said second vertical side wall portion normally extending along the outer side of the side of the receptacle REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the le of this patent:

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