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Publication numberUS2625292 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1953
Filing dateOct 22, 1949
Priority dateOct 22, 1949
Publication numberUS 2625292 A, US 2625292A, US-A-2625292, US2625292 A, US2625292A
InventorsDonald L Spender
Original AssigneeScovill Manufacturing Co
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Perfume bottle container
US 2625292 A
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Donald L. Spender Y B 0 I Patented Jan. 13, 1953 UNI TED STATES PATENT OFF BOTTLE CONTAINER Donald L. Spenden Wolcott, Conn., assignor to Scovill Manufacturing Company} Waterbury;- Conn a corporation" of Connecticut Application October 22, 1949, SerialNo. 122.972

6 Claims;

Thisinvention relates" to containers and more particularly to a container for holding a perfume bottle so that the latter can be conveniently carried about in a ladys hand bag' or" purse.

Ber-fume is" usually conveyed in small ornamental and frangible bottles, andif carried about in a hand ba that is subjected to con-- siderable: rough usage and handling, there al-' ways "exists the possibility that" the-bottlemay' bebroken orthe stopper of thebottle' loosened or'removed with the-resulting loss of the contents and'ruining or soilingthe hand bag and its contents.

The-object of this invention is to provide a suitable container for aperfume bottle that will permit the'bottleto be carried about'in a-hand' bag without being subjected to-the above listed accidents or disadvantages.

A further object isto provide-acontainer that will accommodate'abottle of particular" design and present an articl than can be conveniently handled and readily operated to expose-the dis-- charge-end ofthe bottle-for access to the "bottlecontents, and one that is strongandofattractive appearance.

Another object. is to provide-aspecial shaped containenwhich'is round shapedin one plane"- and'oval shaped in the transverse-plane and com-- prisin two complementalsimilar" shells hinged together on one broad side" of" the container'and having detent lock connection on the oppositebroadsideof the container.

Other objects and advantages'of the inventionsllghtlyenlarged scale taken al'ongthe line -5 of Fig. 2, and;

Fig. 6 is a fragmentary sectional view taken along the lin of 6"6"of Fig; 2' to--show the detent connection.

Referring now to the; drawing. in which like reference numeralsdenote like: parts throughout the several views, the numeral Ill designates a body shell" and the numeral l'l a-covers'hell These shells are drawn into cuppeeshape that when the shells are assembled together will present a container that will appear'roiind shape in a plan view, and that will be substantially oval or elliptical shape in atransverse plane to the plan view, which latter shape is best shown in Fig". 5. V

The body shell It! consists of a front'w'a'll [-2- and a back wall [3 and the shell terminating an open end edge 14' which is Io'c'at'ed' at' about the mid horizontal plane of the c'ontaiirieri The cover shell H likewise has a' front wall I5'-'and a back wall It terminating in" thebot'tonr edg t-"F that abuts against the open end edge I4 olth'e? body shell when in closedposition. v

The back wall [3 of 'the' body" shell It has an integral portion that extends slightly upwardly above the open end'edge l4 with inclined edges I '8" and terminatingin a fiat edge I do. Between the; edges Ill" and Illa there is provided a pair of spaced hinge barrel sections [91sec Fig.3). The

back wall of the cover is cut out as at 20 complemental to the inclined edges la and straight edge'laa, and is provided with an integral-hinge barrel section 2| that fits in between" the-barrelsections l9 and is connected theretoin the" usual manneras by a; hinge pin 22. By placingfthe axis of the hinge barrels l9 and Z-I on aline above" the mid horizontal plane of the container, ample room is allowedfor'thecover to hinge relative to the body without danger of interferencewitn the bottle stopper 32, which axis; as best shown in Fig. 5; is disposed aconsiderable distance above the mid plane of the container.

The front wall 12 of- 'the'bo'dyshellis formed with an integral disc section 23 that'is'formed" outwardly from the normal front plane of the body'front wall I2 and is positioned so theupp'er half of thedisc extendsabove the, open edge" M as shown inFigs. 2 and 4'. This disc sectioncan' serve as a medallion plateto whiclrany 'orna'znen tal design may be aflixed" or embossed; The lower edge" of "the cover'shell has a seini circular" cut out 24 to accommodate the disc section 23;-

The upper end ofthe disc section is formed with aniinwardly'ofiset flange 25 that is adapted 'to underlie the front wall I5"of the cover adjacent the cut-out 24. The fiange 25at the point where it approaches the. open end edge I4 I is enlarged as at26 on opposite sidesof thedisc section 23-.-

These enlarged fiangesections 25 are each provided with catch recesses 21 that areadapt ed -to be engaged by a pair of complementary project-- ing nubs: 281 that. are. formed inwardly of: tha

front wall! B'ofthe cover, and. the recesses 21 and nubs 28 together provide a detent catch for the container.

In order to automatically open the cover ii when the detent catches 27 and 28 are released, provision is made of a spring lug 29 that extends upwardly from the rear flat edge 18a of the body between the hinged barrel sections l9. This lug 29 is of arc shape to circumvent the cover hinge barrel section 2i and terminates in a lip 39 that is adapted to resiliently engage against the inner surface of the cover back wall l6, as shown in Fig. 5.

A comparable shaped perfume bottle 3i, as shown in full in Fig. 1 and in dotted outline in Fig. 5, may be assembled into the body shell It. The bottle will :be provided with the usual form stopper 32. To assure that the stopper will not be loosened from the bottle under any circumstance, aresilient pad 33 of sponge rubber or cork, is assembled into the upper end of the cover shell H and may be adhesively held there in place. It will IbB apparent from Fig. 5 that the resilient pad 33 will be dimensioned to engage the adjacent end of the stopper 32, and by reason of the fact that the cover is held in locked position by the interengaging recesses 2'1 and projecting nubs 28, the resilient pad 33 will be firmly impressed against the stopper 32.

In order to operate the container and have ready access to the perfume bottle it is only necessary for the operator to press inwardly on the disc section 23 of the body shell [0 which will release the interengaging recesses 2'! and nubs 28, whereupon the cover will automatically fly open by reason of the tension exerted by the spring lug 29. It will be appreciated that there will be considerable resiliency in the disc section 23 by reason of the fact that at least half the disc area extends above the open end edge it of the body shell 10.

While the container has been shown as round in one plane and oval in a transverse plane, it is to be appreciated that various other shapes of containers can be provided, the essential requirement being that the container is made of drawn shells having their closed base ends in opposed relationship to their open ends which are abutted together with the rear walls hinged together while the front walls are releasably interengaged by suitable detent catches.

It is, of course, obvious that minor changes in details of construction and arrangement of parts may be made without departing from the scope of the present invention as set forth in the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A container comprising body and cover shells substantially semi-circular in shape, lboth shells having front and rear walls joined together by a rounding connecting wall, said shells having open end edges abutted together when in closed position at the mid plane of said container, the rear wall of the body having an extension rising above the mid plane of said container, said cover rear wall having a complemental recess for receiving said extension, means hingedly connecting said extension to said cover rear wall, the front wall of said body having an escutcheon plate section formed outwardly of the wall thereof with a porti-on of said section extending above said mid plane, said cover front wall having a complemental cut-out to receive said escutcheon plate section, and means releasably interlocking said extended plate section to said cover front wall.

2. A container as defined by claim 1 wherein said escutcheon plate section is of circular shape with substantially half its area extending above the mid plane of said container.

3. A container as defined by claim 1 wherein said escutcheon plate section is of circular shape with substantially half its area extending above the mid plane of said container, and the extended portion of said plate section having an ofiset flange adapted to engage underneath the cover front wall recess when the container is in closed position.

4. A container as defined by claim 3 wherein said offset flange is of relatively narrow width around the upper part of said plate section and is increased in width on opposite sides of said plate section where the latter joins the front wall. and a part of said interlocking means being incorporated in the flange sections of increased width.

.5. A container comprising hollow body and cover shellsconstructed to have their open ends in aloutted relationship when in closed position at the mid plane of said container, both body and cover shells having broad front and rear walls and relatively narrow connecting end walls, the edges of the front and rear walls of the body shell having integral extensions rising above the open end of said body shell and the adjacent edges of said cover front and rear walls having complemental recesses for receiving said body shell extensions, the rear wall extension of said body shell being hingedly connected to said cover rear wall, said front wall extension and the adjacent portion of said body front Wall being formed forwardly of said front wall to simulate an escutcheon, the front wall extension having an integral inwardly offset peripheral flange adapted to underlie the cover front wall adjacent its recess when in closed position, and means for releasably interlocking said body front extension flange to said cove front wall, said escutcheon serving as a thumb piece for releasing said interlocking means.

6. A container as defined by claim 5 wherein a lug member projects from the edge of the back wall of one of said shells, circumvents the hinge structure and is tensioned against the inside of the back wall of the other shell when the latter is in closed position for the purpose of automatically opening said cover upon release of the interlocking connection.


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