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Publication numberUS2626109 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 20, 1953
Filing dateSep 7, 1948
Priority dateSep 7, 1948
Publication numberUS 2626109 A, US 2626109A, US-A-2626109, US2626109 A, US2626109A
InventorsHart Arthur T
Original AssigneeHart Arthur T
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Tape roll supporting means
US 2626109 A
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5 A. T. HART ,626, 09

TAPE ROLL SUPPORTING MEANS Filed Sept. 7, 1948 5 Shee ts-Sheet l INVENTOR. ARTHUR 7. HART.

BY El A A TTOENEY A. T. HART TAPE ROLL SUPPORTING MEANS Jan. 20, 1953 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Sept. '7, 1948 INVENTOR: ARTHUR T HART ATTORNEY Jan. 20, 1953 HART 2,626,109

TAPE ROLL' SUPPORTING MEANS 21Filed Sept. '7. 1948 :5 Sheets-Sheet 3 IN V EN TOR. AR THUR T. HA I? 1'.

A TTOENE Y Patented Jan. 20, 1953 UNI TED STAT E S PATENT OFF'I'C 2,626,109 rAr-lE R LL SU RT N ArthurT: Hart, York," 8.0. Application Se ember '1, 11948, er a K 1518359- 1- Claim. -(01. 242-553) nve rel tes; to, an au l tape. supporting 1 means for adding machine'and the Ii 'e.,

., icrctoforemost, [adding machines and the like havebeen providedwitha pair of upwardly ex tendin gear'shaving ashaft mounted therein and. onwhich ,a conventional roll of adding paper tape. has been rotatably mounted. However, thff are many. instancesinwhich adding machineslare .usedlwheire the maximum possible di? ameter of the roll of tape on the adding, machine has been restricted to, such, an extent I that it has necessar-yfto'finstall aroll of tape several s, onfthe adding machine during a single working period, such as, banking and thelike, whichrnot only. interrupts the sequence of the numerelsfmarkedon the tape by the adding machine, but also takes a considerable amount of time as well as being inconvenient to the operator of the addingmachine It is' vthe'rei'orean objectof this invention to proyide appair of arms, one of the ends of which may, be mounted on the existing shaft in the adding machine on which the original sized roll of tape has heretofore beenmounted, and the opposite ends of the arm. having a shaft therebetweenonwhich a roll of tape-of much greater diametermay be rotatably, mounted, and to further provide an adjustable bracing member, one .end of. whichis secured to the medial portions of; tha, and, this, bracin member extends downwa dlyrom thei ms andmav ta ainst the hous ng of th Iaddi machine, 0rv n the in: stanceiof; theJadding ma h ne ing..,mount d n a lta the low r, ed :of the; bracin m er may, have, a,..transvers e .bar. secured to thesame which, is ada 'gtedv to engage ,the legs-of the frame on which the adding, machine is, mounted, thus serving to-support the other end of the arms between which the paper tape is mounted. Some of the'yobj'ects ofthe invention having been. stated o her. ob ects. w app arv sth ,description proceeds, when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which i ure anrisomctricrviewi aniaddin chine, showing the invention applied thereto and an, enlarged roll of paper tape mountedthereon Eigurelwisaniso'metricview of the frame on which-thienlarged roll of paper is mountcdand showing a portion or an adding machine in dotted lines and is taken on an enlarged scale;

Figure 3 is an isometric view of another type of adding machine mounted on a stand and showing a modified form of the invention;

Figure 4 is an enlarged isometric view of the modified form of theinvention shown in Figures; but. showing the same removed fromthe adding a in v v,

Figure 5 is a vertical sectional view taken along the line 5- -5 in Figure 4; H

Figureois an isometric view of still janother modified form of the invention, "and showing a portion of an adding machine 'injdottedjline's.

Referring more specifically to the drawings; Figure 1, showsjan adding machine or the type'to be mounted on a tableor the like and thisadding machine is conventional in all respects, andpojmprises a housing I ll'havinga keyboard H ano'perating handle lz atabul'ating carriageig and a conventionalplaten Mffor feeding thecon ven tional tape therearound. The adding-machine also has acasi g l5 which encloses conventional type bars I 35 and iti'sa well known fact that upon depressing the, desired keys, on thevkeyboard H andim'oving the handle [2; downwardly ab'out 'its axis, the type bars .I'G'inthe casingfl5 are caused to move forwardly andupwardly selectively, thus marking the desired figures on the adding machine tape, I

Now, this machine has a conventional U- shaped member 11' mounted, thereon whiehis penetrated by a conventional bolt l8 having a conventional roller 20: rotatablymountedthereon; This roller 20 normally carries the conventional si ek ll f. nap rit pe, i

The enlarged paper "roll; indicated at 25' in Eigure 1, iswound about a conventional core zt rotatably mounted on afspacer sleeve 2'l"which is apart of; the paper supporting frame broadly desi nated at. 3B,, The paper supporting frame 30 comprises, arms 3 and 3 2 (Figure 2 the left-hand ends in Figures 1 and 2' of which are pivotally mounted on the bolt ,l 3 I and attentionis calledto'the fact that, one qfgthearmstl or 32 is a ed obe mounte betw en oneof spwardlv ndin ea s. oithe U p ::im mber ,1, nd oneend ,oftnerollen 2 n h 1 1 1; l g nd the prox mate/s deofthe.other, f thearm 31 o v321s ada ted to.en a e the emot vsi e. ofthe the ca oi U+ hanedmember I1 "a dj 's e e e e t it r mote surface by theh'ead i' he bolt I8 to'thus secure, the, arms 3]; 9 1 6.32 of the frame 30to the, U-shapedmember lfl.

The reason he a ms 3 I gandtziar o. mounted on; the bolt. 1 s so h t, th ge f the, p per tape 25 nearest the observer in Figures '1 and2 as it passes over the roller 20 may pass closely adjacent the vertical ear of the member I! nearest the observer in Figure 1 thereby permitting the tape from the enlarged roll 25 to be aligned properly with the type bars l6 so this edge of the paper will pass through the same path as that edge of the paper would pass were the smaller size conventional roll of paper mounted on the roller 26 in the conventional manner.

The free ends of the arms 3| and 32 are held apart from each other by the sleeve 21 and penetrating the sleeve 21 as Well as the free ends of the arms 3| and 32 is a bolt 35 thus securing the arms 3 land 32 to the ends of the sleeve 21.

The arms 3| and 32 have a plurality of bores 36 penetrating the same and these arms 3| and 32 are countersunk on the proximate sides thereof for receiving the head portions of 'bolts 31. The bolts 31 secure the upper ends of diverging arms 40 and 4| of a substantially U-shaped member 43 to the remote sides of the arms 3| and 32. The lower ends of the diverging arms 43 and 4| are bridged by a lateral portion 42 integral therewith. This lateral portion 42 has bores 45 therein (Figure 2) which may be used, if'so desired, for inserting suitable screws or bolts there: in for securing the lateral portion 42 of the U- shaped member 43 to the housing IU of the conventional adding machine. However. it may be observed in Figures 3 and 4 that these bores 45 in the lateral portion 42' of the U-shaped member are penetrated by screws 41 which are threadably imbedded in a bar 50 extending outwardly from each side of the .U-shaped member 43, for the purpose to be later described.

Referring to Figure 3, there may be observed an adding machinehaving a stand integral therewith. The upper portion of this adding machine is identical to that shown in Figure 1, and therefore like reference characters will apply to like parts, with prime notation added, however, in this instance, the adding machine has projections and 52 on the rear end thereof which support a rod 53 and oscillatably mounted on the rod 53 is a bracket 54 which is conventlonal and which has spaced transverse rods 55 and 56 therein and the free end of the bracket 54 has a transverse roller 51 mounted therein which is normally rotatably mounted an a screw 58. This roller 51 has heretofore carried the roll of paper tape, the diameter of the roll of paper necessarily being restricted due to the limiting features of the bracket 54, such as the transverse rods55 and 56. In this instance the adding machine is supported on vertical legs 66, 6|, B2 and 63. The frame 30 for carrying the enlarged roll of paper tape 25 is mounted on the type of machine shown in Figure 3 in an identical manner to which it is mounted on the type of machine shown in Figure 1, withrthe exception that the left-hand ends of the bars 3| and 32, in Figures 3 and 4, are mounted on the bracket 54 and are penetrated by bolt 58, the sleeve 53 engaging the proximate side of one of the bars 3| or 32 and the proximate side of the other of the bars 3| or 32 engaging the side of the bracket 54 remote from the sleeve 56 and the remote side of this arm being engaged by the head of the bolt 51 to thus secure the frame 30 to the bracket 54. It may be observed in Figure 3 that the bar 56 that extends outwardly beyond each side of the U-shaped member 43 is adapted to support the weight of the frame 39 and the associated roll of paper tape 25 as it engages the vertical surfaces or the legs 62 and 63.

There are more than one of the bores 36 in each of the arms 3| and 32 to thereby permit the arms 4!] and 4| of the U-shaped member 43 to be adjusted relative to the arms 3| and 32 and to accommodate various types and shapes of adding machines, the adding machines shown in the drawings being typical and beingshown by way of illustration only.

Figure 6 shows another modified form of the invention which is identical with the first two forms of the invention, with the exception of a U-shaped brace member broadly designated at 16, and therefore parts of the structure shown in Figure 6 shall bear the same reference characters as identical parts in Figures 1 to 5 inclusive. The U-shaped brace member 1|! is similar to the U-shaped member 43 with the exception that instead of being comprised of diverging arms, the U-shaped member 16 has parallel spaced arms 1| and 12, the lower ends of which are bridged by a lateral portion 13 integral therewith. The lateral portion 13 has bores14 there-. in which are provided for the same purposes as the bores 45 in the U-shaped member 43. 'The bolts, 31 also secure the U-shaped brace member 16 to remote sides ofthe arms 3| and 32 in the same manner in which they secure the U-shaped member 43 to the same in the first two forms of the invention.

In the drawings and specification there has been set forth a preferred embodiment of the invention, and although specific terms are employed, they are used in a generic and descriptive sense only, and not for purposes of limitation, the scope of the invention being defined in the claim.

I claim:

In an adding machine, a housing, a pair of spaced parallel members secured to and extending from the housing, a pair of spaced outwardly extending arms pivotally connected to the spaced parallel members, a transverse spacer disposed between the free ends of the outwardly extending arms adapted to sup-. port a roll of tape, a substantially U-shaped member comprising a horizontal bar, the oppo site ends of which are bent upwardly at right angles to the horizontal bar to form two parallel spaced arms, means pivotally connecting the upper ends of each of said arms of said U-shaped member to a medial portion of each of the outf wardly extending arms and the horizontal bar of the substantially U-shaped member being adapted to engage the housing for supporting the said outwardly extending arms and the roll of tape mounted therebetween.


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