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Publication numberUS26299 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1859
Publication numberUS 26299 A, US 26299A, US-A-26299, US26299 A, US26299A
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US 26299 A
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Speccation of Letters Patent No `To all whom fit may concern. 1

Be it known "thatI, JAME ERS, `of

IVest Manchester, inthe `county `ofAllegheny and State of Pennsylvania, have in vented a new and useful Improvement 111 Tater-Heaters for Steam-Engines; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full and eXact description thereof, reference be` ing had to the accompanying drawings and to the lettersof reference marked thereon.`

Similar letters refer to similar parts.

The nature of my invention `consists in furnishin the waterheaters lof `steam engines which supply the `force pump with heated water with a self regulating waste valve, and `also in dividing the heater into @two compartments, and so `arranging' :the

pipe which conveys the water to the force pump which supplies the boilers with water n that it will receive fronithe top or near the v top `of the water in the heater, thewhole loe-` `ing constructed in the mannerand for the purpose hereinafter described.

To enable others skilled in the` art to make and use my invention, I will proceed to describe its construction and operation.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l represents a central section of my improved heater. Fig. 2 representsa broken section in perspective.

(It will be observed that a portion of one end and the `side ofthe model is cut away so that the interior with `the arrangement of its partsmay be seen.) l

(a) is the heater, (b) is thesupply pipe for the force pump, the pipe (b) extends up into the h eater so as to receive thehottest water which is always the uppermost` in `the heater, (c) is the waste pipe and is used 1 for carrying olf the water when it` rises above the desired height in the heater, 'and is furnished with a valve marked (o), and' branch pipe marked (w), which extends up into the heater two or three incheswliigher than the pipe marked (cl), and enters pipe` (c) on the outside o-f the heater below the valve (o). The lower end of pipe (c) is often` immersed in water, when that is the case a vacuum is frequently formed in pipe (e) below thevalve (o) by the heated water passing through the pipe, and when a vacuum is Aformed below the valve (on), the valve becomes inoperative.` The `branch pipe is used for the `purpose of prewith the pipe (`c)fi ,n of water fromlt can in nocase n the topof thefb nc fulcrum of the l is attachedthellval pipe the the tank 7 or cold heater, and suppli It will be observ n pipe which eX is represented byf d and n) are also` r .1 A mud, dirt or placed at the botto `or around the pipe 0`)1` of the bottom desired n n ,n n, y n

The operation of my 1 improv follows: The .pipe (fb) force pump, is suppl'l water `(which is alvv` heater and when more wat has entered thelheate th it rise up, thereby Aopen let the surplusl wate pipe (c), and any m v may have collected in he `ried off with thesurp I wish it to beffe my inventionkis `fo pump ofthe `steam `which is forced1 And I alsowishitto invention is notlinten of the heightoftl boilrst. for opening the safety Valve of team' boilers VVwhen the Water becomes too 0W. l f

Having thus described the nature construction and operation of myimprovement, what I claim as of my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is- 1. The arrangement of the float (h), lever (f), Valve (o), partition (7c), and pipes (b, c, and When arranged substantially-as herein described for the purpose of constructiig -Watif' healteis' for supplying the force pump of steam engines with heated Water.

2. The use ofthe branch pi e (w), when used in connection With pipe c), and valve (o), as herein described and for the purpose set forth. f


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