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Publication numberUS263131 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1882
Publication numberUS 263131 A, US 263131A, US-A-263131, US263131 A, US263131A
InventorsThomas A. Edisof
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Thomas a
US 263131 A
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(No Model) T. A. -EDISON.

MAGNETIC ORE SEPARATOR. No, 263,131. Patented M1522, 1882.

wnnnssns: INVENTOR AMP BY Q. mm


inn-t rite THOMAS A. nurses", on Merino PARK, new .iunsicr SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Ifnizent lilo. 283,131, deted Angust 22, 1882.

Application liied Juno Iii, 188i. (Nomodold To all whom it mag concern:

Be it known thntI, TrioMAs A. EDISON, of Menlo Park, in the county of Middlesex and State of New Jersey, have invented a new cull useful Improvement in Magnetic Urc-Sepurnlore, (Case No. 329 and 1 do hereby declare that the following ise full's'nd excel; description of the same, rcfcrehce hein g had to the accompcnying drcwingsand to the letters erence marked thereon.

In my Patent No. 228,329, grunt-ed June 1, 1880,1have shown aniapperctus for the sepiaration of magnetic from non-magnetic substances. The present invention hns'in view the some object, but may he used in connection with hydraulic mining. The mingled morgneticand non-magnetic substances, accompanied by n stream of Witter, enter the upper'end of an inclined trough or sluice, beneath which are placed a. series of powerful magnets. When the magnetic su bstanccs pass above these mug- :ncts their motion iserrested and they collect at these points, while the remainder of the mix ture is Washed down to the end of the shrine One use of the invention is in the sopn-rntion of magnetic iron from the sand and other sullstanccs which are usually found mixed there with; and it may also be usedin connection with hydraulic gold-mining, in which case the magnetic substericcs which are always min glad with the curiterous material in sufficient quantities forythe purpose, are held ct various points in the bottom of the sluice hox end there form 'riliiesfor stopping the gold, these rifiles .heing preferable to those ordinarily used, be:

cause they will never wear out, their substance heing rccruitcd by fresh supplies of material as fast as the first is carried away.

Convenient devices for carrying my inveuy tion into effect are shown in the annexed drawings, in which Figure 1 is e view in. perspective of such a. s luicoor trough, ,whilc Fig. 2 shows a different arrangement of the magnets.

A is a. suitable trough or sluice supported on proper standards 0 U in an inclined position. This trough may be of'any desired inn.- terial. .It' of magnetic mntericl- -ns iron----it formsopolar extensions of the magnets herein after referred to, while if it he of non-magnetic material the magnets act therethrongh suit; ciently to accomplish the result desired.

of rel? ill B urc'poweri'ui horseshoe moguets, preferably electro-thngncts energized through conductors 1 2 from any suitnhlc'source ofclcctricity. As shown, they are arranged in. series,

but, it desired, they may be placed in multiple-- are or derivedv circuits.

The mixture of magnetic and non maguetic.

substances enters the upper end of the trough, and is washed. down by a. stream of water. The mixture may be amngnetic iron-sand, or

any combination of magnetic-with other ma-- serials. When the mixture comes within the influence of the magnet 13 the magnetic substcnhcs therein are attracted and a portion of them are held to the bottom of the sluice, while the rest of the mixture passes on to the next magnet, 18, Where the some operation is rcnested. A snflicientnumber of magnets are used to thoroughly separate the substances.

in Fig. 2 the magnets are placed underthe.

sluice parallel therewith, and the magnetic substance collects between the poles thereof. The magnets, as seen, may be used. to support the sluice, the standards (J 0 being dispensed with. l i

it is evident that permanent magnets, insteed of elcctrocnugueis, may he used, though. the letter are preferable. The non-magnetic .snhstanc'e and the water are discharged at the lower end of the sluice, and the magnetic ma-' As stnted,.in hydraulic gold-mining there will always be found mixed with the anrii'crcus materiel, sand, &c., a certain amount or magnetic substance. at the dill'ercut points aa in the sluice bencul h which magnets are placed, acts, instentlotthc usunl rlllles, to retain the particles of gold, while the sand, &c., flours on to the end of the sluice. The gold and magnetic substance may This last nccu mulatiugg ICO- any othe'isuitable manner.

then be collected and separated by the process shown in my above-mentioned patent, orin What I claim-is,- 1. The combination of a stationary'sluice box or trough having a'solid bottom or feedingsurt'ace and one or more stationary magnets, secured beneath the same, substantiallyas and for the purposes set forth.

0' 2. Themethodofformiugi'itflesinn'ininingsluice, consisting in arresting any magnetic substances which enter the sluice and holding '-these substances at various points by mag-

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