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Publication numberUS2632452 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1953
Filing dateFeb 4, 1946
Priority dateFeb 4, 1946
Publication numberUS 2632452 A, US 2632452A, US-A-2632452, US2632452 A, US2632452A
InventorsSpitzer Wilbur S
Original AssigneeSpitzer Wilbur S
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Combination sink and dishwasher
US 2632452 A
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March 24, 1953 w, s. SPITZER 2,632,452


ATTU R N EYE fi k Q Patented Mar. 24, 1953 U-N ITE D S TAT E'S PATQEN T F F ICE aGOMZBINATIONsSINK AND DISHWASHER Wilbur'S. "Spitzer, Edenton,3N. (C, Application Februai-y 4, 19 16,=-Seria'lNo. 6459294 ,2Claims.

'lIliis inventienrrelates to combination: sink and dishwasher having, riuxtaepositioned vcom-partmentsdvithcmeans for spraying dish esirom. abov andibelow in one oi said compartments.

:Anobiectpi this invention is to providea sink that: can .be utilized as ;a ,work table, dishwasher or -:,conv.entional sink.

An-other oldest of the invention is; to rovide dishwasher that lcanibe easilyinstalled in ,azsink wit fewminornltera mm.

Another object-of the :device is to provide :a dishwasher-thatisisimple :in operation and construction and can bez-easil -ygpositioned in the sink 'oriremevedtheretrom.

With the above and other objectsin view the vention consists of, :the novel details of construction, arrangement and combination of parts more fully hereinafter described, claimed and illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure 1 is a sectional view of an embodiment of the invention.

Figure-2 is a top plan yiewqwith the coversin open position.

i-Figures 31is aview of the dishwasheryinstalled on a double sink,

figured-ma sectional viewonthe lineAe-d of i u Figured-i a modified iormiofthe dish-washe and r i nite fiv-is ,a sectional viewron the line, 6-45. of am ;Referring;; more in detail to the drawings the numeral s-lvll; designates a sink in which an emhodimentof the invention is tin-stalled astshown mflt 'igm'e ,1.

'Thecsink I 20 i provided withiansinlet lii. a'djacent the top of thesink .helow the drain :board .I'd andianiinlet I 6 adjacent. the bottom ofthesink. Couplings 1.8 are positioned :in the inlets and askets -ill"thereon provide water ti ht seals betweenfthenouplingsandthesink. The couplings 18 are connected'toiaisupplypipe22 in the conventional manner by an elbow 24 and a T-coupling "26. The supply pipe "22 is connected to a water pump 28 which --is driven by an electric motor 30.

The sink is provided with a drain 32 to which is connected a two way valve 34 which permits the water in the sink to be drained through the goose neck 36, permits water to flow to the pump 28 by means of the pipe 38 connected thereto or will close the drain, thus retaining the water in the sink.

The upper coupling I8 is provided with a conicalsseat 431170 receive the {complimentary reshaped coupling :42: which is ;connected to the center 0f the tubular member 44 which is positioned at right angles thereto. Longitudinally extending tubular members .46 having .periorations 4.8 are connected to the member :44 at the outerends thereof, the center thereof and intermediately of the center and outer ends as ishpwn i stgu 2 and .a bar 16 secured to the :ends of :the members closes these ends zandeforms .:the. :upper dishwasher frame 52.

"The frame 52' :is connected :to :a-cover 7,54 iby means. of :loop hangers; 515 secured :to the :cover; The :coveriissh-inged toithe :si-nk .at 51.8 and'is pr vided with :a depending flange 5 0 to :provide :a water .tig-ht slit; :betweenitheecover'zandi the sink- ;The lower coupling zl 8 is provided with anomcal seat 49 to receive thezcomnlimentarysshaped coupling :42 which is. connected :to the center .of the :member 552, which ,1 is positioned. at right angles thereto. Longitudinally extending tubular .-members 264 :having perforations .4.8 are connected to :the zmember 1621as are-the :members 6,6; a bar :66-,l.simila-r;to=;bar fiorms the lower dishwasher frame: 58. :flifhe-qframes are :similarexcept fondahe :means. of suspension within the sink; mic. :frame; :BBi'Ehaving thumb screws 1.0 positioned: in the deer 66 "which .iare, received l-zin seats d2 :formed in the side of :the radiacent, the (bottom. :thereofv when-the screws rare, tightened the frame :68. is ; position as shown in Figure A wireibasket ta having; feet 115.6 is positioned in :the sinkgto hold the dishes during the-wash ing 'IthEI'BOf.

The cycle of operation of this deviceises follows:

'Thelsinksis rfilled with hotiwateritosaipoint be.- low- .the, flower ttrame, soapcpowder. risuiadd'ed, the valve is turned Ito :permit the. water to circulate through Ithe pump andsupply pipe, the cover is closed, the motorstarted and the water is-sprayed on the dishes in the .wi-rebasket waterdescend's from the :upper :frame and --ascend=s from the lower -frame. When-the dishes areclean-the-motor is stopped, the valve is "turned to "drain the soapy water-and-clea-mwater is added, themotor is again started, and the clean water is used to rinse the dishes. When the dishes have been thoroughly rinsed the water is drained and the dishes allowedrto dry.

The construction as shown in Figure 3 is similar to the construction as previously described except that the washer is shown installed on a. double sink l8 and the cover 54, instead of being hinged is provided with ribs which are positioned in parallel recesses 86 whereby the cover is adapted to slide from one compartment to another.

A latch 82 is provided on the cover 54, which coacts with a keeper 84 on the sink.

In the modification shown in Figure 5, the coupling 42 is connected to the tubular member 86 and longitudinally extending tubular members 88 are connected to the ends thereof. A bar 90 connected to the free ends of the members 88 is provided with thumb screws 70 as is the lower frame 68 and the frame 92 thus formed is installed in the same manner as frame 68.

In this instance the members 88 are provided with vertically disposed and relatively spaced outlets 94 which are apertured at 96 and provided with collar flanges 98 on Which are mounted the rotary tubular sprinklers 109, which are perforated at 102. The sprinklers are provided with the bearing I04 and bearing seat 106, and are retained on the outlets 94 by means of the screw I08. The sprinklers 100 are similar to the conventional lawn sprinklers in shape and operation and a frame similar to the frame 92 can be attached to the cover 54 as is the frame 52.

The operation of this form of the invention is the same as previously described except that the water used to wash the dishes will be given a circulatory motion. It is believed that the operation of the device will be apparent to those skilled in the art and it is to be understood that changes in the details of construction, arrangement and combination of parts may be resorted to without departing-from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described the invention what is claimed as new and desired to be secured by Letters Patent is:

1. An electric dishwasher attachment for a double compartment sink having a plurality of inlets in one of said compartments, comprising water supply means connected to said inlets,

pump means interposed in said water supply means, a drain for said latter compartment of the sink, a two way valve connected to said drain, a connection between said two way valve and said pump means to provide circulating motion of water entering the last of said compartments, a coupling having a conical shaped seat therein connected to each of said inlets, a tubular frame positioned in the bottom of said last compartment, a coupling having a conical shaped projection thereon on said frame adapted to be removably connected to the conical seat on one of said inlets, means carried by said frame for supporting said frame in said last compartment, rotary tubular perforated spray members carried by said frame, a cover slidably mounted on said sink to selectively cover either compartment in said sink, a tubular perforated spray frame mounted on the underside of said cover, a coupling having a conical shaped projection thereon adapted to be removably connected to the conical shaped seat on another of the inlets in said last com- 4 partment, and a basket in said sink above said first tubular frame to support dishes therein for the washing thereof.

2. In a dishwashing sink, the combination which comprises a double sink having integral juxta-positioned compartments, each having a bottom and upwardly extended side and end walls and said walls having rims on the upper edges, the rims of said side walls having open parallel recesses therein, one of said compartments having a greater depth than the other, spaced tubular members positioned in the lower part of one of said compartments, provided with upwardly directed spray means, a supply pipe positioned on the outside of said sink, a connection from said supply pipe through the wall of the sink to said tubular members, means clamping said tubular members in position in said compartment, 2. cover having ribs on side edges thereof slidably mounted on said sink with the ribs positioned in said parallel recesses of the rims of said side walls, spaced perforated tubular members carried by said cover and positioned on the under side of the cover, means temporarily connecting said spaced perforated tubular members of the cover to said supply pipe, a wire basket positioned in the compartment in which the tubular members with the upwardly directed spray means thereon are positioned, and feet carried by the basket and positioned to support the basket above said upwardly directed spray means, said cover adapted to slide over the compartment having the tubular members with the lower spray means thereon substantially closing said compartment.


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