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Publication numberUS2634435 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 14, 1953
Filing dateAug 17, 1950
Priority dateAug 17, 1950
Publication numberUS 2634435 A, US 2634435A, US-A-2634435, US2634435 A, US2634435A
InventorsLeighton Budd
Original AssigneeLeighton Budd
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Headrest for cosmetic use
US 2634435 A
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April 14, 1953 Bum: 2,634,435

HEADREST FOR COSMETIC USE Filed Aug. 17, 1950 fsfz .Za'gkZarz fiudd IN VEN TOR.

iymm Patented Apr. 14, 1953 UNITED STATES ATENT OFFICE 4 Claims. 1

This invention relates to improvements in facial hammocks, that is, devices for supporting the head of a person after a facial massage, or the application of creams, lotions, and the like.

In massaging the face to aid age-sagging facial tissue, the flesh is moved upward smoothly with the finger tips to this youthful place. This is the work of a skilled operator; but after the massage, it is necessary that the tissues be held in the raised position for a length of time.

It is therefore an object of this invention to provide a facial hammock upon which the head may rest with the face downward, which will enable the person to relax and be refreshed for later activities while the corrected facial tissues mend in the position the massage has placed them.

A further object is the provision of a facial hammock which will enable a person to relax with the face covered with face cream, lotions, or the like without soiling pillows, clothing and other materials.

A further object is to provide a facial hammock comprising a base made of wire for supporting a blanket with a central aperture to accommodate the nose and mouth of a person while relaxing with the face down.

These and other objects are attained by the novel structure and arrangement hereinafter described and illustrated by the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof, and in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing the manner of using a facial hammock embodying the invention.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of a base forming a part of the facial hammock, and means for clamping a face supporting blanket in place.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the support alone.

Fig. 4 is a plan view of a blanket forming a part of the facial hammock.

Fig. 5 is a sectional view through the center of the hammock with a blanket clamped on the support.

Fig. 6 is a sectional view through the center of a blanket clamping plate mounted on one side of the supporting base. The view is taken on line VI-VI of Fig. 2.

Referring to the drawings, the facial hammock is shown to comprise a frame base formed preferably from wire to provide two end U-shaped members having legs 2 bent inwardly towards each other, the upper ends of the legs 2 being curved downward at 3 and two end members joined by bars 4.

Mounted over the curved portions 3 are plates 5 which are curved and have tabs 6 to hold them to the bars 4 and tabs 1 to hold them tightly to the legs 2. Each of the plates 5 is provided with a plurality of windows 8 through which pass corrugated straps I! of a padded blanket 9 having a central opening l0 adapted to accommodate the nose and mouth of a person. Each of the windows 8 is normally closed by a spring hinged trap door 12. When a corrugated strap II is passed through a window, the free edge of a door l2 will engage the strap in the groove between adjacent raised portions of the corrugation, and tightly hold the strap in a fixed position.

The small blanket 9 is padded and when covered with smooth silk the face is treated directly with a medicated astringent; and when covered with silk velvet, an astringent powder is sprinkled thereon. The plates 5 can be made of metal, plastic or other suitable material.

From the above it will be seen that there has been provided a simple and inexpensive device for supporting the head of a person with the face downwardly directed, and the pads hold the massaged tissues in desired positions while the person is relaxing, the aperture in the blanket enabling comfortable breathing and no obstruction to the mouth.

The above description is to be considered as illustrative and not limitative of the invention of which modifications can be made without departing from the spirit of the invention as set forth in the appended claims.

The invention having been described, what is claimed is:

1. In a facial hammock, a base comprising a pair of U-shaped members having upstanding legs, the ends of the legs being curved downwardly, bars connecting the curved ends of the legs, curved plates mounted on the curved ends of the legs, tabs on the plates attached to the bars, tabs on the plates attached to the legs, and means on the plates for holding a blanket.

2. In a facial hammock, a base comprising a pair of U-shaped members having upstanding legs, the ends of the legs being curved downwardly, bars connecting the curved ends of the legs, curved plates mounted on the free ends of the legs, said plates having a plurality of openings, and spring hinged doors normally closing the openings.

3. The structure set forth in claim 2 further characterized by a padded blanket having a central opening of suficient size to accommodate a nose and mouth, and straps on the blanket passing through said openings and engaging the edges of the doors to hold the blanket on the base.

4. The structure set forth in claim 3 further characterized by said straps being corrugated.


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