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Publication numberUS2636707 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 28, 1953
Filing dateJan 15, 1951
Priority dateJan 15, 1951
Publication numberUS 2636707 A, US 2636707A, US-A-2636707, US2636707 A, US2636707A
InventorsBaker Minard P
Original AssigneeBaker Minard P
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Extension device holder and positive snap lock
US 2636707 A
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BY WM... m

April 28, 1953 M. P. BAKER 2,636,707


Application January 15, 1951, SerialNoi 206,085

Thisiinvention comprises novel anduseful improvements in .an extension device holder and positive snap .lock andmore specifically pertains to a device 'for supporting .tools or similar tap- @paratus outwardly fromia work Lbench.

'.The,primary object of thisinvention is to provide a simple extension or platform to which apparatus such as ameat grinder can-be securely attached withnoiresu'lting damage to the household .furniture or "fixture to which the meat .coritains a device for locking the ,platform in l aihorizon'tarposition.

IA @still further object of this invention is to provide .an extension device holder which may Ibeeasily adapted ,toifiton the conventionalparts df .ameat grinder.

Dtherobjeets andfeatures o'fthisiinvention are (to The ffound 'in an extended platform for supporting .meat grinders and the like which is simple in construction, inexpensive to manufacllture, convenient to .Operate .and which is compact instructureithereby enabling ready and :convenient storage.

These, together with'various ancillary features and objects of the invention, which will later become apparent ;as theffollowing description pro- J'ceeds, are attained by the present .invention, a preferred embodiment of whichis illustrated, by way of example monly,tin the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is a, perspective view of the extension platform or bracket comprising this invention;

ilifigurez is a verticalisectional view taken along the plane of the section "lines 2-2 of Figure 1;

Figure -E3aisia Js'ide vertica'l'view .of the invention as seeniin Figure 1, but illustrating the invention rinse, .collapsed form;

Figure 5 is a perspective view of a portion of 3 Claims. (015248-223) the invention and illustrating in particular the various elements of the snap lock 'in'a disassem- Lbled arrangement;

Figure 6 is a vertical "side view illustratingthe adaptation of the present invention to a meat grinder; and

Figure? is a perspective viewillustrating the inner stepped portion of the support member.

Referring now more specifically'to the "accompanying drawings, wherein like'numerals designate similar parts throughout the various views, it will be noted in Figure 6 that the numeral "10 denotesgenerally a table or other similar article of household furniture. As is the conventional .modeiofpractice, the meat grinder I'2issupported .in such afashion as to permit'the mouth or dis- .charging "end I4 of the grinder to extend :over the upper surface of the table ID. Generally, meat grinders are provided with some clamping mechanism by which they aresecured to 'the platform overwhich they will operate ,and it is well known that such clamping action will, in time, mar or damage therarea's of the :tables against which :it bears. Accordingly, 'itisanob- "ject of this invention to provide a'devi'ceor extension platform to which the jaws of a meat grinder may attach, therebypermitting this plat- ;form to 'absorb the wear of the :clamping'ijaws 'or alternately, to provide an extension device which may be adapted .to the :meat grinder .iln such a fashion that no clamps are needed.

With the foregoing as a background, attention should be directed to Figure 1 wherein it will-be noted that the extension :device, per .se, Iincludes a vertically mounted wall plate .IB constructed of a rigid metallic material orthe like andbeing attached to the wall [8 by means of screws 20. I.In,proximit to the'upper edge of theplate I6 .is a horizontal rod 122 having its 'end slightly curved whereby the same may 'he welde'd or rigidly secured-to .the plate. Therefore, by 'such an arrangement, .an opening .24 is provided between the rod '22 and the plate L6.

The stepped support member "26 is pivo'tally attached to the rod 322 by means of the hooks or fingers 28 integrally extending from the lower stepped portion 30 of the member 26.

.Theiupper level or step 3 2 .of thersupportmemher 26 comprises a platform to which .a imeat .grinrier or similar device maybe attached. .A block .35 is provided on top of the ,platform 'iz and is secured .thereto by means "of the screws orbolts 3,6, in .thismanner, the clamps nrij aws of a ,meat grinder .or the llike .may be easily iattachedto the platform and furthermore, when from the lateral ends of the plate 50.

3 the block becomes damaged, the same may be easily replaced.

Since it is necessary to maintain the supporting member 26 or more specifically, the platform 32 in a horizontal position, a substantially U-shaped brace 38 is provided having its ends bent for reception in a pair of depending eyelets 40 on the bottom of the platform 32. This brace is freely journaled in these eyelets and when it is desired to set the device in an operable position, the web portion 42 of the U-shaped brace is placed in the locking mechanism, generally denoted by the numeral 44.

The construction of the locking mechanism 44 is seen more clearly in Figure and includes generally a keeper 46 and a latch 48. The keeper 46, as adapted to the instant invention, consists of a narrow plate 5 either rigidly embedded within the plate H5 or preferably, integrally a portion thereof. Further, the keeper 46 includes a pair of ears 52 extending forwardly These ears are constructed to resemble jaws having a depending nose 54 at the outer portion thereof and receding inwardly and upwardly forming an arcuate groove 56.

The latch 48 consists of a channel-shaped element having a back portion 58 and a pair of forwardly extending flanges Gil, each of the flanges 6D is of a general irregular shape having an arcuate groove 62 provided in substantially the mid portion of the flange and being complementary to the groove 55.

To assemble the locking mechanism, it is necessary to place the latch with its flanges it received between the ears 46 of the kee er 59 and aligning thereby the apertures 64 and 53 provided in the latch and keeper, respectively. A bolt 68 is then placed through the apertures 64 and 66 thereby pivotally connecting the latch and keeper. In order that the latch will be urged in wardly towards the keeper pivoting in a counterclockwise direction, a conventional spring 68 is provided having its legs bearing against the plate It and the inner surface of the back portion 58 of the latch 48.

It is believed that it will now be clearly apparent that in operation, the support member 26 is integrally engaged on the horizontal rod 22 by means of the hooks 28, the legs of the U- shaped brace 38 are then journaled within the eyelets 4 and the web 42 of this brace is finally placed in the arcuate grooves 55; whereby the latch 43 may be allowed to bear up against the plate 50, the rooves 62 engaging the lower surface of the web 42.

In the event that it is desired to incorporate the extension device directly to a meat grinder or the like, the arrangement is similar to that illustrated in Figure 6. Accordingly, as in the previous embodiment, a plate H! is provided together with a locking mechanism 12 and a U-shaped brace 14. Attached to the lower end or base of the meat grinder i2 is a horizontal platform 16 having depending eyelets 18 at one end thereof and a depending flange 80 at the other end. Bolted or integrally secured to this depending flange 80 is a lower step ed portion 82 having at the lower level thereof the forwardly extending hook portions 84 which are adapted for hinged engagement with the horizontal bar 86. It is believed evident from this description that this alternative method will be understood.

From the foregoing, the construction and operation of the invention together With its many advantages will be readily apparent, and further explanation is believed to be unnecessary. However, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art after a consideration of the foregoing specification and accompanying claims, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction shown and described and accordingly all suitable modifications and equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the appended claims.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. A snap lock comprising a keeper consisting of a narrow plate having a pair of forwardly extending ears, a latch comprising a channel shaped element having its flanges pivotally connected between said ears, said ears and flanges having complementary arcuate jaws formed thereon for engagement of a rod therebetween and means for yieldably urging said latch against said keeper, said jaws having complementary extensions and grooves therein whereby the jaws are inter-engaged with one another.

2. An extension bracket comprising a vertically mounted wall plate, a support member having a horizontal platform thereon and being hingedly attached to said plate, a locking mechanism disposed on said plate beneath said support member and a U-shaped brace removably secured between said locking mechanism and said support member, said locking mechanism comprising a keeper on said plate and a latch pivotally urged into engagement with said keeper, resilient means biasing said latch and keeper into locking engagement with said U-shaped bra-ce, said keeper including a pair of spaced, parallel ears extending outwardly from said plate, said ears having hook-shaped ends, said latch being pivoted between said ears and hav ing complementary hook shaped portions slidably closing said hook shaped ends, the web portion of said U-shaped brace being received between said hook ends and said complementary hook shaped portions.

3. An extension bracket comprising a vertically mounted wall plate, a support member hingedly attached to the upper end of said plate, a U-shaped bracket pivotally secured to said support member, a locking mechanism disposed on the lower end of said plate releasably securing said U-shaped brace between said support member and said locking mechanism thereby holding said support member in a fixed position, said locking mechanism including a keeper on said wall plate, said keeper having a pair of parallel, spaced, ears extending perpendicularly from said wall plate, said ears having downwardly extending arcuate shaped grooves thereon, the web of said U-shaped brace being received in said grooves, said latch being pivoted between said ears, extensions on said latch slidably closing said grooves and engaging the web of said U-shaped brace, means yieldingly urging the latch extensions into engagement with said grooves.


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