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Publication numberUS2636979 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 28, 1953
Publication numberUS 2636979 A, US 2636979A, US-A-2636979, US2636979 A, US2636979A
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US 2636979 A
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3 shaped ann il, the other end o! goose-neck shaped arm Ibeingsecuredtoswivel unit Il, the base 2| of swivel unit Il being ilxed by a plurality of rivets 22 or in any other desirable and suitable manner to the upper surface of an eccentric ring Housingi out-streinel may be provided with an oilset 21. A substantially U-shaped edge plate 2l is adapted to cover nange 2i. 'lhe upper les of siguinte Il inhafter than the lower leg so that, @Mette elle plate is in its adiusted mannheim, leg will cover about haii' of the upper surface of the i'iange 2t, and the lower, longer legni edge plate 28 will extend along the lbwersurtaced flange 2e to a point beyond om Banamex is termed between the lower leg of edge plate 2e and the part of ange 2i between houdingl B and oiIset 21. There is Nrther provided an ecceditxmlle'lnmbesssslsnsdmhmma ctmkmll: :null-ism uauth lzlldwinfa-Mfil'hinh is rotatably engaged in the track formed by edge helmut* Ng lhrscsmtriensg ninth mgm l* (s Fiscsntlklit bnlrll'lld that me! ths mldsdrhrsshchrnltm nicht l2 or an! other type dnt-mme miuwfmet 32 ish' annali h'tlie lslnrmd of swisl -smber 2l. the said lower end enta'inrilbrmlsctm H lnxmanmrhsrmemto.

Near its base, socket l.' be with!! with a man! rm'. @nel itin interior of relhdtsr fi'lldlst lepmliiedrwith a dudit' :und .lull-rl* mn! shinterlmnifths'lmliltl han!! Ii..

To secure the llshthmsmthes isu'ssiiledznnrmmendutihemlng and sind itsmserhrwlm bidlbsrsr- 'ihmdlnfms .llslsgmvlssdsdih stimuli stammen Il st spaced intervals about its periphery@ .helling Il t'prslided .ma mit radically M'- rli'ed. Ihsnsrinr bissle unisa, the m d'lhidrw einem!! lodi' lkbfllnisg limbefamdded lntrally thereof, or at any other desirahhsldzuib- *Ilm-Mmmm w ml with mtinmldathmim uns` bsientslsd tate the housing as illustrated in Figure killa-wire dsmpllwfl provided tsrssverassnhxgb. Rullmmitheamttrufbnekasltmedormsnh-rssidmwsll aresssured to ning f In order to facibtriherllnbulltion nf `reassur JIL-swzm slsmsnt'll maybe mm-13m f islaam'. ,sind site! an .mening imhssn presida! h theissiiingeoror wall intasvhishmrnnitisto bsplsssihhousing I8 is completely imbedded in the opening provided for it. When the lighting unit is to be placed into a ceiling or wall, it is generally desirable to provide the rim ot the opening 2l' with several wooden strips, which will be positioned between edge plate 28 and ring 35, as shown in Figure l. mix In 'ales bmg amsted weA ammodsts the nenbsrr, is secured lrnly screwed into place in an obvious manner. I! it is desired to a'adse the lamp to cast light rays directly downward. outward or upward, depending upon the Desmond .the uniting unit, reflector I1 is perltted'h remain .lnhousing I8 as illustrated in Figure l. Whm itis desired to achieve angularity, reector I1 is withdrawn from housing Il. 1for which 'purpose finger grip Il has been prouidsd. The mtieomranay be withdrawn directly downwardly, as illustrated in dotted lines in Figure l, or turned angularly up to substantially 45 as is shown in dotd lines in Figure 1 ot Ataru-of lrits udiusted'axagiilarflm siticms. the :redentor may be rotated about its axis by merely turning it. together with eccentric.

ring with whichfitisjoined. The reflector lil remain h any'loi its adiusted positions. In oudsrto avoid twisting and the eventual breaking sf cur if the reflector were continually turned in the sanedirectlon, -astop'has been provided. When has been reached; the deector currentA be turned in the same direction. but must be swivel unit il and its base 2i. Obviously.

u m the device nimma the ring were maar this can, of course. be dans. Thus there has been shown and described a 1mm cast either in a straight .une or :anm-

um of screws. bolts -sr other remining means.

Hmzing thus described the invention. whit il' cisimed new and desired m secnreby Latins Rssmt. is:-

1. A recessed lighting unit conmriaing a hollow cviindxicaihousing. a ront upon one end thereof. tl'mlower edseo! sind housing turned outwsrdb tonnn-a cirmunterential .e. a circular edge plate. said edge plate bent edgewise upon itself circnmierentially to form two legs. said hangs engageable between said legs. an eccentric ring. said eccentric ring rotatably movable between said tlensesnd said edge plate. a reector in said honsinghaving a screw socket in one of its ends. an arm. -a swivel unit st one end thereof, said swivel unit secured to said socket so that theV screw socket may be manually rotated axially or adjusted angularly after the socket passes tluoih the opening at the lower end of said homing. asond swivel unit. said second swivell unit mounted upon said eccentric ring. the other end of said armengaging said second swivel unit whereby said socket may pass through the open ing at the lower end of .said housing. and means cooperating between said second swivel member and said housing to limit the rotative movement oi'said eccentric ring.

Ameisedlightiugunitcomprisingsholf nt. which makes it possible to uns

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