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Publication numberUS2639168 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1953
Filing dateSep 19, 1950
Priority dateSep 19, 1950
Publication numberUS 2639168 A, US 2639168A, US-A-2639168, US2639168 A, US2639168A
InventorsCoppock Franklin E
Original AssigneeDayton Embossed Products Corp
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Cover construction
US 2639168 A
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l? 9 1953 F. E. 'coPPocK 2,639,168-

COVER cqusrkuc'rxou Filed Sept. 19, 1950 IN VEN TOR.


By (I, 1 {M Patented May 19, 953

Franklin E. Copp ock, Dayton, Ohio, assignor to I .Dayton EmbossedProducts Corporation Dayv ton, Ohio; 3. 'co'rpotationof Ohio I a I I r Applicationseptember 19, 1950, Serial N0.'185,"568

This invention relates to a cover construction and more particularly toa cover of the type having an embossed plate builtintothe cover.

It is recognized that a large number of var rangements have been proposed from time to time for supporting inserts on the front cover of a book or the like, but thesearrangements have either resulted in an inartisticappearance ,or have been so arranged that the edges of the covering material adjacent the insert readily become frayed or otherwise damaged.

It is one object of this invention to provide an improved arrangement for protecting the edges of the covering material adjacent such an insert.

It is another object of this invention to provide an improved arrangement for supporting an embossed foil covered plate, so as to largely conceal the point of juncture between the main covering and the embossed insert.

It is still another object of this invention to provide an improved cover arrangement wherein a metal foil covered bead is so constructed and arranged that it serves as a protection to the adjacent surfaces of the cover.

Other objects and advantages reside in the construction of parts, the combination thereof and the mode of operation, as will become more apparent from the following description.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective View showing my invention as applied to a book cover; and

Figure 2 is a fragmentary sectional view taken substantially on line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Referring now to the drawing wherein I have shown a preferred embodiment of my invention, reference numeral Ill generally designates a book cover and reference numeral l2 designates a specially constructed insert which is arranged as shown. The book cover In includes a main reinforcing element or backing member M which may be in the form of a piece of heavy cardboard Or the like, such as commonly used in manufacturing book covers. The member I4 is substantially coextensive with the front cover of the book, whereas the embossed insert l2 covers only a portion of the front. For purpose of illustration, the embossed portion [2 has been shown as covering a major portion of the front, whereas insofar as certain aspects of the invention are concerned, it could be a much smaller insert.

The insert l2 rests against and is preferably secured to the reinforcing element 14 by some such suitable means as adhesive material, staples, or the like. Masking material [6, having a thick- 2 Claims. (01. 233

ness'. substantially :equal' to the thickness of the outer edges of .the. insert l2 at the point where it abuts the edgeszof theinsert l2, surrounds the insert andhas its outer periphery substantially coextensive with the outer periphery of the reinforcing element l4. I v

The insert I2 consists of-a piece of asphalt im pregnated paper board I8 havinga layer of metal foil l9, such as aluminum foil, secured to'its front face; as best shown inF'igure 2. The embossing is-done by'applyin'g heat. and pressure to the metal foil coated side of the insert by means of a suitable die having a design formed therein. It will be noted that a circumferentially extending ridge 20 is formed during the embossing operation and this ridge has substantially straight side surfaces against which the edges of the outer covering material 22 fit up against after the parts have all been assembled.

By virtue: of the above described ridge arrangement, it is obvious that the raw edge of the covering material 22 adjacent the insert is well protected against scuffing. Furthermore, the line of juncture between the covering material 22 and the ridge 2!] is well concealed. In addition to protecting the raw edge of the outer cover 22, the ridge 20 also serves to protect the outer cover 22, as well as the embossed design or figure, against marring.

Since the embossed insert includes a metallic facing, it is obvious that the construction shown provides a very durable, as well as beautiful, cover construction. The asphalt impregnated paper board backing provides a very substantial and hard backing for the metal foil, as well as serving as an added reinforcement to the backing element 14.

As indicated in Figure 2 of the drawing, the usual finish sheet 24 is pasted or otherwise secured to the inner face of the cover, so as to provide a finished appearance.

While I have illustrated my invention as applied to a book cover, it is obvious that many aspects of the invention are equally applicable to other types of covers, such as covers for jewelry boxes and the like, wherein it is desired to provide an embossed insert surrounded by cloth, paper, or even metal. The advantage of this type of construction in making jewelry boxes and the like is that the embossing may be formed on a single flat or even curved plate which may be attached to a preformed cover element which itself could not conveniently be embossed.

Although the preferred embodiment of the device has been described, it will be understood that 3 within the purview of this invention various changes may be made in the form, details, proportion and arrangement of parts, the combination thereof and mode of operation, which generally stated consist in a device capable of carrying out the objects set forth. as disclosed and defined in the appended claims.

Having thus described by invention, I claim:

1. In a book cover achpted to be bound. the combination including a substantially rectangular backing member having dimensions substantially equal to the dimensions of the book cover, an embossed insert secured to the backing member, the width and length of the embossed insert being less than the width and length of-the backing member, the embossed portion of the insert being bounded by an outwardly directed rib, the outer margin of the rib extending substantially perpendicular to the backing member, masking material surrounding the insert, the thickness of the masking material in the vicinity of the insert being substantially equal to the thickness-of the of the insert, the outer margins of the na kmmaterial being substantially coextensive the outer margins of the baeking'member, menhossed sheetoverlgmg the embossed: portion of the insert, the embossed sheet being slightly larger, than thheembossedportion so asv to: extend eyond the mains or theembossedpornon. means iorsecurinrthe imertto the backmember, a: coverim material having-an openin: equaltin slate the embossed portion of the insert adhesively secured to the outer margin of the insert and the outer margin of the masking material, the edges of the opening of the covering material abutting the outer perpendicular margins of the rib surrounding the embossed portion so as to prevent scuffing, said covering being folded over three margins of the backing member, and a finish sheet secured to the inside of the cover and adhesively attached to the backing member and overlapping the margins of the covering material, one margin of the covering material and one margin of the finish sheet overlapping each other along the side of the book cover to be bound.

2. In a book cover according to claim 1 wherein the embossed sheet overlying the embossed area consists of a sheet of metal foil, the margins of which extend beyond the embossed area and underlie the margins of the covering material.


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