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Publication numberUS2639444 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 26, 1953
Filing dateAug 7, 1950
Priority dateAug 7, 1950
Publication numberUS 2639444 A, US 2639444A, US-A-2639444, US2639444 A, US2639444A
InventorsMonsabert Estelle S De
Original AssigneeMonsabert Estelle S De
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Mattress cover
US 2639444 A
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May 26, 1953 E. 5. DE MONSABERT MATTRESS COVER Filed Aug. 7, 1950 de Monsaber/ Estelle 5.

- mmvron.

Patented May 26, 1953 \IVEATEBESS JGOVER Estates. sandman,- N'ew Orleans; "La. Applicatihmfiugustfl, 195G;SerialiNo;1'Z80$1 lThe'zipresentwmv-enticn 'relates tocertain new =and=usefnlimprovements: mattressrcoverstami hfiSlIfl-QEG particular -reierence to a casing=type in; tea matteroofocommonknowledgelthat a 1 ofmmany and varied called l mattress covers are statesman vtypest Generally, however, coverii'n -.category,; represem;ativei form wouldi take thelfiorm. of accasing or jacket. vwhichlii'its over and covers the mattress ordinarilyb'eing' "made front- "a -M1316" wasl rablev fabric and being held in place by snap fasteners, buttons, Zippers and the ltker Morerecentry neincle piasticmagmnave come into'vnguet :H'owevvm these-plastic bagtype covers wrinkle, shift and slide out of posiroam, (at 54354;

are anything butform-fitting character; v

"i'lhe'improved'cover fomiing the subject matter otltheinstemt development"is-calculatedto better fill'flll theendwesultswanted 'irr that it is-acombination of commercial plastics and special fabric. More specifically the cover, in its preferred embodiment, is characterized by top and bottom plastic panels which are normally fiat and substantially shape sustaining in nature and yet pliant enough to conform to and fit over coacting mattress surfaces with requisite nicety. These two panels have their marginal edge portions in"- terconnected 'by boxing means the principal properties of which are elasticity, porosity for ventilation, and rough surface finish to offset undue slipping and sliding of bed clothing.

In carrying out the principles of the invention in accordance with the above, a form-fitting selfadjusting mattress cover is had which reduces wrinkling to a minimum, eliminates shifting and displacement in relation to the encased mattress and assists in sustaining the usual sheet neatly and securely in position.

Other objects, features and advantages will become more readily apparent from the following description and the accompanying sheet of illustrative drawings. 1

In the stated sheet of drawings, wherein like numerals are employed to designate like parts throughout the views:

- Eigur 1; isaaperspcctive view of. ra mattress-.01

equivalent casing-type cover-constructed intaccordancewitlr the ;prin'ciples: of the presentinvention;

.Figurelz: iaa lengthwise view showing theycover irissection. and the mattress in side elevation;

Figure 3=is aview at right'ang-les tov Figure :2 andnalso showing the: cover insection and the mattress in end elevation; Figure-=4 is an exaggerated fragmentary sectional'view takenpn the vertical line t- 4 vof Figure-.11 with themattress appearing in elevation, looking in the-"direction of. the-arrows; and, "Figure; 5 is a fragmentary perspective I view :of

- one corner portion of l the-cover and showing a slighm modification in one-of the. structural features thereof.

Referring now to the drawings by reference numerals it wills-b that the general style or form of the lcoveris conventional in that it-is .of' customary box-like= slip-overstyli-ngl jbeforermentionedthetop member iS in formof asubstantially rectangular flat-surfacedv sheet orpanellof'commercial plastics, the same. denoted by the numeral vii. This willbesufiieientlyrigid to retain .its substantially that shape and yet aptly'pliant. to. accommodate. and conform .tothe coactingto rsurface of a mattress ,ontheilike. .T'heibottom 8" is of' 'That isto' say, itis a rectangular panel or sheet or transparent commercial plastic having the desired semi-rigid but appropriately pliant characteristics. The interconnecting boxing means is denoted by the numeral iii and this has its marginal edge portions stitched or otherwise connected to the coacting marginal edge portions of the top and bottom panels whereby the several components contribute in forming the customary box-like casing for the insertable and removable conventional mattress I2. The boxing embodies transverse reaches or walls 14 and H5 and longitudinal side walls Hi and 20. The stated boxing Ill is, more specifically, a strip of rough-textured elasticized, cotton webbing, which will hold the mattress cover firmly to the mattress. It will be noticed in this connection that the marginal edge portions of the elasticized webbing, that is the upper and lower edges 22 and 24 (see Figures 3 and 4 in particular), overlap the marginal edges of the plastic panels and are stitched or otherwise secured thereto as at 26. These overlapping portions provide flanges which are some two inches in width and which not only strengthen the over-all construction but actually constitute anti-slipping members to assist in preventing a sheet or other article of bed clothing (not shown) from slipping off of the mattress cover once it is properly positioned by hand. Obviously the elastic retentive properties of the webbing serve to draw the plastic panels together. and to bind them in firm contact with the coacting surfaces of the mattress. The over-all cover is therefore yieldingly conformable and satisfactorily held in place. In addition the rough and elastic surfaces provide the aforementioned anti-slipping results. In actual practice the webbing will be possessed of the two-way stretch as shown in the drawings. The weaving is such that desired ventilating properties are also had. The front end of the webbin is provided with a slot whose ends extend around the adjacent corner portions and said slot is preferably closed with a Zipper fasteners 28. This provides an openable and closable mouth to facilitate application and removal of the cover.

the form of so-called Zippers 30. In the modification shown in Figure 5 the slots will have marginal stitched-on-tapes 34 which may be overlapped and secured together by snap fasteners, buttons or the like 36.

It may be pointed out that the slits or openings for mattress handles would be necessary only on covers used on large mattresses of the full, half and three-quarter sizes which are usually provided, as is known to facilitate handling and turning; Neither closure means or snap fasteners would be necessary on small lightweight pads and so-called mattresses for cribs, baby carriages, bassinets and so on.

The gist of the invention resides in a novel slip cover for mattresses, cushions and the like characterized by'transparent fiat top and bottom panels of requisite firmness and conformability adjustably joined around the marginal edges with elastic boxing means as herein both broadly and specifically comprehended.

A careful consideration of the foregoing description in conjunction with the invention as illustrated in the drawings will enable the reader to obtain a clear understanding and impression 4 of the alleged features of merit and novelty sufflcient to clarify the construction of the invention as hereinafter claimed.

Minor changes in shape. size, materials and rearrangement of parts may be resorted to in actual practice so long as no departure is made from the invention as claimed.

Having described the invention, what claimed as new, is: V

In combination, a compressibly resilient mattress of a given size, a substantially flat top panel, a. corresponding flat bottom panel underlying said top panel and disposed in normally spaced parallelism with said top panel, said panels being each rectangular in shape and of a size conformable in size with that of the top and bottom sides of said mattress, said panels being of transparent smooth surfaced moistureproof pliant sheet material, and a relatively rectangular boxing at right angles to said panels and having upper and lower marginal edge portions corresponding with the cooperating mar ginal edge portions of said top and bottom panels and combining therewith and defining a box like casing enveloping said mattress, said bOX ing being made of material which is rough fi ished woven elastic webbing and completely bordering the marginal edges of said panels, said webbing being sufiiciently stiff in texture and yet yieldable to a degree that when said panels are moved in directions away from each other the webbing is placed under tension, and the upper and lower marginal edge portions of said boxing overlapping the cooperating and corresponding marginal edge portions of said top and bottom panels and being stitched thereto and reinforcing the over-all casing and also providing anti-slipping flanges which, in use, serve to assist in retaining bed clothing satisfactorily in place on the uppermost panel.


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International ClassificationA47C21/06
Cooperative ClassificationY10S5/925, A47C31/105, Y10S5/924
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