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Publication numberUS2640909 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 2, 1953
Filing dateAug 19, 1947
Priority dateAug 19, 1947
Publication numberUS 2640909 A, US 2640909A, US-A-2640909, US2640909 A, US2640909A
InventorsMontgomery Grace M
Original AssigneeMontgomery Grace M
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Illuminated mirror
US 2640909 A
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June 2, 1953l G. M. MONTGOMERY 2,6405909 ILLUMINATED MIRROR 4Filed Aug.- 19, 194'? Patented June 2, 1953 UNITED STATES PATENT oFFlCE `2,e4o,9o9 Y ILLUMINATEDZMIRRQR v Grace M. McntgonierInglewood,` alif. Application August 19, 1947, Serial No. 769,554

This invention relates to automobile accessories andfmore particularly to devices intended to be secured to sun Visors.

My vinvention comprises .a combination mirror and holder for a card, such as the registration for the particular car in which the holder is carried, etc., and is fully described herein in connection with the appended drawings, in which: .A

Figure 1 is a View of my invention showing the card holding means as incorporated into my novel structure; i i

'f Figure 2 is a section through 2 2 of Figure l;

Figure 3 is a section through 3 3 of Figure 2;

Figurefl is aview of amodierd form of my card holding means; A v

VAFigure 5 is a sectionV through-5 5 of Figure/4;

Figure 6 is a partial section through 5 5 of Figure 4;

Figure '7 is a view of a modified form of the mirror;

Figure 8 is a section through 8 8 of Figure 7;

Figure 9 is a section through 9 9 of Figure 7; and

Figure 10 is an exterior side view of the form shown in Figure 7.

With reference to Figures 1-3, my invention comprises a sheet-like member IG prefe-rably of a plastic material having a large surface area Il through which an identification or other type of card is visible. The sides I5 of the sheet are folded over to form an envelope for retaining the card and the bottom edge Il is curved to assist in retaining the card. A card may be secured in the envelope by being thrust therein from either the top or bottom edge. It will be appreciated that the width of sides I5 is optional and they may be made Wide enough to meet each other thereby providing an entirely closed envelope. On each side of the envelope a U-shaped clam-p member 2i) of suitable metallic flexible material has one leg 22 inserted into the envelope and is retained therein by a lug 24 formed at the end o-f leg 22 and protruding through a perforation 21 punched out of side I5. The other leg of each clamp is secured as by rivets to a frame of any suitable material in which is held a mirror 32.

In use, the clamp member is adapted to straddle the top edge of a sun visor as shown in Figures 4 and 5, whence the card and mirror are secured thereto and disposed on opposite sides thereof.

Accordingly, it will be seen that I have provided by the structure just described a convenient mode of making available at all times 2 Claims. (Cl. 24U-4.2)

. f 2 to lthemotorist a mirror and a holder for the car registration or a pass card, or other` type of card, which is visible either in place on the visor 0r which may be easily removed from they visor alo-ng with the holder and mirror.

In the form shown on Figures 4-6, wherein like reference characters are used to designate the same elements found in Figures 1-3, I employ an envelope I0 wherein the clamp 4B is an integral portion of the plastic material thereof. The clamp has a degree of flexibility dependent on-the inherent-flexibility of the plastic material, -a-nd is plastically welded tothe rear of mirror frameill.` The envelope isl completely close'clfby an integral portion 42 which-'is folded upwardly from the bottom andisprovided-witliv abent over lateral edge 45 for retaining a card. The opposite lateral edge is open at 41 whereby a 4card may be inserted. It will be clear that a card will thus be securely retained therein.

In the form shown in Figures ZI-10, wherein only the modified mirror is disclosed, I employ a frame 50 comprised of a transparent material molded or otherwise formed into a substantially cup-shaped housing having a rabbeted edge 52 tor secured mirror 32. The rear or transverse w-all 55 is provided with an aperture 58 and a lamp is secured substantially centrally thereof in any suitable manner as by its connecting wires 62 being held in perforation 65 of a reector plate 6l of arcuate shape. A flat reflector plate 'IU is secured to housing 50 by bolts as shown whereby the lamp is enclosed in a reecting pocket such that all rays thereof strike the edge of aperture 58 directly or by single or multiple reflection from the plates Bl and l. Accordingly, owing to the well known light transmitting characteristics of transparent materials the light from the lamp will be conducted to the edge 52 whence it will radiate outwardly to illuminate objects in front of the mirror 32.l It will be appreciated that a switch S may be utilized to control current from the car battery to the lamp.

Having disclosed my invention, I wish it distinctly understood that I do not limit myself to the precise forms shown except as set forth in the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A device of the type described, comprising: a substantially cup-shaped member of transparent light conducting material presenting an annular, planar edge face at the open end thereof and having an opening formed in the transverse wall thereof; a relatively fiat mirror mounted within and closing the open end of said member and encircled by said annular edge face; said mirror being held in a plane substantially parallel to the plane of said annular edge face; a rearwardly facing light reflecting element mounted to the inner face of said transverse wall and disposed intermediate the latter and said mirror; an incandescent lamp mounted adjacent said reflecting element and contiguous to said opening whereby light rays emanating from said lamp are reflected rearwardly into said opening; opaque means carried by the outer face of said transverse Wall and closing the opening therein, whereby a substantial part of the light rays entering said opening pass into the light conducting material of said member through the dening edges of said opening and are conducted by internal reflection through the material of said member to the annular edge face thereof wherefrom said rays are projected into the field of View of said mirror; and means carried by said member for detachably securing the same to the sun Visor of a motor vehicle.

2. A device of the type described, comprising: a substantially cup-shaped member of light conducting material presenting an annular planar edge face at the open end thereof, the transverse wall of said housing having a centrally located opening therein; a mirror mounted within and closing the open end of said housing and presenting a reecting surface disposed in aplane substantially parallel to the plane of said annular edge face circumscribing said mirror; a concavoconvex light reflecting element; means for mounting said reflecting element to the inner face of said transverse Wall with the concavo face of the former contiguous to said inner face; a` second light reilecting element mounted to the outer face of said transverse wall enclosing the opening therein, said reflecting elements forming with the dening edge face of the opening in said transverse wall an enclosed housing; an incandescent larnp mounted within said housing whereby light rays emanating from said lamp enter said opening and pass into the cup-shaped member through the defining edge face of the opening and pass by internal reections within the material of said housing to said annular edge face from which they are directed outwardly to illuminate the face of a user viewing his reiiection in said mirror.


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