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Publication numberUS2641404 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 9, 1953
Filing dateMar 18, 1950
Priority dateMar 18, 1950
Publication numberUS 2641404 A, US 2641404A, US-A-2641404, US2641404 A, US2641404A
InventorsSchwarz Gerald L
Original AssigneeAir Controls Inc
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Blower-filter unit
US 2641404 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

June 9, 1953 a. scHwARz BLOWER-FILTER UNIT Filed march 18, 1950 IN VEN TOR GERALD L 5C/IWARZ W eza: -%&

lrromvcy Patented June 9, 1953 BLOWER-FILTER UNIT Gerald L. Schwarz, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, as-

signor to Air Controls, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio, a

corporation of Ohio Application March 18, 1950, Serial No. 150,499

This invention relates to a plug-in type blower filter unit adapted to be used as a furnace booster, a window ventilator, and as an evaporative cooler. In carrying out my invention a square-sided blower is provided, having a casing wrapped around and secured to the sides of the blower,

thereby eliminating the use of the conventional scroll sheet.

An object of the invention is, to provide a combination blower-filter unit adapted to be selectively used as a furnace booster, a window unit or as an evaporative cooler. v

Other objects are to provide a relatively small compact blower filter unit of the type ordinarily used on windows, having s'everaltimes the air moving capacity of conventional units now in operation.

Another object is to provide a design eliminating the use of a conventional scroll sheet by .providing a casing wrapped around the periphery of the two square blower sides, such casing extending far enough on one side to cover the motor and driving unit and the filter means and on the other side far enough to cover the bearings, brackets, shaft and a second filter means.

Other objects are to provide a compact, readily accessible blower-filter unit, which may be quickly and easily installed on various air moving units, said unit functioning to move large volumes of air at a relatively low cost.

These and other objects will be apparent during the course of the following specification.

In the drawings forming a part of this specification Fig. 1 is a perspective view of an illustrative embodiment of my invention, with parts broken away; while Fig. 2 is an end view with the filter removed.

The device comprises two parallel side walls 1 l and I2, while a casing l3, extending around the edges of the walls II and I2, is suitably secured to flanges on the wall edges by rivets and extends a sufficient distance beyond the wall II to provide a housing l4, and on the opposite side the casing extends a relative shorter distance beyond the wall 12. An electric motor 15, operatively connected to a sheave It by means of a v belt H, is mounted in the housing l4.

An air impeller 18 comprises a series of blades I9 having their ends suitably mounted in circular end plates 20, each secured to a cooperating spoke 20 (a) and carried by hubs 20 (b), said hubs being journaled in bearings 22 supported by arms 24, suitably secured to their respective side walls II and 12. Oil tubes 26 mounted in said arms are provided at the top umt with re- 3 Claims. (01. 230-114) movable caps 2i which may be removed when oil is to be supplied to bearings 22 through oil tube 26. The sheave it is rotatively mounted on shafts 28. The V belt ll connecting the motor 15 and sheave It, serves to rive the impeller it in an obvious manner.

As shown in Fig 1 filter means 2!) comprising a flat piece of spun glass or other suitable filter material is adapted to be disposed at the sides I l and 12 of the device by engaging the end portions thereof within the peripheral fiange 3i! suitably secured to the margin of the housing id.

A similar filter means at the opposite side of the device is similarly mounted. The filter 29 may be quickly and easily removed by bending it and unseating it from its engagement with the flange 36. The vertical position of the motor l5 may be regulated in an obvious manner by turning thumb screw 3|. A variable cut-off device, shown in Fig. 1 comprises plate 32, adapted to be raised and lowered to vary the pressure and volumetric characteristics of the air issuing therefrom.

In operation air is drawn into the sides through the filters 29 by rotation of the impeller I8, and is forced out through outlet opening 33 as will be readily apparent. The device described herein may be installed in a residence furnace in the winter and then in the summertime may be readily removed and installed in a window to circulate fresh air. Evaporative cooling means may be added by providing a trickle of cold water down through the filters 293. Aspen wood filters may be used for such purpose and would provide humidification means. The water for such operation may be provided by having a fiat pan of water at the top of the casing I4 with a suitable fiow level valve and holes drilled through the filters.

When the device is used in a furnace a thermal switch may be inserted in the furnace bonnet, thereby providing an automatic furnace blowerfilter unit readily installed by the furnace user himself, without the assistance of a skilled furnace man.

It will be apparent to those skilled in the art that my invention may be variously changed used or modified, without departing from the spirit of the invention or sacrificing the advantages thereof, and that the present embodiment of my invention is illustrative only, and that my invention is not limited thereto.

I claim:

1. A blower-filter device comprising, a casing including a pair of spaced side walls and a continuous casing wall extending around the edges of said side walls forming the front, back, top and bottom walls of said device, a motor mounted on said bottom wall outside one side wall, the side walls being provided with aligned air inlet openings disposed above the upper margin of said motor, one of said casing walls being provided with an :air out1etwopening, an air impeller revolving on a horizonta'l axis, aligned with said side wall openings and supported by said side walls, the disposition and arrangement or" the parts of said device being such that rotation f said impeller draws air in a straight unobstruced course through both said side wall openingsiinto the interior of said impeller and terrace KORE! wardly through said outlet opening.

2. A blower-filter device comprising, a casin including a pair of spaced side walls and a continuous casing wall extending around the edges of said side walls forming the front, back, top and bottom walls of said device, the aontinnous casing extending "beyond :One..OfdS31id':ISidB walls forming a :motor housing, a motor :mdim'ted ,on said bottom wall, said. side walls being provided with aligned air inlet openings disposed. above the upper margin of said motonsme aofzsaidceasing' walls being-providedqwith an air outletzropening, an air impeller :revolving ion :a horizontal axis, aligned with :saidsside wall vopenings, and

supported on .said;side walls, the disposition and arrangement :of :the ;parts1of said device being such "that rotation of said iimpeller draws air in a. straight unobstructed course through .both said side wall oneningsimto the .interior -of said impeller:andiorcesitaoutwardly throu h-said :out'let opening.

:QE said motor, one of said casing walls being provided. with an air outlet opening, an air impeller revolving on a horizontal axis, aligned withsaidside wallopenings, and supported on saidssideswalls; the-disposition and arrangement of the parts -of saict device being such that rota- ,tiQnrQf ,said impeller draws air in a straight unobstructed course through both said side wall openings "into the interior of said impeller and forces it outwardly through said outlet opening,


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