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Publication numberUS2641839 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1953
Filing dateNov 9, 1949
Priority dateNov 9, 1949
Also published asDE890119C
Publication numberUS 2641839 A, US 2641839A, US-A-2641839, US2641839 A, US2641839A
InventorsBlack Robert B
Original AssigneeBlack Robert B
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Dental hand piece
US 2641839 A
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June 16, 1953 R. B. BLACK DENTAL HAND-PIECE Filed Nov. 9, 1949 DENTAL HAND PIECE l v noteren. Black,v Corpusvcmisti, Tex. v /Application November 9, 1949, `Serial No."126,3'11

This ,invention relates. tothe art of treating L-teethgby meansl of finely powdered materials carried by a stream of gas'asfully described and claimed in my copending application' Serial No. -78,'Q,68;led February 2fl,"1949.. Specifically the invention has particularreference to the handpiece which is used by the dentist in directing the stream against the tooth .to betreatedv The essential featuresof thishand-piece aredisclosed in said earlier application but werel not claimed y therein in vorder tofmaintain a clearline of din vision betweenv said earlier application and present case. y

The principal object vof jthe inventicn isr to provide a'dental'hand-piece .forA the purpose describedwhich isV highly maneuverable so that the fine; stream of" mixed gas and' powdered material can be directed with 'extreme accuracy Vto the exact area of the tooth. which requires attention as, for instance, where a cavity is to be prepared for the reception of a suitable filling.

Anotherim'portant'object of the invention is to provide a hand-piece having an extended and rm support for the end of the flexible tube through which the mixture of gas andpowder 5 vclaims. 01'. .22;58)

dle member 8 hasjan `end il press fitted over the` bodymemberathe portion a having a greater interior diameter than the balance of the tube which embraces the reduced extension l. A nexvible tube lIl) of any suitable construction enters .through the open end of the tube member and is extended thereinto so as to fit over the reduced extension'i with its flared end l. ,In this way the material is delivered to the instrument in order to minimize to as great an extent as possible the tendency for the iiexible tube to crack or break under the exing imposed upon it in service.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a dental hand-piece having a discharge nipple or nozzle which is quickly replaceable and the angular position of which is'readily adjustable.

Another object is to provide a dental handpiece of the character described in which the flow of the mixture of gas and powdered material is in no Way impeded by changes in the angular adjustment of the nozzle structure.

How the foregoing together with such' other objects as may appear hereinafter Yor are incident to my invention are attained is illustrated in a preferred embodiment in the accompanying drawing wherein f Figure 1 is a longitudinal section through my improved hand-piece and Y Figure 2 is a longitudinal section on an enlarged scale of a portion of the nozzle structure in order to more fully illustrate certain details of the invention.

The hand-piece includes a main body or connecting member 3 having a longitudinal bore 4, a forward reduced extension 5 which is exteriorly threaded, and a rearward reduced extension y having a flared or beaded end l. A tubular hanflexibleV tube` has a'rmr and, extended support Av'v'ithinthetubular handle member whichV will tend to minimize any.y tendency to crack or break. theV flexible tube during service. Additionally, .the outerendof the tube may be belled slightly as ateil in order rtorprovide a smooth contour over which the flexible -tube can bend.

vThe opposite end of the body member 3 is provided-With a socket-like end I2 into which is partly projectedthe ball i3 of the nozzle structure .which isindicated as awhole by the reference character I 4. The ball is held in position against the'socke't I2 by means of the y.collar l5 which is interiorly threaded to cooperate with the threads on the exterior of the extension 5. The interior of the collar is `formed to cooperate with the curved surface of the ball I 3 so that when' the collar Iis screwed up tight, the ball may be held firmly in any given position of adjustment Aby Virtue of the pressure reacting between the curve of the interior of the collar and the ared socket I2 at the end of the body member.

The nozzle structure also includes an arm portion I6 having an interior passage Il which extends lrearwardly through the ball I3 and for- -fwardly into an elbow I8, the latter preferably 20 embracedby a nut member 2i which latter has a rearward extension 22 suitably threaded on its exterior to cooperate with interior threads on the elbow I8 as indicated at 23. The outer portion of the nut has a reduced interior diameter-as n shown at 24 which is adapted to embrace the outer surface of the discharge nipple and cooperate with the flange 20 to hold the nipple in Vposition as shown most clearly in Figure 2.

The parts may be assembled as follows. The flexible tube is pulled through the bore of the tubular handle member 8 and is fitted over the reduced extension E of the body member 3. The body member and the vhandle member 8 are then press fitted together as already described. Following this the arm I6 is extended through the interior of the collar member I5 until the ball I3 fits within the socket portion of the collar whereversal connection between the nozzle structureV and the body of the hand-piece. l

The structure I have devised is simple, rugged, relatively easy and inexpensiveto manufacture and highly maneuverable in the hands of the dentist.

I claim: l

1. A dental hand-piece for use in treating teeth with a iinely powdered material :carried by a stream of gas comprising a tubular handle portion, a flexible tube entering one end of and secured within Said handle portionfsaid `handle and tube having an extended overlapping relationship, and a nozzle structure universally connected to the other end of said handle portion.

2. A dental hand-piece for use in treating teeth with a nely powdered material carried by a Y ,an extended overlapping relationship.

ing a longitudinal bore, a nozzle structure have ing an arm with a ball at one end thereof and a discharge nipple at the other, said nipple being supported by a nut which is threaded to the end of the arm, a socket on the body member into which the ball partly projects, and a collar member embracing the ball and threaded on the vbody member.

4. A dental hand-piece for `use in treating teeth with a nely powdered material carried by a stream of gas comprising a body member having a longitudinal bore, a nozzle structure having a ball and socket connection with onel end of the body member, a replaceable nozzle discharge nipple, and a supply conduit connected to the other end of the body member.

5. A dental hand-piece for use in treating teeth with a nely powdered material carried by 3. A dental hand-piece for use in treating teeth with a finely powdered material carried by a stream of gas comprising a ybody member hava stream of gas comprising a body member having a longitudinal bore, a nozzle structure having a ball and socket connection with one end of the body member, a reduced extension on the other end of the body member, a supply conduit connected to said extension, and a tubular handle member surrounding the end of said supply conduit kand secured to the body member, said supply conduit and handle member having an extended overlapping relationship.


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