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Publication numberUS2643388 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1953
Filing dateNov 14, 1949
Priority dateNov 14, 1949
Publication numberUS 2643388 A, US 2643388A, US-A-2643388, US2643388 A, US2643388A
InventorsCurtis Hazel Scott
Original AssigneeErvin G Johnson
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Hose mitten
US 2643388 A
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June '30, 1953 V H. s. cuRTls 2,643,388

' HOSE MITTEN Filed Nov. 14, 1949 HAZEL scarr 01/1? 7/5 INVENTOR.

ATTORNEY Patented June 30, 1953 HOSE MITTEN Hazel Scott Curtis, Oakland, Calif., assignor of thirty-three one-hundredths part to Ervin G.

Johnson, Oakland, Calif.

Application November 14, 1949, Serial No. 126,947

2 Claims.

This invention is a means with which to prevent damage to stockings by the hands while handling them and drawing them over the foot. It is a very common experience by the vendors and users of stockings of fine texture to have threads snagged, pulled and broken in the stocking due to minor roughness of the skin, finger nails, hang-nails, and rings.

It is the main object of my invention to provide a mitten which, by covering the entire hand, protects the stocking from the entire hand and anything on the hand that is likely to snag any of the stocking threads.

The mitten itself is constructed so that it will not, itself, develop snags. I prefer to make it of an elastic plastic material and in the making to mold it in such a manner that there are no seams. However, I have found that the mitten may with care be fabricated of soft cotton glove fabric, care also being exercised to avoid exposed knots and other snagging effects in the sewing of the seams, but the fabric glove is of limited functions and use.

The mitten is so constructed that when worn, the entire hand may easily be thrust quickly inside the stocking for the purpose of turning the stocking outside in without danger or damage to the stocking.

I have found that the stocking may be manipulated readily by providing the mitten with three sheaths, one being for the thumb, one for the index finger and the third sheath being for the other three fingers of the hand. By this provision the band of the stocking may be readily and positively grasped by placing the index finger, bent, inside the stocking band, and the other fingers outside the band, the fingers all being compressed together and the sheaths only engaging the stocking fabric. Also, the toe end of the stocking may easily be grasped by the thumb and index finger when the mittened hand is within the stocking.

The objects and advantages of my invention, together with a more complete understanding of its construction will be appreciated and understood from the following specification having reference to the accompanying drawings in which the single figure shows the mitten.

The drawing shows a hose mitten to have the wrist portion I0, hand portion 12, thumb portion I4, index finger sheath l6, and the sheath l8 made to accommodate the middle, ring, and little fingers together.

When molded of plastic materials one class of materials that may be used are the non-rigid polyethylene resins which when molded in thin wall sections provide a flexible, elastic mitten. However, when used in stores the material should be transparent so that the color and texture of the stocking can be seen projected against the hand itself. Some of the transparent flexible plastic fabrics and films, such as Pliofilm may be used for the purpose. Pliofilm is a rubber v halide.

I claim:

1. A hose protecting hand covering, comprising a mitt of sheer, elastic material having a portion for covering the palm and back of the hand and, extending therefrom, a pocket for the thumb, a pocket for at least the first finger, and a pocket for at least the third and fourth fingers.

2. The hose protecting hand covering defined in claim 1, the covering being symmetrical about a plane in which its periphery lies, one side of the base portion and of each pocket being identical with the other side, enabling the covering to fit either hand equally well.


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