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Publication numberUS2643408 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1953
Filing dateJan 5, 1950
Priority dateJan 5, 1950
Publication numberUS 2643408 A, US 2643408A, US-A-2643408, US2643408 A, US2643408A
InventorsWilliam Decker Howard
Original AssigneeWilliam Decker Howard
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Resilient reservoir with applicator closure
US 2643408 A
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June 30', 1953 H. w. DECKER 2,643,408


Application January 5, 1950, Serial No. 137,018

. l Claim.

This invention relates to applicators and more particularly a device having a liquid reservoir combined with a sponge rubber cleaning pad.

It is among the objects and purposes of this invention to provide a convenient means of supplying a cleaning liquid direct to a sponge-like pad having a fiat cleaning surface disposed from a reservoir.

A further object is to provide a combination liquid dispensing cleaning unit ready for instant use.

A still further object is to provide a hand unit workable as a squeeze-squirt fluid applicator of cleaning fluid for cleaning automobile windshields, windows and the like as a one hand operation.

Other objects and purposes than those stated will become apparent upon an understanding of the invention had from the following description taken in conjunction with the drawing in which like numerals refer to like parts in the different views.

in the drawing:

Figure 1 is an end elevation of the present invention.

Figure 2 is a bottom plan view.

Figure 3 is a section taken on line 3-3 of Figure 1.

Referring now in detail to the drawing the applicator of this invention is shown generally by the numeral I. The applicator Ill is comprised of a liquid reservoir or container II suitably secured to a mount block or plate I2 having a sponge rubber pad I3 attached to the upper surface thereof with a duct or passage I4 formed in the mount block and the pad for conducting fluid from the container to and outwardly of the pad. The container II is formed of suitable material such as metal or plastic capable of being compressed suiiiciently in the hand of the user to effect oil can propulsion of a liquid therefrom through passage I4. The applicator I@ is well suited for use with different kinds of cleaning liquids such as an emulsified cleaning fluid, water or the like. At the top i5 of the container I l is provided a neck I6 opening upwardly as at I'I. rlhe sides oi the container lli are preferably provided with depressed side areas I8 extending lengthwise of the container and spaced downwardly from the top I5 as linger grips for the fingers of a user of my device with the container placed in the palm of the users hand.

The block or base I2 is preferably formed in one piece from suitable material such as plastic with a bottom portion I9 of approximately the same length and width as the container II and provided with side depressions as at 23 to conform with the container depressions lil to allow more space for the users fingers. The position of these depressions also allow the user to move his fingers onto the block for non-squeezing holding of the container when suflicient iiuids has been propelled outwardly of the pad I3. The underside 2I of the portion I9 is formed to t in close engagement with the top I5 of the container I I at a common juncture line 22 with the neck I6 of the container inserted in a socket 23 formed in portion I9 and extending upwardly from the common juncture line 22. A liquid seal between the neck I6 and the block I2 is provided by a suitable gasket 24 seated in the socket 23. The top portion 25 of the block I2 is formed generally rectangular to any suitable size convenient of handling and has a fla-t upper surface 26 spaced above the container II to which is adhesively attached the nat undersurface 2l of pad I3 formed of sponge rubber or other highly porous material capable of dispersion of a uid throughout its body on the pump-like action attained when the sponge is squeezed against the surface to be cleaned. Extending through the block 25 and opening outwardly of the pad I3 is a fluid passage I4 extending from the container neck receiving socket 23. The sponge rubber pad I3 is formed with a planar top surface terminating in straight outer edges with square corners which facilitates cleaning close to the edges of a framed glass which is to be cleaned. The outer surface of the block 25 is formed with a peripheral countersunk portion 2B in which is adhesively secured a bumper strip 29 formed of rubber or like resilient material to prevent injury in case the applicator Ill should strike against the window frame or similar structure spaced above the glass surface engaged by the pad I3.

The operation of my applicator is Very simple. The container II is lled with a suitable cleaning fluid such as emulsied Window cleaning solution and is then ready for use. Before using, the operator merely squeezes the side of the container II to force the liquid therein into passage Ill and on to the surface to be cleaned. The sponge pad I3 acts as a spreader and also absorbs any excess fluid preventing waste or spillage of fluid.

Although I have shown and described my invention in detail, it will be appreciated that certain changes, alterations, modifications and substitutions can be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as defined by the claim.

I claim:

In an applicator having a reservoir having iiexible compressible sides and depressed side areas for application of hand pressure, a threaded pouring neck for said reservoir, a base threadedl37 attached to said neck having a plane surfaced portion spaced from the reservoir, the spacing means comprising a reduced portion of said base coinciding in area with the area of the top of said reservoir and having depressed side areas coinciding with said first-mentioned depressed side area, said rst and second lmentioned depressed side areas forming a finger grip when said reservoir is in the palm of the hand, a sealing gasket between said neck and said base, a sponge rubber pad attached to the plane surface, a tubular conduit extending from the reservoir through the base to the sponge for transmission of liquid.


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