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Publication numberUS2643424 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1953
Filing dateFeb 6, 1950
Priority dateFeb 6, 1950
Publication numberUS 2643424 A, US 2643424A, US-A-2643424, US2643424 A, US2643424A
InventorsGothar Robert D
Original AssigneeGothar Robert D
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Package wrapping device
US 2643424 A
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.June 3o, j'1953 R, GGTHAR 2,643,424


oaf/er 0. Gan/.4a

f yl Patented June 30, 1953 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE P-CKAGE'WRAPP-ING DEVICE RobertD.. Gothar, 'Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Application 'February 6, 1950, 'Serial'Na 142,678

1 Claims. .1

This invention .relates 'to andhas for an object Vthe provision Vof .a simple, economical and Veffective fastener for joining and tightly'se'curlng the end portions of wrapping ribbons, cord or the like so as to securely seal the .packages against accidental opening while affording ready access to the package without cutting, unt'ying or impairing the vusual ornamental ribbons or cords.

Another object fis toprovi'de a fastener of the type mentioned which is preferably Vformed of a single pie-ce fof stiff sheet metal adapted to lie flatW-ise against a surface ofthe package and provided with apertures adjacent two or more of its margins for adjustably receiving end portions of the ribbons or cords and having serrated edges adapted to pierce or grip the ribbons Yand thus hold the .ribbons against dislodgement when they are drawn taut around the packages.

A further object is to provide means on the upper or outer sides of the fasteners for holding greeting or naine cards removably in position so that the fasteners are capable of frequent reuse or successive packages together with original and previously used or new ribbons with like effect.

` Other and more detailed objects may appear as the description of my improved fasteners progresses.

I have shown a preferred form of fastener and package wrapping together with certain modiflcations thereof in the accompanying drawing, subject to further modification within the scope of the appended cl-aims without departing from the spirit of my invention. In said drawing:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a wrapped package and one form of fastener applied thereto;

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal fragmentary section of my fastener in position on a package and showing a name card held thereon;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary section of an end portion of the fastener shown in Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a perspective View of the fastener shown in Figs. l, 2, and 3;

Fig. 5 is a plan View of a slightly modified fo-rm of fastener;

Fig. 6 is a perspective view of a wrapped package of different form than the package shown in Fig. 1 and a fastener somewhat different than that of Figs. 1, 4 and 5; and

Fig. 7 is' a perspective view o-f the form of fastener shown in Fig. 6.

All forms of the fasteners have the same general characteristics in that they are made of stiff metal plates F of rectangular form as in Figs. 4 and 5 or square as in Fig. 7 and are pro- 2 vided with Vvapertures or slots `of Vperhaps differing width and serrations or teeth at the margins of said slots, but are otherwise different 4only in .minor particulars, as hereinafter set forth in detail.

For instance, the fastener F of Figs. 2, 3 and 4, has a rectangular at body l with similar slots 2, 2 near o-pposite ends and serrated portions 3., -3 bent outwardly from the endmost margins of said 'slots over the end fportions of body I and disposed in slightly inclined planes. Thus, when the fastener is placed atwise on a Wrapped package as at P in Fig. l or P in Fig. 6, the end portions 4, 4 of a ribbon R may be drawn thro-ugh `slots .2, 2 and then pulled kdownwardly over the teeth 3', 3 etc. `of Vportions 3, 3 for holding the ribbon R taut 'around the package, as shown in Fig. 3.

Longitudinal slots 5, 5, may be provided near the lateral margins of the body I through which decorative ribbons may be extended for aflixing rosettes or bow .knots R to the packages, as shown in Fig. l. Desirably, pairs of ears 6-6 and 6"-6 vareebent from the plane of body I near yopposite 4ends of the faste-ner so that greeting or name cards 'CL as indicated in Fig. 2, may be held on the upper sides of the fasteners for indicating a. 'proposed recipient of a gift package.

In some cases it may be desirable or more convenient to insert the ribbons R edgewise in the slots 2 through a slit 'I in one or both ends of the body l, as shown in Fig. 5, instead of drawing the ribbon upwardly through the slots from a position beneath the body.

When a package, as at P in Fig. 6, is rectangularly tied, the fastener F may be square with four slots 2 arranged near the four margins and a corresponding number of serrated po-rtions 3 adjacent said slots, and ears 6 6 and 6-6 for detachably holding cards C of square form.

It will be noted that only a single fastener is required for each package and that when the ribbon ends are drawn taut and axed to the teeth 3 the package cannot ordinarily become unwrapped and yet may be readily unwrapped by loosening the ribbon ends from portions 3, Without damage tothe decorative ribbons R, the rosettes R or otherwise, and the packages may be quickly rewrapped by use of the original ribbons and decorations and the same fastener used a great many times.

As shown in Fig. 1, a single ribbon is employed and has one end attached to a fastener which is held atwise on a package while the free portion of the ribbon is extended diagonal around the corner portions of the package and its other end affixed to the opposite end of the fastener. The rosettes R may be attached to the fastener before or after the ribbon R is tightened and attached thereto.

When rectangularly wrapping and tying a package as shown in Fig. 6, two short ribbons may be employed as shown and attached at their ends to laterally opposite portions 3--3 of the fastener, or at times a single ribbon may be employed by securing one end thereof to one portion 3, then extending the same around the package in one direction to a point beneath the fastener, thence right angularly through a slot 2 and completely around the package in a right angular direction and finally through another slot 2 and amxing its end to a portion 3 adjacent the last mentioned slot.

It is apparent that various arrangements of ties are possible through the use of one or more fasteners F in each case, and that regardless of a particular type of tie employed, the ribbons R are easily attached for providing a neat and ornamental tie and wrapping and equally as readily detached for affording access to the package.

I claim:

1. A package wrapping fastener comprising: a stiff sheet metal plate formed with transverse slots near its opposite margins and rigid ribbon gripping portions bent outwardly from said .plate at outer margins of said slots from one side of and overlying end areas of said plate, and a nexible tie adapted to extend around a package and having its opposite end portions extended over opposite areas of a reverse surface of said plate, thence through slots adjacent said end areas to and over an obverse side of the plate and affixed to said gripping portions, for holding said tie tightly stretched around the package.

2. A package wrapping fastener comprising: a stiff sheet metal plate formed with transverse slots near its opposite margins and ribbon gripping portions bent outwardly from said plate at outer margins of said slots from one side of and overlying end areas of said plate, and a flexible tie adapted to extend around a package and having its opposite end portions extended over opposite areas of a reverse surface of said plate, thence through slots adjacent said end areas to and over an obverse side of the plate and affixed to said gripping portions, for holding said tie tightly stretched around the package, said gripping portions having serrated edges disposed near opposite end margins of said plate.

3. A package wrapping fastener comprising a substantially flat plate formed with rigid portions bent outwardly from the plane of the 0bverse side of the plate and provided with outwardly facing serrations on edges thereof for gripping and holding a tie tightly around a package, apertures being formed in the plate inwardly of said gripping portions through which said ties are extended into gripping engagement with said serrations.

4. A package wrapping fastener comprising: a flat metal plate adapted to be mounted on one side of a package and with rectangular apertures vadjacent opposite end margins for receiving opposite end portions of ribbon-like ties when said ties are extended around other sides of the package, said plate having tie holding lugs bent outwardly from the obverse side of said plate to inclined positions outwardly of said apertures and providedl with outer edges adapted to grip and hold the tie ends in tightened positions on the packages, one of said apertures having a narrow entrance slot diagonally extended therefrom and open at an adjacent end margin of Said plate for at times inserting or removing a tie when the wrapping is applied to a package.


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