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Publication numberUS2643800 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1953
Filing dateMar 20, 1947
Priority dateMar 11, 1946
Publication numberUS 2643800 A, US 2643800A, US-A-2643800, US2643800 A, US2643800A
InventorsRobert E Broberg, Turner Robert Edmund, Todd Bryan James
Original AssigneeAssociated Motorists Petrol Co
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Apparatus for use in the delivery of liquids from containers
US 2643800 A
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June 30, 1953 Ilz/v 61?/230195 Z, v7. To cZoL 2, ETmzvlzel@ Patented June 30, 1953 UNITED vSiilkflr-ES T fOiFF'IQCE 12,643,800y l i f iAPPARATUSFORUSE INL'I'I-IEIDELIV-ERYFOF LIQUIDS;FROM CONTAINERS .,BnyanjJames Todd, Robert 'Edmund Turner,and Robert E. Broberg, ""Wellington, .New Zealand,

iassignorsito Associated Motorists PetroliGommany Limited,Wellington, New' Zealand :Application March 2'0, 1947,-Serial'NoJ35f990 A.InNewfZealand March.11,.1946 Y sectin-1,--PublicZLaw 690,1August Ts, 11946 Patent 'expires Mar'ch"I1,'-'1-966 7 Claims.

The invention 'relates to zapparatus 4for use in the'fdelivery of liquid-safromfcontainers, under .the 'action of compressed air, and in connection with 'whichY it` is known :to-use apparatus provided` with a ,liquid .dischargeorl flowpipe with :a valve controlled liquid outlet `therefrom, -adaptedifor in-V .admission .control valve, ,so -iarranged that `vsaid control valves ,are enable-dito beppened .fat :the

same time by -the samer operating .1-means, .or .if

found necessary, @so that each v-alvepmay yhe lopened'vvithout openingvthe other. A

.-The typeeof Vapparatus before freferred to,.is more particularly intended for :use-.inzthe delivery or dispensing of .lubricating'oilsin relatively small quantities, from 4 drums at .automobile yservice stations vand elsewhere, .theY apparatus ,being `1t:ansferred:from 4one drum to fanother, eas the :drums are ,emptied of their contents and.- it is essential, Where v compressed .fair .is i 4being .rdirected into the-drums for thepurposefof-ejectf ing the contentsthereiromto see thataprese sure head in .excess of .the .safety flimit, can ,-not hebuiltup in,l the,drums,.so -as :to -avoid the ,possihili-tyof accidents.

V,An object A,of the invention, is therefore, Y-to provide meansY for.y ensuring thatafpressure ,head in. excess: of a .predetermined safety-limit cangnot loe-built .upiirnaeontainerpfrom which-liquid is to beejected, :bytheuse `of --eompressed yairiniected into the container, fand` further, to provide l:the means ,in-.suchl formfthat funless r:deliberately .and also illegally tampered "with, said rmeansY can :not be .rendered inoperative 5for .-.the ,.purpose of aensuringthat the` safetypressure limitA in the. drums will not he exceeded. l

Further objects ofthe invention are to ,effect economy in the Ause off high pressure compressed air loy causin'gthe'injection of atmospheric air into the containeralongwith' the stream, of air from the highpressure jet andithereb'yiincreasing 'thevolume ofairjinjecte'diinto the container in -a giventime Timeinraising :the Arequisite levelforpressure'inthe containepisalso saved.

(Cl. Z22-5400.7)

lOther objects-ofthe invention, :are :to simplify f yandrendermore,eliicient the mechanism for-'operating lthe v.liquid outlet control -valve and the compressed aid :admission .control valve, to providemeansforloeking-said .valves against; operation, and ,-therebyrrender theapparatus, incapable of .beingpperated `hy unauthorized persons, and tol-facilitatethe :placingof'receptacles in.. position to ,receive;-liquid -from the apparatus, bythe 'provisionofaagu-ide on;thelatter.

:Apparatus lincorporating ,the `Aimprovementsv provided .loy the `invention "comprises, a liquid discharge orflow pipe-,anddispensinghead with avalve controlled liquid outletltherefrom; ladapted for insertion in arcontainer .extend therefrom vair-...transfer-.ppe.or.passa,fge iitted with-a non-,return vvalve;andanfair injectorfhaving ...therein holes ,for ,admitting a -proportion of Iair .at atmospheric .pressure to the compressed airstream. andatmospherieair leads Vto .said l holes .fromliierentsurfaces .of r.the injector, A to admitatmospheric.vair..during.the period of induction of same, and :to permit by-passingof surplus compressed air When the pressureinthe container ,has ,reached x.the predetermined 'safe limit, f before .the ,supply of .compressed Aair .may have Theen Y. cut loi .by van air admission vcontrol Valve, =sad ,pipe Y,or l passage ,be-ing provided 2- :for directing compressed air.,through .the :air admismission lcontrol--valve iinA the .Ahead .to .the containeraa rockinglleveron thehead for operatingr llaolththe .iuelioutlet ,control valve and the-airedmis'sion control valve; ,a fixed hand gripzanda trigger for4 actuating the rockin'gleven xboth .on saidhead lugs on l theilatter, and. a pin for insertion in saidlu'gs"for,preventing operation oies-aid valvesgandua guide. .onrthe head-adjacent the. liquid outlet, for receptacles placedcfbelew 1 the .latter. .Y Y A .In .the accompanying drawing, in conjunction with ,which 'the` invention will be ,moregfnlly .described,

"Figure l is-,ageneral assembly view, partly in section, .of apparatus .of thel'kind referred lto, havingapplied thereto, the 'improvements con- .stituting theinvention, .an'd to be herein more particularly described,v

*Figure-Zbeing a frontview, and

level therein, a valve controlled outlet 3 in the dis" pensing head I I of the apparatus, for liquid to be discharged from the container 2. Y

Means for introducing compressed air into the container 2, comprise an air transferpipe or passage d leading to the interior of the container 2 above the highest liquid level obtainable therein, from a chamber 8 (Figure 4) in the injector 23, and to which compressed air, is admitted through a jet 6 and a co-acting Venturi arrangement, and past a non-return valve 1, the latterl being provided to prevent the escape of air pressure from the container 2, other than what is utilised to discharge liquid therefrom.

The compressed airv transfer pipe or passage 4, and the injector 23, can either be incorporated in, or be combined with the discharge or flow pipe I and its fittings, or be formedlinior be provided by, fittings formed separately therefrom." v .f

In one form of apparatus suitable for enabling compressed air to be utilised to dispense or causey liquid, such as lubricating oil, to bedischarged from a container 2 in quantities as requir ed, the liquid ldischarge or ow pipe I is passed through a stuffing box Il) or the like, fitted in a container 2, so as to extend downwards to the required depth therein, andalso so as to' extendabove same to the height required,

The upper or external portion of the discharge or flow pipe I, has tted to the outer end of its horizontal portion, the dispensing head I I, which contains a downwardly discharging opening e controlled by the cone shaped or tapered valve 9 seating therein under the vaction of a spring I2 on the valve stem I3, and in compression between the valve body and the upper portion of the head II,

According to the improvements, the stem I3 of the aforesaid cone shapedor tapered valve 9, is made kto extend upwards through a gland III inthe headII, to a lever I5 centrally pivoted thereon, said leverv l5 being `forked at both ends, one of the forks being fitted with inwardly extending pins, 45a which are entered in a circular groove in the stem 3 of the Vliquid outlet control valve S, while the other forked end of said lever I5 passes upon the pin I6 provided to operate the air admission control valve I'I,.said last mentioned forked end having a degree of lost motion in each direction between collars or pro-A jections IB on the valve operating pin I6 aforesaid. There are also provided on the head II a fixed hand grip I9 land a trigger 20, both of which are positioned and shaped for gripping and Vop- 65 eration by a hand of theOfDerator, sov that a squeeze of the hand operates the trigger 28 to cause the liquid outlet control valve 9 to lift and permit liquid to be discharged through the apparatus, from the container. y

The liquid outlet control valve S, andthe air admission control valve Il, are both actuated-by the lever I5 adapted to be operated by the trigger 2e, which is fitted on a spindle 2l journalled on the head II, the forked lever I5 being secured on the spindle 2| by means of a grub screw, to rock with the same and the trigger 2d, so that the same squeeze of the hand opens both valves 9 5 and II'.

The first part of the movement of the trigger 2Il, when actuated by a squeeze ofthe hand, lifts the valve 9 and opens the outlet 3, following which the appropriate forked end of the lever I5 10 engages the lower collar I8 on the pin I6, and depresses the valve I 'I to admit compressed air via the inlet 22 to the head II, and from which it passes to the line d, so that during the rst part of the movement, with an air pressure obtaining l5 in the container 2, liquid is ejected without admitting compressed air, and during the second part of the movement, compressed air is passed to the container at the same time as liquid is being ejectedtherefrom.

Sufficient lost motion is provided between the upper collar I8 on the pin I6, and the forked end of the lever I5, to permit the pin I5 to be depressed far enough to open the valve I1, without actuating the lever I5, whereby if desired, corn- 25 pressed air can be passed into the container 2 without opening the liquid control valve S.

In order to lock the apparatus against operation, a lock pin 2'5 can be inserted in lugs 23a c, on the head I I, and over the stem YI3 of the liquid outlet control valve S, so as'to prevent the latterr from being raised off its seating, the lock pin 25 being provided with a head, and being secured in the lugs 23a by means of a padlock or the like m passed through its outer end. i 35L The lugs v23a through which the 'lock'pin 25 is passed to prevent operation ofthe liquid control valve 9, can be the same lugs, or extensions from the lugs, in which the spindle ZI of the i trigger 2), and the forked lever I5, is mounted. 4`'" `The compressed air inlet 22 to the head II can be coupled with a suitable source of com'- pressed air supply b y conventional means.

The compressed air admission control is autom matic in operation, in that under ordinary con- J ditionsl of operation of the apparatus, it is not' actuated separately, but operates with the fluid dispensing valve 9 in the dispensing head I I when required, and admits a chargeof low pressure FG compressed air equal to, or less than a predetermined maximum, which may be varied to give,

witha suitable co-acting Venturi arrangement, an ultimate air pressure in the container 2, which may be necessary to suit any condition. A

The rendering of the apparatus foolproof, un-

G der ordinary conditions of use, against the building up of an excess of air pressure in the container 2 and thereby creating conditions cf danger, is performed by permitting the Icy-passing of surplus compressed air through radial holes 2Q in the injector 23, when the pressure in they container 2 has reached the predetermined safety limit, before the supply of high pressure air may have been eut olf at the air control valve II.

These radial holes 2li also provide for the ad- "5 mission of atmospheric air for injection with the compressed aid stream into the container 2 to build up the air pressure therein, to the predetermined safe limit, thereby enabling the volume of air` injected into the container 2 in a given time to be increased, besides econoniising the use of the compressed air. V

InY order to guard againstblockage of these radial holes 24 inadvertently, or to render deliberate blocking of same asdifficult as possible,

high-:pressure compressedwairwhen the pressure invv thercontainer 2. has-reachedrthespredetermined safe limit `before-the supplyfof high :pressure compressedaairmay.have.beenrcut 01T at .theeair control :valve .I-T, Mthe holes 24 iareimadeito-open into airffleads .from i.different@surfaces of lfthe injector .and whichcan -comprise flutes or :recesses.='2.6 vin fthe. sideexternalssurface of the? body of the injector 2.3, ...saidiflutes 'for :recesses T26 in additionitoropening..throughitheside of thelattel' at'each `side of ..the..holes,;:also :open at theirends through a surface or surfaces at right angles t0 the side external surface aforesaid, the arrange ment of holes 24 and flutes or recesses 26 beingl such that they can not be readily blocked or closed.

Provision is also made for facilitating the placing of a receptacle such as a bottle or the like in the correct position below the liquid outlet 3 to receive liquid discharged therethrough. by means of a centering guide 21 on the head H, adjacent said outlet 3, and against which guide the mouth or neck of the bottle or the like, is placed to bring the latter into the correct position vto receive liquid discharging through the outlet 3.

The guide 21 aforesaid is curved or rounded and can be fitted with resilientA materiall and may also be stepped or formed to accommodate bottles or the like of varying sizes.

What we do claim and desire to obtain by Letters Patent of the United States of America 1s:

1. Apparatus for use in delivering liquid from containers, wherein compressed air is injected into the latter for the purpose of ejecting liquid therefrom, comprising a liquid discharge pipe and a dispensing head having a valve controlled liquid outlet, said pipe being insertable within a container so as to extend therefrom; an air transfer pipe having a non-return valve, and an air injector therein, said injector having therein holes for admitting a proportion of air at atmospheric pressure to the compressed air stream, and atmospheric air leads to said holes from different surfaces of the injector, to admit atmospheric air during the induction of same and to provide for the by-passing of surplus high pressure compressed air when the pressure in the container has reached the predetermined D safe limit before .the supply of high pressure compressed air may have been cut off, an air admission control valve in said head in communication with said air transfer pipe for controlling the passage of compressed air from the head to the container; a rocking lever on the head for operating both the fuel outlet control valve and the air admission control valve; a xed hand grip, and a trigger for actuating the rocking lever both on said head; lugs on the latter, and a pin for inserting in said lugs, for preventing operation of said valves, and a guide on the head adjacent the liquid outlet for receptacles placed below the latter.

2. Apparatus for use in delivering liquid from containers, wherein a common spring mounts the rocking lever and the trigger, a stem for the liquid outlet control valve adjacent one end of the lever, said stem having a circular groove therein, a pin for operating the compressed air admission control valve adjacent the opposite end of the lever, said pin having spaced abutment surfaces thereon projecting outwardlyl therefrom, the ends of the rocking lever being forked, the forks at one end having inwardly extending pins :thereon disposed inethe vgroove in said stem and the forks in the otherendpassing uponsaidrpinand between the abutments andasai'drabutments .beingaspace'd apart sufficient to provide fffor lost .motion "between said lever and said pin.

3*..Apparatusfor usein the deliveryof liquids from containers including a liquid discharge pipe insertable *into* a v*container `from "which liquids is to rhedelivered, an air conduit associatedfwith sai'dj pipefor direct compressed; .air into the ,container for ejecting liquid therefrom through said pipe, a dispensing head connected to said pipe, said head having a liquid outlet and a compressed air inlet therein, valves respectively controlling said outlet and inlet, said outlet and inlet being in respective communication with said pipe and conduit, operating means for the valves operable to permit the passage of compressed air through the conduit into the container upon opening movement of the valve controlling the liquid outlet, said conduit having a non-return valve and an injector therein, said injector including a body portion having apertures therein in communication with the atmosphere for passing a proportion of air at atmospheric pressure to the compressed air stream and said apertures permitting the by-passing of surplus high pressure compressed air when the pressure in the container has reached a predetermined safe limit, before the supply of high pressure compressed air has been cut off, and said body having channels communicating with the apertures therein open through their length and ends and through more than one surface of the body of the injector.

4. Apparatus as defined in and by Yclaim 3 wherein the injector body is fluted to denne said channels, the bases of the channels communicating with the apertures in the body that constitute passages for atmospheric air `and said channels being open at their sides and ends through surfaces of the body at angles to each other.

5. Apparatus as dened in and by claim 4 wherein the channels defined by the flutes are open through the side and an end of the body.

6. Apparatus for use in delivering liquid from containers including a dispensing head, a valve controlled outlet therein, a valve in said outlet, a compressed air inlet in the head, a compressed air admission valve in said head controlling passage of `air therethrough, an air conduit extending from the head, means dening a venturi in said air conduit, a non-return valve in said conduit on the discharge side of said venturi, means for controlling the valves including a rocking lever on said head, a spindle mounting said lever for pivotal movement, a trigger on said spindle, and a lost motion connection between said lever and said compressed air admission valve whereby upon actuation of said trigger said outlet valve is actuated prior to the actuation of said air :admission valve.

7. Apparatus as dened in and by claim 6, and spaced lugs carried by said head, said rocking lever being mounted between said lugs, a stem for said outlet valve projecting between said lugs, aligned apertures in the lugs the axes of which are disposed in the path of movement of said stem and a locking pin insertable through said apertures to be disposed in the path of movement of said stem to thereby prevent movement of the stem to open the outlet valve and thus movement of the rocking lever and operation of the air ad- Number mission Valve. '790,719 BRYAN JAMES TODD. 824,249 ROBERT EDMUND TURNER. 993,959 ROBERT E. BROBERG. 5 1,802,324 1,938,174

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