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Publication numberUS2644173 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1953
Filing dateMar 13, 1948
Priority dateMar 13, 1948
Publication numberUS 2644173 A, US 2644173A, US-A-2644173, US2644173 A, US2644173A
InventorsWallace O James
Original AssigneeWallace O James
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Impervious sheet with inflatable sides
US 2644173 A
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July 7, 1953 w.'o. JAMES 2,644,173

7 IMPERVIOUS SHEET WITH INFLATABLE SIDES Filed March 15, 1948 FIFE WALL/155 Alla/2155 Patented July 7, 1953 IMPERVIOUS SHEET WITH INFLATABLE SIDES Wallace 0. James, Jackson, Mich.

Application March 13, 1%8, Serial No. 14,785

2 Claims.

This invention relates to impervious sheets used on baby beds, and more particularly to a structure in which the sheet will act as a protector for the baby bed and for the baby as well.

The use of an under sheet on baby beds made of a material which is impervious to liquids is Well known, such materialsas rubber sheeting,

and common oil clothhaving been used therefor in the past. Present day baby beds, being of a fairly large size for a youngster of tender age, likewise require the use of a set of so called bumpers, which are in reality a set of pads attached to the vertical sides of the bed, functioning to prevent the babys harming itself by strikin the sides of the bed, and preventing the babys pushing its toys out of the bed, thereby requiring the services of some older individual to retrieve them from the floor.

Another problem commonly associated with babies and their unusual sleeping habits arises tion of the child and the bed on which it is' allowed to sleep.

My invention, comprising a sheet of some im- Fig. I is a plan view of a baby sheet constructed according to: my invention, v Fig. II is a View in section along the line II--II of Fig. I, with the sheet placed in position on a baby bed,

Fig. III is a plan View of an alternate construction in which there are inflatable tubes along two sides and across one of the. ends, of the sheet, 1 a

Fig. IV is a broken view on the line IV-IV- of Fig. I showing the relationship of the fitted cover portion to the impervious bed sheet, and Fig. V is a view in section on theline V--V of Fig. I and showing the method of constructing the tubular edges. I

In the drawings, I have shown in Figs. I and v II my baby bed sheet with a central flat portion previous material formed with one or more inalong to some other place and to allow it to 3 sleep there.

It is therefore an object of this invention to provide an impervious sheet for a baby bed, the sheet having inflated tubular sides which will act as bumpers when it is in use in the baby bed.

A further object is to provide an impervious sheet with a plurality of inflated tubular side portions which will function to keep the baby on the center portion of the sheet when the sheet is used on a full-sized bed.

A still further object is to provide an impervious sheet to be used on a baby bed, this sheet being fitted with an easily removable cover of a washable material.

Further objects and advantages will be apparent from a consideration of the following which,

[2, formed of an impervious material such as one of the vinyl resins. Formed along each of the longitudinal edges of the portionl2 is an inflatable tubular portion 1 I4, likewise of the same material. The tubular portions l4 may be fabricated separately from the section [2 and attached thereto by any convenient means, but

I prefer to form the sections M merely by lapping the material of section l2 over upon itself and forming a tightly sealed joint by any known means, so that a tubular structure is formed.

In using a vinyl resin as the material for this structure, it is possible to weld this material by the use of appropriate heat and pressure, the welded seam or joint [6 being as impervious to the passing of liquids or air as the vinyl resin itself. To provide means for inflating and deflating the tubular portion [4, I have provided a simple valve IS in the end of each of the portions [4 which will allow the tubes M to be blown up by air from the mouth, will seal the air inside the tube l4, and. will allow its removal when desired. In Fig. II, I have shown my baby sheet Iii inposition on a mattress 20 supported by springs 22 in the bed frame 24.

Under these conditions, the tubular sections l4 I vention will look when laid on a large size bed,

under which conditions the tubular section [4 3 will serve to keep the baby from rolling oil the bed.

The modification shown in Fig. III comprises the flat section 12' and the longitudinal extending tubular portion l4 equipped with the simple valves I8. Across one or both of the ends there ma be formed an extra tubular portion 28, and, by the addition of the valve 30, the tube 28 may be used in a manner similar to the uses of the tubular section M. It is also possible to construct the sheet with a single continuous inflatable tube running around the entire circumference and requiring but one valve to allow its being inflated.

I contemplate in the use of my bed sheet 10 that it is most advisable to combine therewith a washable cover 32, the side portions of which are formed with an open hem 34 ofa size and shape to completely cover the tubular portion 14, and equipped with an aperture 36 to admit the passage of the valve 1 8. To hold the washable cover 32 in close proximity with the baby sheet 12, and to prevent its removal therefrom, I have provided a pair of tapes 38 sewed to the under side thereof, and positioned directly above the grommet 40 so that the tapes 38 may be entered through the grommet 30 and then tied around a part of the bed structure, such as the verticall; extending slats 25. When using the modification shown in Fig. III, the tapes will be entered through the grommet 40. This combination of the impervious sheet with the inflatable side portions and the associated easily removable washable cover provides a structure with the advantages of an impervious sheet, a set of bumpers, and means for holding the sheet and associated structure in a desired position on a babysize bed.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:

1. An accessory for baby beds comprising a central sheet portion, a plurality of inflatable 4 tubular members secured to and adjacent the edges of said portion, means for inflating and deflating said tubular members, a plurality of grommets positioned in said sheet portion and,

defining apertures therethrough, a cover portion overlying said sheet portion and said tubular members, and tying tapes attached tosaid cover portion and removably extending through said grommets, whereby said cover sheet may be removably affixed to a bedwhile retaining said central sheet in a desired position.

2. A crib-sheet for baby beds comprising a fiat panel formed of a single thickness of a relatively impervious material, a plurality of inflatable tubular members secured to and adjacent the edges of said panel, means for inflating and deflating said tubular members, means defining a plurality of apertures in said panel, a cover member formed to overlay said panel and to embrace said tubular members, and a plurality of tapes attached to said cover member and removably extending through said apertured means whereby said panel and said cover member may be removably attached to a bed.


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International ClassificationA47C23/047, A47C21/06, A47D7/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47D15/008, A47C27/005, Y10S5/946, A47C31/105, A47C23/047
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