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Publication numberUS2644231 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1953
Filing dateAug 13, 1951
Priority dateAug 13, 1951
Publication numberUS 2644231 A, US 2644231A, US-A-2644231, US2644231 A, US2644231A
InventorsBrennan John E
Original AssigneeBrennan John E
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Denture retainer
US 2644231 A
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July 7, 1953 J. E. BRENNAN DENTURE RETAINER Filed Aug. 15, 1951 NN. M

Patented July 7, 1953 {Til-UNITED As'rA'lE-*S PATENT; OFFICEgjQl J ohh E. Brennan, Chicago, Ill. .I Y.

` A Application August 1'3, 1951, Serial No. 241,561"

7 Claims. (Cl. .S2- 2) Thisinvention relates to apparatus for retaining artificial dentures in place. Y

'v-The invention is more particularly concerne with an improved structure adapted for mounting within a chamber in an articial denture or tooth and which cooperates witha bar supported on the-exposed surface of a gum in theV general manner as disclosed in my co-pending application Serial No.68,949, led January 3, 1949, now Patent No. 2,599,044, June 3, 1952, and of which this application is a continuation-inpart. f

In said patent are disclosed several embodiments of the generic invention and which generally comprise an arcuate bar disposed on the exposed ridge of a gum together with means for retaining suchA bar in fixed position on the gum. i

The artificial denture is provided with a clamp structure disposed within a chamber therein and which is automatically engageable with the bar whereby to removably retain the denture in place, the removability being effected by manually operable means on the clamp and which is accessible externally of the chamber.

4A primary object of this invention is to provide artificial denture retaining means which is of simplied construction while vbeing fully aseicient as that disclosed .in said patent.

A further object of the invention is to provide articial denture retaining means which is so constructed-as to be readily removable from a wax denture preliminary to theprocessing thereof.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent in the course of the following detailed description, taken inconnection withvthe accompanying drawing, wherein: y l fFigure 1 is a perspective View showing a lower jaw with the improved denture retaining bar operatively mounted thereon.

'Figure 2 is a transverse sectional View of the denture and a portion of the jaw, and showing in particular the operative relation between the improved clamp supported within the denture and the bar supported on the jaw.

Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmental elevational view of the improved bar structure.

Figure 4 is an enlarged vertical sectional View in the plane of line 4-4 of Figure 3.

Figure 5 is a transverse sectional View similar to Figure 2 but showing a permanent support for the bar engageable clamp jaw.

Referring now in detailA to the drawing, and referring rst to Figs. 1, 3 and 4, the preferred '-lOV improved structure for assembly-within th-jawand for cooperating Awith the *clamp disposed within the denture, is indicatedin its entirety at I0. The retaining `means I0 comprisesa lower arcuate bar A-II, V from which projectinpwardly a plurality of posts or Vsupports I2 and on the upper ends ofwhich-isfremovablylsupported the clamp jaw engageable Ibar I3.

`While' the bars II and I3 may be formed in-j tegrally'as indicated in Figure 9 of said patent; it has been found more convenient in assemblyv to detachably support the bar I3.. vi. As indicated inFigure 1, the bar II and posts I 2 are embedded within the gum G inthe manner set forth in said patent. `After the positioning of bar II and posts. I2. the retaining'bar I3 is positioned upon the upper ends of the posts I2 and which may be effected by any devised-means.v Preferably, and as shown, thebarf 4I3 rests :in semi-circular seats I4 inthe upper ends'of posts I2 and screws I5 enter axially .alined tapped openings in the posts I2. and bar I3 as is clearly indicated in Figurel 4. 1

Obviously, .the posts may have reduced. threaded extensions projecting through openings in bar I3 and upon such extensions securing nuts may be placed.

The assembly IIl is positioned with the retaining "bar I3 firmly resting on the crown of `the gum as is more clearly indicated in Figures 2 and 5 and the retaining bar I3 is provided with a plurality of clamp `jaw receivable'notches I6- in its lower side -as is clearly shown in- Figures 1, 2, 3 and5. Referring lnow to Figure2, it will be seenthat the artificial denture or tooth T as-usuallcomprises a base B which is-engaged with the gum G within which is the jaw bone'J. At this point it is to be noted that the gum `embedded barv II is seated on the jaw bone J. y l

The denture of tooth T is provided With-a chamber I'I which opens through thelbase B as shown and -an aperture I8 is provided on the inner side of the tooth T and which opens into the chamber I1.

A clamp structure I9 is providedz for removably locking the denture to the bar I3 and such structure includes a clamp jaw having a vertical base portion 20 and a horizontally disposed end portion 2| for reception within a notch I6 in the retaining bar I3.

The clamp structure further includes retaining and releasing means and which for use with a wax denture comprises a screw 22 loosely extended through aperture I8 for axial movement l ff 2,644,231

thereby lock the denture to the jaw supported from the notch I6.

It is desirable with Wax dentures which are yet to be processed that the clamp structure be removable and accordingly provision is made for suchin the structure just described .since thel screw may be laterally Withdrawnfrom the jaw 202I whereupon the jaw and spring can be removed through the .open end -of cliamber` Il.

-The clamp` structure shown in Figure5 is adapted as a permanent installation for .nished or processed dentures and Iwhereinfthe screw 22 of Figure 2 is .replaced byY a pin V2li whose shank 25-is slidably disposed in `:aperture I8 and which may have ya permanent connection with the .jaw but is shown as havingfa threadedend to 4expedite assembly.

'l While in the structure ofY Figure 2 as well as Figure 5 the aperture lf3 extends throughv only one wall of chamber l1 andvwhich -may well be suicienigthe oppositegwall .may be recessed 'from theinside in axial alignment with aperture i8 and the pin 24 may have `an extension receivable in `the recess for better'guidance thereof.

From the above, it should be appreciated that thepresent invention provides relatively simple structure for firmly retaining dentures in po-V sition 'and that such structure. includes readily releasable means whereby the tooth or denture may be :readily removed.

In the instant application, the denture vretainer is illustrated as being associated with the lower ijaw. However, it is to be -understood that the denture retainer can be 'equally used: in connection with the upper jaw. A, WhileI have disclosed a preferred specific embodiment of vmy invention, such as to be considered as illustrative only, and not restrictive, the ,scope of the inventionv being' d ened in the sub-joined claims. A, l Y l Whatclaim and desire to secure Vby U. S. Letters Patent is:J l l1 'Ihe. combination with a denture, -of vmeans for retaining the denture in firm engagement with a gumcomprising an' arcuate member to be positioned within the gum,-an arcuate bar for resting uponY the gum and connected to the arcuate member, and clampmeans 'supported in the denture in a position to releasably engage the-arcuate bar. l

V2. 'I'he structure according to claim 1, wherein the connecting means between the arcuate member and the arcuate bar comprises posts extending upwardlyfrom the arcuate member, the arcuate bar resting on the upper ends of the posts, and fastening elements extending through the arcuate bar and into the upper ends of thev respective posts.

3. The structure according to claim 1, wherein the arcuate bar is provided with notches for the reception of the clamp means lcarried by the denture.

4. The combination with a denture having a vchamber therein opening into the bottom face thereof, of means for retaining the denture in rm engagement with a gum, comprising an arcuate bar for resting on the crown portion of the gum and to be rigidly secured thereon, said arcuate bar having a transverse notch, and clamp means supported in the denture comprising ainem-ber disposed vertically in the .chamber and capable of lateral sliding movement, the. lower end ofthe member being disposed .laterally for removable engagementwithin the notch, .and an operating ele-ment for the member extending through one side wall of theden-ture.

5. The denture according to claim 4, wherein the operating element comprises a slidable pir-n having its inner end directly connected to upper end of the vertical member the `chamber of the denture. Y l Y, Y A

6. The structure according to claim 5, whereinl a coil spring -encircles the pin and is disposed between the upper end of the vertical mem-ber` and the wall of the chamber for normally urging the laterally disposed lower end of the vertical member into the 'notch inthe arcuate bar.

7. The combination with a denture, of means, for retaining the denture -in4 rm engagement with a gum, comprising van :arcuate -ba-r to -be secured to and for resting on 'the .crown of the gum, said bar havingv a notch in its under side., and lclamp means supported in the denture a position to releasably engage the arcuate bar., said clamp means comprising `a jaw having 'a free end slidably engageable in said notch, an elongated member :slidably supportedl in one side wall of the denture in a line parallel to the plane'of the larcuate bar, the .inner end of thev elongated member being. connected to said jaw, and' spring means within the :denture and ien-` gaged with the `jaw 4'for normally urging the .free end thereof into 'said notch.


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