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Publication numberUS2645381 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1953
Filing dateMar 8, 1948
Priority dateMar 8, 1948
Publication numberUS 2645381 A, US 2645381A, US-A-2645381, US2645381 A, US2645381A
InventorsCharles W Lattman
Original AssigneeCharles W Lattman
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Portable dispensing tank
US 2645381 A
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July 14, 1953 c. w. LATTMAN oRTABLE DISPENSING TANK Filed March 8, 1948 E1 I:I B INVENTOR.

/mmfs M 4 Patented July 14, 1953 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE PORTABLE DISPENSING TANK Charles W. Lattman, Oakland, Calif.

Application March 8, 1948, Serial N 0. 13,540

1 Claim. (ClQ222-189) Gasoline containers of a well known type in clude a spout in addition to the filling opening and a more elaborate container of this description includes a hinged. :cap which is spring actuated to seal the spout aperture but may be manually released to efiect dispensing of the liquid.

In the use of containers designed as described for filling portable gasoline stoves, outboard motor tanks, etc. it is frequently very diiiicult to accomplish the filling operation without spilling gasoline over the receptacle thereby increasing the fire hazard. Also the opening of such receptacles is frequently smaller than the discharge opening of the container thereby making more or less spilling inevitable. Also in filling the gasoline stoves of cabin cruisers and in replenishing the gasoline tanks of outboard motors the filling operation is .frequently performed while the craft is rolling or pitching so that the danger of spilling and the attendant fire hazard is aggravated.

To overcome the foregoing and other disada pressure-operated container having a relatively small discharge nozzle, the liquid delivery therethrough being at least equal to the larger,

gravity-fed apertures by virtue of the pressure within the tank.

A further object is to provide a pressure-operated container having readily accessible and easily removable closures for facilitating cleaning of the tank and its component parts.

Still another object of the invention is to provide in a pressure-operated container a unique nozzle retention means for preventing, the accumulation of dirt and foreign matter therein.

The invention possesses other objects; and-features of advantage, some of which, with the fore going, will be set forth in the following description of the preferred form of the drawing accompanying and forming part of the specification. It is to be understood, however, that variations in the showing made by the said drawings and description may be adopted within the scope of the invention as set forth in the claim.

Figure 1 is a sectional view taken vertically through my improved container;

Figure 2' is an enlarged, sectional view of the discharge pipe assembly; and V Figure 3 is an enlarged sectional view of the connection between the flexible hose and the nozzle.

Referring now to Figure 1 the container gen-'- erally designated l includes side walls 2, 3, a top 4, and an inset, conical bottom wall 5, which is preferably welded to the side walls 2, 3, at the marginal portions 6, and centrally provided with a threaded aperture! and drain plug 8 therein. Although a cylindrical form of tank is the most economical, it will be understood that the crosssectional contour of the tank may vary with the requirements of use;

In the top 4 and opposite the drain opening 1 is provided a filling opening 9 with a threaded and flanged reinforcing ring Ill integrally united thereto as by welding. A threaded cap H having a peripherally flanged portion and a carrying handle l2 serves to close the opening 9 and seal the same by virtue of lead gasket l3 which is disposed between the opposed flange portions as shown in Figure l.

A manually operated pump M of any suitable design extends through a suitable opening in the top 4 with its outer casing united thereto in any desired fluid-tight manner. The pump handle 15 is conveniently operated from above the top of the container as will be apparent.

A discharge assembly shown generally at [8 includes a cock I! the body of which is preferably integrally formed to include a lateral mounting plate l8 secured to the top 4 by means of screws l9 extending therethrough and rendered fluid andgas tight by means of the lead gasket 20 disposed therebetween. A centrally apertured projection of the cock I? extends through an opening 22 provided in the top 4 and threadedly receives a tube 23 of suitable material which is of such length as to almost reach the top of the conical bottom wall 5. The lower end of tube 23 been completely filled with gasoline or not.

is threaded to receive bushing 24 which also maintains in abutting relationship the T connection 25 havin the ingress openings 26 and 21 retaining the centrally apertured screening plugs 28 and 29, respectively. Disks 30 of fine Wire mesh may be united to the inner ends of plugs 28 and 29 as by soldering, for example.

It will be observed that the central aperture of cock I! extends upwardly and laterally and terminates in a threaded opening 3| receiving a similarly threaded fitting 32. The latter in turn has one end externally threaded to receive the terminal bushing 33 of discharge hose 34 which is preferably made of a flexible material which is resistant to the deleterious action of gasoline. To further insure the delivery of only clean gasoline to the nozzle 36 which is suitably con nected to the outer end of hose 34, a mesh strainer is interposed between such end 34 and nozzle 1 A handle 31 convenclosed position tegrally united to the wall as by welding at 4| and 42, respectively and constitute a convenient hanger for the hose to encircle in supporting relationship as will be apparent.

A bleedercock 43"mounted in the top 4 in any suitable manner is provided with an elongated,

corrugated extension 44 over which is tightly fitted a short tubular member 45 made of a suitably fabric-reinforced synthetic rubber. lar member 45 serves as a retainer for the inserted end of the nozzle 36 when the latter is not in use and prevents the entrance of dirt and other foreign matter therein. 7

The operation of my improved dispensing tank is as follows. After the tank has been filled through the opening 9 the cap H is replaced and screwed down tightly upon the lead gasket [3 through manipulation of handle I2. The pump handle'ls is then operated for a sufficient number of strokes toproduce the desired pressure depending of course on whether the tank has The hose nozzle is then withdrawn from the tubular member 45, the hose 34 uncoiled from about the brackets 39, and the nozzle inserted into; the

condition bein easily corrected through further having a top Wall and a centrally depressed, threadedly-apertured bottom wall, means engageable in said aperture for normally closing said container, means in said top wall forming a filler opening, a filler cap mounted in said opening, a manually operated pump mounted on said top wall and entering said container for a distance whereby the lower end thereof is normally above the liquidlevel and arranged on actuation thereof to create a pressure on the upper surface of the liquid in the container, said pump being positioned so that substantially all but the handle 'thereof is disposed within said container, a

bleeder cock mounted on said top wall and above the maximum upper level of the liquid, said cock including a resilient extension member having an aperture therein, a delivery cock also mounted on the top wall and having a delivery tube extending downwardly into said tank to a point just above theupper extremity of said bottom wall, a flexible delivery hose connected to said delivery cock externally of said container, a nozzle releasably connected to said hose and having a strainer interposed therebetween, said nozzle being atta'chable to and detachable from said bleeder cock extension for protecting said nozzle from the ingress of foreign matter when said container is not in use.


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