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Publication numberUS2645406 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1953
Filing dateFeb 6, 1948
Priority dateFeb 6, 1948
Publication numberUS 2645406 A, US 2645406A, US-A-2645406, US2645406 A, US2645406A
InventorsIrving Robins
Original AssigneeAdd A Handle Carton Company
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US 2645406 A
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l. ROBINS July 14, 1953 BOX Filed Feb. 6. 1948 Patented July 14, i953 BOX Irving Robins, Chicago, Ill., assignor to Add-A- Handle Carton Company, Chicago, Ill., a corporation oi Illinois Application February 6, 1948, Serial No. 6,582

(Cl. 22B- 52) 2 Claims.

The invention relates to boxes and more Darticularly to handles for boxes to facilitate the carrying of boxes.

In my previous Patent Number 2,401,664 issued June 4, A1946, I have provided a box with an oblong quadrilateral slot in theend walls thereof, whereinto the tapering head at the end of the handle of larger width than the width of the slot is inserted to contact with the inner surface of theend wall and out of engagement with the contents of the box, the handle because of its width becoming anchored to the box when turned from angular to normal position.

It has been found that in view of the low cost at which the box must be sold, the provision of the slot entails a separate operation and hence enhances the cost of the box.

It is, therefore, an object of the invention to ,provide the box with a line slit that is, a cut along a line, as distinguished from a punching of measurable area through which the end of a handle is introduced for interlocking engagement with the box, thus avoiding the cost of cutting holes or punches.

Another object constitutes the provision of a handle which is provided with an arrow head adapted to be inserted into the slit in the box and provided with means for preventing withdrawal of the arrow head by reverse bend of said arrowhead.

It is a further object to provide a handle comprising a strap having an arrow head or broadened tab at each end and formed at the base of the head with bent out lugs which when the arrow head is inside of the box engage the inner surface of the box wall thus effectively resisting withdrawal of the handle end.

AWith these and other important objects in View which will become apparent from a disclosure of the invention, the latter comprises the means disclosed in-the following specification, particularly pointed out in the claims forming a part thereof, and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which Fig. l is an isometric view of a. combined box and handle constructed in accordance with my invention.

Fig. 2 is a transverse section through the box.

Fig. 3` is a fragmentary isometric view of a corner of the box. l

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary isometric view of the handle.

Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 4 with the terminal portion bent prior to insertion into the box.

Y 2 Fig. 6 is a top plan view of the handle. Referring to the several views in the drawing III generally designates a box which comprises end walls I I, side walls I2, a bottom wall I3 and a top wall I4. The box preferably is made of cardboard or other suitable pliable material and may be made of a single blank which is folded to assume box formation, as will be readily understood by those versed in the art. Y

In each end wall II `near the top there is provided a slit I5 having a horizontal portion I6 and continuing therefrom a portion I1 slanting downwardly and outwardly whereby the slit I5 of a semi-hexagonal design, and more particularly, the opening and tab formed thereby is of isosceles trapezoidal shape, when the tab portion is pushed in by insertion of the handle thereagainst.

The box is filled with cans, or other contents I8. p

In order to facilitate the handling or carrying of the box a handle generally designated by 20 is provided which comprises a strap 2I of pliable material formed at each end with a tapering or arrow head 22 whose base 23 is wider than the width of the strap 2 I The arrow head 22 is formed 'at the base adjacent to the strap 2| with integral lugs 24 which are bent out of the plane defined by the arrow head.

Score lines 25 and 26 are yprovided on the strap to facilitate bending thereof.

In use when a packed or filled box is to be carried away one end of the handle is inserted into the slit I5 in one end wall I2 and the lugs 24 bear on the inner side of the end wall thereby p reventing withdrawal thereof. The handle strap is then placed with a reverse bend around the top wall I4 of the box and the other end of the strap with the arrow head reversely bent back upon the strap is inserted through the opposite slit I5 where again the lugs 24 prevent withdrawal of the arrow head.

The handle is thus safely secured to the box and the latter may be conveniently carried around, it being important to observe that the aforesaid reverse bending of the handle tabs creates an interlock with the trapezoidal tab and cuts, which interlock can be accentuated gy pzressure of the goods within the box, as in The drawing shows one embodiment of the invention by way of illustration and not by way of limitation.

All changes and alterations are included which fairly fall within the scope of the invention as defined in the appended claims.

The die cut by 4which said trapezoidal opening I5 is formed has the two isosceles legs l1 and the connecting top cut I6, by reason of which the tab portion ten-ds to yield inwardly, upon insertion of the handle, along a base fold line substantially parallel with the top out I6, without necessity of scoring said base fold.

Thus, ample room for insertion of the tapered handle end in the wider regions adjoining the lower extremities of the isosceles legs l1 is provided.

But when the load is taken up by the handle, Y

the tapered ends tend to work instantly upwardly into the narrower portion of the trapezoid adjoining line I6,

Itis also of importance to observe in Figs. 2

and 5 that the tapered and tabbed handle ends I claim: Y 1. A carton assembly comprising a rectangular container of vpliable sheet material, having a frusto-conical slot in opposite side Walls adjacent the upper edge, a handle strap straddling the top Wall and engageable through the slots,

the handle strap comprising an elongated body portion dimensioned to be of greater length than the distance between theA slots and of lesser width base and greater than that of the slots at their upper edge, said co-planar sections being posi- .tioned in the interior of the carton and upturned so as to be positioned adjacent the innerwall of the carton above the slotted portion whereby the co-planarV section engages the inner wall of Vthe carton adjacent the upper end of the slot.

2. A carton assembly as claimed Vin claim 1 in which tabs adjacent the end portions of the -strap are integral lwith the co-planar sections and bent up from the co-planar sections at an angle to engage the inner wall of the carton above the slots properly to position the co-planar sections therein and prevent disengagement be- Vin position. Y

tween the co-planar sections and the inner wall of the carton. Y j Y Y IRVING ROBINS.

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