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Publication numberUS2646196 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 21, 1953
Filing dateMay 12, 1950
Priority dateMay 12, 1950
Publication numberUS 2646196 A, US 2646196A, US-A-2646196, US2646196 A, US2646196A
InventorsYork La Faun E
Original AssigneeYork La Faun E
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Device for holding embroidery floss and textile weaving and sewing material
US 2646196 A
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% ATJ'Ofi/VEY Patented July 21', 1953 AND TEXTILE WEAVING 1 MArER AL AND SEWING v a h La QFaun E. York, Wichita, Kans.

' a Application May 12, 1950, Serial No. 161,707,

3 Claims. ,(Cl. 223-106) My invention 'relates to an improvement in holders for embroidery floss or textile weavin or sewing material and the like. In the past embroidery floss has been prepared in small skeins 'of threads, and when the-thread is to be used, theskein is cut in the center, leaving threads approximately thirty incheslong, and nothing to hold the threads together.

In using the floss, the threads are pulled, one at a time, from the skein for use, and the skein is then usually thrown in a sewing'basket'or box or the like with probably many other skeins of various colors, and the skein becomes lost in the pile and will have to be hunted out from the rest of the skeins when needed again. Often the threads become tangled, and used parts of a thread is usually lost or thrown away because there is no -way of taking care of it, even' though it is still good for use; 7

In view of all this trouble and difiiculty I. have provided my improved embroidery floss holder in which several skeins of embroidery floss may be inserted and held in order and free of tangling.

A further object of my invention is to provide an embroidery floss holder of the kind mentioned which in addition to holding the embroidery floss has means for holding needles'in which is threaded unused pieces of embroidery floss adjacent the'skein from which it originally came so that the user of the embroidery floss canbe sure of the color ofthe unused pieceof embroidery floss, if and when it is to be used at alater time. l

A still further object of the embroidery holder device is to provide a device of the kind mentioned that can be used and reused many times due to its simplicity of construction and ease of inserting the skeins in the holder. 7

A still further object of the invention is to provide a device of the kind mentioned that can be inserted into and held by almost any standard loose leaf holder of suitable size.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a device of the kind mentioned that is simple, easy to use, one that is inexpensiveone that is highly efilcient in its Work, as well as one. that is in which similar numerals of reference designate the same parts throughout the several figures of the drawings; Fig. 1 is a view of two of the em- 2 dery floss being held therein, and being held in a loose leaf binder or cover. Fig. 2 is an enlarged detail face view of one of the embroidery floss holders and showing a plurality of skeins of embroidery floss being held therein, parts of the holder being broken away for convenience of illustration. 7

Fig. 3 is a top plan or edge view of the em,- broidery floss holder device, the view being as seen from the line III- EI in Fig. 2 and looking in the direction of the arrows Fig. 4 is a side edgeview of the embroidery'fioss holder device, the view being" as seen from the line IVIV in-Fig. 2, andlooking in the direction of the arrows.

Fig. 5 is a View, the same as Fig; 4, and illustrating a modified form of the device in which the number of skeins that can be held therein are doubled. i

The holder device is made of a sheet of flexible material 1 such as heavy paper, cardboard, stiff or starched textile material, plastic material or the like. As shown in Figures 1, '2, 3 and 4, one end 8 of the sheet 1 is folded to lie against the lower portion of the sheet "l and the side edges 9 and ll) of the portions 7 and 8 are solidly attached to each other by-being cemented, stapled, sewed or-the like together, to form a'pocket' ll in which the loose ends of the skeins may be held as will later be described." 1

The upper end of the sheet 1 has a plurality of pairs of rather closely spaced apart holes l2 and'l3 therein that are joined by a curved or arcuate out l lto form a flexible fan shaped lip l5 between each pair of holes l2 and [3.

One edge of the holder device above described has holes [6 therethrough'through which loose leaf binder rings [1 of a binder cover 18 may be passed to retain the embroidery 'floss holders as leaves therein.

If desired, the capacity of the embroidery. floss holder may be increased or doubled by increasing the length of the sheet 1 and folding the upper end l9 against the opposite side of the sheet 1 from that of the end 8 and attaching the side edges of the sheet 1 and end l9 together the same I ,piece of soft or textile material 2| that is solidly attached to the sheet 7 by being cemented, sewed, stapled or otherwise suitably attached thereto and is for the purpose of receiving and holding a needle 22 therein that may have a piece of unused floss 23 that originally came from the adjacent skein 24.

To use the embroidery floss holder device, one may purchase the desired colors of skeins of embroidery floss that is put up or prepared for sale in the manner first above described and remove the narrow paper binder therefrom, whereupon the skein of equal lengths of embroidery floss may be held in an equally looped or inverted U- shaped position, whereupon one of the lips l5 may be lifted or sprung forwardly by the use of ones finger nail and the loop 25 of the skein 24 may be hooked over the lip I5 and seated in the holes or openings i2 and I3 and the free ends of the skein of threads 22 may be tucked into the pocket ll of the holder, there being enough pressure between the folded ends 3 or it and the sheet I to retain the loose ends of the skein 24 in place in the pocket H. In using the embroidery floss, the threads may be picked and pulled one at a time from the skein 24 and pulled through the openings 12 and i3 whereupon the thread may be threaded into a needle and is then ready for embroidering use.

While the device as above described is one for home use and the embroidery floss is placed therein at home, it is obvious that manufacturers of skein material could easily pack the skein in a holder of this type and sell the skein or skeins in place in the holder which could be placed in a loose leaf binder or cover as shown, or if desired a whole loose leaf binder filled with holders of the kind described could be prepared and offered for sale, and if desired the holders of the kind described could be prepared and offered for sale, and if desired the holders could be filled with a stock of various kinds and colors of skeins of floss, each of which might be labeled as indicated at 26 so that as the material is used up it may be replaced by number, etc., so as to duplicate the floss already used.

Another use of my embroidery floss holder is, in the sale of stamped material for embroidery. The colors of flosses recommended to be used in the embroidery of a stamped piece could be placed in one of my flOSs holders and sold with the stamped piece, and save the confusion of selecting the colors, and eliminate the possibility of the store being out of the floss recommended for use in the design stamped on the material.

While the device as shown and described is probably the preferred form of the device, it is to be understood that such modifications of the device may be employed as lie Within the scope of the appended claims without departing from i the spirit and intention of the invention. Now having fully shown and described my invention, what I claim is:

1. In an embroidery floss holder of the kind described; a sheet of bendable material, one end of said sheet being folded against the main body of the sheet and the respective side edges of the main body portion and the folded end portion being attached to each other to form a pocket on one end of the sheet, and means on the other 'end of the sheet for receiving and holding a skein of material, and means attached to the said sheet and positioned adjacent the skein holding means for holding needles, and means in said embroidery floss holding device for receiving loose leaf holder elements.

2. An embroidery floss holder device of the kind described; the combination of a loose leaf holder and a plurality of holders for skeins of textile material, and means for removably holding the skein holders in said loose leaf holder, said skein holders each comprising a sheet of material, said sheet of material having its end portions folded one on one side of the sheet and the other on the other side of the sheet to form pockets positioned one on each side of the sheet and one at each end of the sheet, the side edges of the sheet and the folded ends thereof being attached to each other to form the pockets, and means at each end of the sheet and spaced away from each pocket for holding a skein of embroidery floss, and means adjacent each skein holder for holding needles.

3. In a device for holding skeins of textile weaving material; said device comprising a sheet of material having both ends folded one on one side of the sheet and the other on the other side of the sheet and having the side edges of both folded ends and the matching edges of the sheet attached together to form a pocket on each end of the sheet and one of the pockets being on one side of the sheet and the other pocket being on the other side of the sheet, skein supports, one for each skein to be held by the device, said supports being a lip located in the opposite end of the sheet from its respective pocket and being directed away from its respective pocket, said sheet having means at each side of said lip for receiving a loop of the skein for purposes of supporting the skein, and means on said sheet for holding needles.


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