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Publication numberUS2647762 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1953
Filing dateApr 20, 1950
Priority dateApr 20, 1950
Publication numberUS 2647762 A, US 2647762A, US-A-2647762, US2647762 A, US2647762A
InventorsWilliam H Jamieson, Jr William H Jamieson
Original AssigneeWilliam H Jamieson, Jr William H Jamieson
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Folding golf bag carrier
US 2647762 A
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Aug. 4, 1953 Filed April 20, 1950 W. H. JAMIESON ETAL FOLDING GOLF BAG CARRIER 2 Sheets-Sheet l www @www Aug. 4, 1953 w. H. JAMxEsoN ETAL FOLDING GOLF BAG CARRIER 2 Sheets-Sheet Filed April 20, 1950 l .INVENTORS wlllzom'n J-f. Jmzeson and Zg/Ziam )LJZzmiesonJ' ma... www@ M912;

Patented` ug. 4, 1953 2,647,762 FOLDING GOLF BAG CARRIER William H. Jamieson and William H.

Jamieson, Jr., Patchogue, 'N.`Y. l

Application April 20, 1950, Serial No.` 156,988

y 2 Claims.

lmatter of a few seconds.

A further object is to :provide a simple, enicient device to which a golf bag may be readily attached which has the above advantages and is lig-ht in weight and economical to produce thereby enabling it to be sold at reasonable cost.

Further and more specific objects, features and advantages will more clearlyA appear from a consideration of the detailed specication hereinafter set forth, especially when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings which illustrate a present preferred form which the invention may assume and which form part of the specication.

In brief and general terms, the invention includes an elongate frame to which the golf bag may be readily attached either by straps'or hooks. This frame extends the whole length of the bag and the bag is attached to one face thereof. To

the other face are pivoted a pair of legs adapted to extend normally downwardly in a divergent manner and having wheels at the bottom thereof. Links are connected at one end pivotally to the legs at an intermediate point thereon and these links are, lat/their other ends, pivotally connected to a slidable member which is slidably disposed and mounted on the frame. A manipulable element is connected to this slidable member to enable the person using the device to move the slidable member in one direction or anotherto expand the legs to operative position or to contract them to an inoperative position closely ad-` jacent the length of the frame so as to permit the frame and associated parts to be easily inserted in the bagI with the clubs when'not in use.

AV further feature includes bracing members associated with the links and slidably related to the legs to cause the bracing membersto assume Operative bracing position when the legs are expanded and to assume inoperative position when the legs are contracted.

A still further feature is a simple manipulable latching device operable automatically to latch the .parts in operative position and to be manip- (Cl. ESO- 41) ulated to release the parts when they are to be 2 collapsed into close adjacency with the frame for storage within the bag.

A still further feature includes an elongate reinforcing strip disposed within the bag and rmly related thereto to stiifen the bag along its length where it is to be hooked to the carrier and this reinforcing member is provided with hooks enabling the bag to be readily and easily hooked on to the carri-er supporting frame at will.

The present preferred forms which the invention may assume are illustrated in the drawings, of which,

Fig. l is a perspective view of the device in expanded operative condition;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged side elevation of the device in operative condition with lthe golf bag attached;

Fig. 3 is a rear elevation of the device in collapsed condition and with the bag removed;

Fig. 4 is a side elevation of the device as shown in Fig. 3;

Fig. 5 is a vertical longitudinal section along the line 5 5 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 6 is a vertical section taken along the line 6--6 of Fig. 5;

Fig. 7 is a vertical section taken through the golf bag showing the construction of the reinforcing strip and the hooks whereby the bag may be attached to the carrier; and

Fig. 8 is a partial perspective view of the lower end of the carrier frame whereon the bag may be attached by straps instead of hooks.

Referring now merely to the specific construction shown in the drawings, which illustrate the present preferred forms which the invention may assume, it is to be noted that the `carrier comprises an elongate frame number I0 of U-shaped channel construction. The upper portion of this frame is provided with a housing or casing Il to form an enclosed casing for the upper end of the frame.

Just below the enclosed housing Il a bracket l2 is fixed to the rear of the frame I0 and has oppositely extending divergent arms I3 and I4 to which are pivoted respectively the upper ends of leg members l5 and I6 to the lower ends of which are connected wheel elements I1 and I8. Since the legs are connected to the bracket I2 in a divergent manner, it is clear that when they are4 pivotally connected to a slide plate 23. This slide plate 23 is adapted to slide along the bottom of the U-shaped channel frame I and is held in place by extra side walls 24 and 25 which are welded to the inner faces of the side walls of the frame and the bottoms of these -plates 24 and 25 are slightly spaced above the bottom of the frame to provide a.. space intoA whichthe. edges. of the. slide plate 23 extend and in whichl it is held. for sliding movement. The ends of the links are connected to this slide plate 23 by means oftheir connection to a bracket 2B which is fastened to the rear face of this plate 23 as sl'iown in'. Fig. 5.

At the upper end of the slide pIateZSIthereis connected a block 21 to which is connected a manipulable rod or stem 28 which. extends'. up; through and beyond the top of the housing Il and can be grasped by the hand of the operator to move thev slide plate 23 up and down with respect' to theA channeli frame' I0. The rod 28 is provided with a lateral pin or latch member` 2.9' adaptedl to be engaged by a pivotedI latch member orfpawl 30which is pivoted to a bracket 3l onV the' sidel ofv the housing H`l and is heldy in pin engaging position by means ofy a spring 321 To the opposite end ofl thelatch pawl there is? connected amanipulablerod' 33 which extends up'beyond the top of the-housing H and which when depressed releases the pawl from the pin as shown in Fig. 5. They pawl as shown is so disposed that when the rod 28 is moved-up, the pawlandV the pin are automatically engaged to hold the rod in upward? position. To allow the.. rod 26-tobe moved downward, thevreleasing stem or'rodl 33must be depressedfbythe operator'thusreleasing the pawl.

Sincev the legs It'wand-v I6y are outwardly divergent, they arebraced when expanded byl means of bracing links 34 and 35, the upper ends ofl which are respectively pivoted at 36 and 3T to the legs l and it and at theirlower ends are connected to sleeves 38 and 39^slidably surrounding the legs l5 and I6. These sleeves38 and 39- are connected pivotall'yto short links 40 and 4l,

the other'v ends of'which are pivotally fixed toan' intermediate point on the links 2| and 22"; As shown, these bracing links are respectively crossed between the legs as shown in Fig. 1 so that they tendto brace the legs in their divergent operative position and form a rm" construction when thus expanded;

Thebottom of the frame member IW isbent' around as shownr. at 42- tok forma portionV which mayrest on the ground-when the deviceI isfin` useftoYhold-it in upright positionwhile -thevplayerlv is engagedY in. his. game andy leaves: thei device standing nearby. A loracingstrut 43 is-.provided toV keep this bent end from buckling. The frame IG is provided with encircling collars 441- and-I 45l at' spaced points throughoutA its'- length which extend-around'and are' spaced'from the lfront face or the framey I to provide socketstoreceive certain hookson the bagl to belater described' so as to easily permit the bag to beengagediwith anddisengaged-from the support.

Since theV golf bag isl made -of flexible*non-rigid material, it must-be reinforced'alongits' inside wall along its length where it istobe-supported -from thecarrier frame I0". To thisl end, there isV disposed within-the bag an elongate strip` of metal'li" (Fig, 7) which at its lower end is: provided, with a series, oi`4 apertures 41k and-through these holes extendiscrew bolts 48" enabling; this main. stripy 46.1 to be. adjpstablyY connectedv tot. an

extension piece 49 so as to permit this reinforcing means to be adjusted to bags of different lengths. Threaded stems 50 with wing nuts extend from plates 5| through the bag fabric to hold the fabric between themselves and the strip 4S, and these plates 5l have hook elements 52 thereon extending downwardly and adapted to be disposed inthe sockets on the. collars 44 and 45. above mentioned. At of theebag there are two plates 5I with curved upper ends to grip between them the upper bead 53 usually found at the tops of golf bags. At the bottom of the bag therearea two'spaced plates 54 and 55 tightened by ascrew stem to grip the lower portion of the bag between'.l them, the screw stem passing through the fabric of the bag at this point as at the other: points; ahove noted.

In. the form of the invention shown in Fig. 8 the bag may be held on the front face of the frame I by means of straps 57 as shown.

In considering the operation:oftheY device, itis to be noted that it mainly comprisesaan. elongate frame which along; one face is: provided with sockets t-o-receive-the` hooks ori-.the bag above' mentioned. Eegsf arepivotally: related t'othe:

rear p ortion of this frame andvr extendv down-.- wardlyA andl dii/emgently and'A have wheels attheir bottom; Thelegsnormally lie closeto` the frame to permit them= to be lioused-inthe bag withV the frame-'when the' d'evceis. collapsed.' Links are pivotallyJ connected' to=thelegsandatA their otherV ends to a slidable element on the-rear face ofthe frame: Pm operatingv rod isfconnectedL to this slidable member and-isr manipulable to causel the reciproationorf this slldable member or element upandVV downfaleng the frame to-cause the legs tobe moved; outwardly away from the frame to operative position andy to be retracted. or collapsed'cl'oseto the framawhen the slidable member is movedNl inthe opposite direction. Bracing members arepivotallyf connectedto the links and sli'd'ab'ly4 relatedv to the legs seas tobrace them in--theiroperative position when -Inoved= awayy from the frame.' Anw'automat-ic latch device isdisposed on the frame to engage the manipulable rod to latch-it inposition to hold the legs in= their operative position. A?rv depressible stern is provided to'v release' the' latch at' will'when the legs are to be collapsed:`

While the'invention hasbeen described4 inI detail andL shownwith respect' to the accompanying drawing,` it: is not to be-limtedto such details, since many-changes and modications mayv be made'v in4 the invention without departing from the spirit and-'scope'thereofz Hence, it is desired to cover-any and all7 forms and' modiiications of tlie'finventionwhich may come within the language4 andscopeoany-one or more of' the appended* claims'.

We claim:

l. Pr golf bag carrier comprising a frame, wheeled l'egspi'votedv to'said* frame, links pivotaily connectedtosaid legs, aslide plate slidably connected to'saidframe, saidy links being pivotally connected to said slide plate, a sleeve slidably cennectedfto4 each ofsaid legs, additional links pivotallyconnected.y to said sleeves and to said rsternentionedlinks; eachleg having abracing linkV7 pivotally connected thereto and pivotally connected-to the sleeve connected'to the other leg.

2f Ai golf* bag4I carrier comprising a` frame, wheeled legs pivoted to saidv frame, links connectedf at' one end of" the'legs' intermediate their length; a slidable" plate mountedon' saidframe togwhiclf'r plate the; other 'ends-of said links are pivotally connected, a manipulable rod connected to said plate slidable in said frame and extending beyond the top thereof, a latch member mounted on said frame and engageable with a latch member mounted on said rod so as to engage the rst mentioned latch member and maintain a relative position of said rod with respect to said frame, a releasing rod connected to one of said latch members and sldable in said frame to disengage said latch members.



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