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Publication numberUS2649270 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1953
Filing dateJul 25, 1950
Priority dateJul 25, 1950
Publication numberUS 2649270 A, US 2649270A, US-A-2649270, US2649270 A, US2649270A
InventorsFranks Alton L
Original AssigneeFranks Alton L
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Folding receptacle holder
US 2649270 A
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Aug. 18, 1953 A. L. FRANKS FOLDING RECEPTACLE HOLDER Filed July 25, 1950 i I N VEN TOR. JQZZO/Z ilfian k6,

ATTORNEYS Patented Aug. 18, 1953 UNITED STATES OFFICE 2,649,270 TOLDING'RECEPTAGLE HOLDER Alton'L. Franks, WestPalm Beach, Fla.

' Application July' 2'5, 1950, Seria;l No.175i830 l-Glaim.

This invention .relates :to folding orcollapsible devices of the type adapted to fold againstaortinto the surface of a wall such as in an airplane, boat, motor vehicle, or the like and in particular a comparatively flat easing, the outer surface of which forms .a tray when extended outwardly and a ring pivotally mounted in the casing and .also pivotally connected by a post to the inner surface of the tray.

.Thepurpose of this invention is to provide a cup or glassholding 'trayin which the receptacle is held in an opening in a ring spaced above and pivotally mounted on a panel forming a tray hinged to a wall or to a comparatively thin casing mounted in or on the wall.

Folding trays and holders of this type have been provided but whereas these devices hold a cup or container for general use the holding hand that extends around the body of the receptacle is not sufllciently close to prevent tipping of a glass, cup or the like in an airplane, motor boat or motor vehicle. With this thought in mind this invention contemplates a folding receptacle holder in which a hinged tray is provided with a receptacle receiving ring that is spaced above the tray and in which the opening is substantially of the same size as the outside diameter of a receptacle whereby space between the receptacle and ring is eliminated.

The object of this invention is, therefore, to 1 provide means for mounting receptacle holding rings in a folding or collapsible holder whereby the ring is positioned above the mounting tray sufliciently to hold the receptacle and in which an opening in the ring is designed to receive the receptacle without permitting lateral movement of the receptacle.

Another object of the invention is to provide a folding cup or glass holding tray that holds a device without permitting lateral movement and which may be installed in vehicles without changing the parts thereof.

A further object of the invention is to provide a folding receptacle holding tray which is of a simple and economical construction.

With these and other objects and advantages in view the invention embodies a comparatively flat rectangular shaped casing having an arcuate upper end with a tray hinged in the casing and forming the front wall thereof in the closed position and a support hinged in the casing and pivotally supported in an elevated position above the tray.

Other features and advantages of the invention will appear from the following description :taken in connection with the .drawings wherein:

shown in Figure 1 showing the :parts :nested and illustrating the :tray andiretaining ringiin-a partly open position in:dotted lines.

Figure 4 isassectionalzplan-taken on linedad of Figure 2 also showing the tray and retaining ring in outwardly extended positions.

Referring now to the drawings wherein like reference characters denote corresponding parts the folding receptacle holder of this invention includes a casing H), a tray H forming the front wall of the casing in the folded position and retaining ring I2 that is pivotally mounted in the casing and supported above the tray by a post 13.

In the design shown the casing H] is formed with an arcuate upper end and a panel Hi, providing the back of the casing is positioned in a recess 15 in the rear surface of the frame. The lower end of the panel It is provided with a flange 16 that forms the base of the casing.

The tray II is provided with ears i! and 58 on the inner surface of the lower ends and the ears are pivotally mounted in the sides of the casing by pins l9 and 20, respectively. The tray H is provided with an arcuate lower edge 2| that coacts with the flange l6 to close the lower end of the casing and, with the tray extended the end of the arcuate edge 2| engages a stop 22 which holds the tray in the outwardly extended position as shown in Figure 1. The outer end of the tray II is provided with a tab 23 having an indentation 24 therein and the tab is positioned to receive a projection or spring actuated ball 25 in a casing 26, in a recess 21 in the upper end of the casing. As the tray H is moved upwardly to the position shown in Figure 3 the ball 25 snaps into the indentation 24 thereby securing the tray in the closed position. The knob or handle 28 is provided on the outer surface of the tray, by which the tray may be drawn outwardly to the open or extended position shown in Figure 1.

The retaining ring [2 is provided with a base 29 having ears 30 and 3! thereon and pins 32 and 33 extended through the ears and also through tabs 34 and 35, respectively on the inner surface of the rear panel I4, pivotally mount the retaining ring [2 in the casing whereby the ring may be folded upwardly to the position shown in Figure 3 or extended outwardly as shown in Figure 1.

The post I3 is provided with bifurcated ends 36 and 3'! by which it is pivotally mounted through a pin 38 in a tab 39 on the tray II and by a pin 40 on a tab 4| extended downwardly from the retaining ring l2.

With the parts arranged in this manner the tray I l is folded into the frame or casing l when not in use and when it is desired to use the tray for holding a cup or glass, as indicated by the numeral 42 the tray is drawn outwardly by the handle 28 whereby the retaining ring I2 is supported in the position shown in Figure 1 and a outer surface of the receptacle with the inner surface 43. r

It will be understood that modifications may be made in the design and arrangement of the parts without departing from the spirit of the invention.

What is claimed is:

A folding container holder comprising an inverted U-shaped frame having a continuous recess in the inner edge, a panel mounted in the said recess of the frame providing a back, said panel having a flange on the lower edge extended into the frame, a tray having an arcuate lower edge, a pair of apertured ears on the tray hinging the tray in the lower end of the frame, and positioning the tray to extend outwardly to a horizontal position and also to fold to a closed position providing a front wall of the frame, a retaining ring, a pair of apertured ears on the ring hinging the ring in the frame and positioning the ring to extend outwardly, to a horizontal position and also to fold to a closed position in the frame, a post pivotally attached to a depending apertured ear on the outer part of the retaining ring and an upstanding apertured ear on inner surface of the tray for supporting the retaining ring in spaced relation to the tray with the tray in the extended position, means in the frame engaging the arcuate lower edge of the tray for limiting outward movement of the tray thereby supporting the tray in a horizontal position a knob on the bottom of the tray diametrically opposite to the post for extending the tray outwardly of the frame, and a fastener on the outer end of the tray for retaining the tray in the closed position in the frame.


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