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Publication numberUS2649753 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 25, 1953
Filing dateMay 31, 1952
Priority dateMay 31, 1952
Publication numberUS 2649753 A, US 2649753A, US-A-2649753, US2649753 A, US2649753A
InventorsDoye Jr Robert H
Original AssigneeDoye Jr Robert H
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Cigarette case timing indicator
US 2649753 A
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Aug- 25, 1953- R. H. DoYE, JR 2,649,753



ATTGR N Ey Patented Aug. 25, 1953 CIGARETTE CASE TIMING INDICATOR Robert H. Doye, Jr., Kansas City, Kans.

Application May 31, 1952sv Serial No. 290,914

2 Claims.

My invention relates to cigarette cases or the like, although capable of application to containers in general comprising hinged sections including a receptacle body and a cover with clock dials on the inner and outer sides of the latter and time indicating pointers or hands connected to a common axis at the center of the dials to swing or move over the dials as means of disciplining oneself by setting the clock hands from the inside each time a `cigarette is smoked to the next time one can be smoked to act as a deterrent since after the time is set and the case closed, if the case is taken out unconsciously or otherwise to see if enough time has elapsed, will act as a Warning against smoking until such elapse to limit the number of cigarettes smoked.

The invention also comprehends and has for its object to provide a cigarette containing case or the like with clock dia-1s on the front or outer and inner faces of the case cover having the hour f through the cover of the case at thecommon centers of both dials so that when the inner hand is set on its clock dial each time a cigarette is taken to indicate the next time one can be smoked, the outer hand will be simultaneously set on its clock dial to the same time orhour as the settingr ofr the inner hand, whereby one setting will be sufcient to show when a cigarette may be smoked under such disciplining plan without opening the case, so that merely looking at the outer face time dial setting acts as a warning if the case is taken out unconsciously, to look and see if enough time has elapsed to deter or discourage smoking until such time is reached as determined from a watch or clock, while permitting the setting of the hands as any desired interval.

Another object is to provide combination inner and outer clock dials and hands cooperating therewith and Working together on both the inner and outer faces of the cover of a cigarette case or the like, the dial and hand at the inside projecting inwardly from the normal plane of the cover into the case, and the dial and hand at the outside of the cover being depressed so as not to offer an obstruction to the free and easy placing and removal of the case into and from a .pocket without Y catching the outer dial hand or pointer in ones clothing or pocket lining.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent as the description proceeds and the novel construction, combination and arrangements of parts pointed out, but it is to be understood that changes andmodications may be resorted to within the scope of the claimed invention without departing from the principles and spirit thereof.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is an edge elevation of a cigarette case having a timing indicator in accordance with my invention.

Figure 2 is a front elevation looking at the face of thercigarette case cover.

Figure 3 is an elevation of the case in an open position, looking at the inside thereof, and

Figure 4 is an enlarged Afragmentary sectional view taken on the line 4 4 of Figure 2 through the cigarette case cover.

Referring to the drawingin detail, my timing indicator is shown applied to a cigarette or like case comprising hinged sections including a receptacle body or bottom section I Ilv along one side or longitudinal edge a cover or top section II is hinged at I2 to swing from open to closed positions relative to each other. Both sections I I) and II are shown as substantially rectangular and dished out to provide surrounding rim flanges I3 and Ill adapted to abut when the sections are swung together or the cover is closed againstthe body to close the case with the'hollovv or concaved sides of the sections toward each other.

The bodyjsection I0 is provided with a spring projected latch I5 normally held out by a spring I6 through an opening or recess in the body section flange I3 for engagement with a catch Il in the corresponding flange I4 of the cover section I I.v Of course, any suitable catchqmay be provided to hold the case sections closed and to permit convenient release and opening thereof. Also, the body section I8 of the cigarette case is shown provided withv a spring tension cigarette holding bar I8 for holding the cigarettes therebeneath in the body section. As shown, the bar is T-shaped, Iwith the central leg I9 thereof provided with a spring tensioned pivot mounting 2i! at the hinged edge thereof along the hinge I2.

In forming the timing indicator of the case, the top or cover section I I is provided with a circular depression 2l pressed inwardly near the center thereof. This depression has a flat bottom with a surrounding inclined rim 22 at its f juncture with the wall ofthe cover section I I,

amarte 8 the cover section il around the rim 22 and a clock dial 26 within the depression at the outside with a circular row of hour numerals 2T at the outer edge of the fiat bottom of the depression 2l within the rim 22 within and concentric to the dial 24 and to a common center. However, the dials 24 and 26 are arranged reversely as shown in Figures 2 and 3, the hour numerals 25 on the inside dial 24 being arranged and progressing anticlockwise from 1 to 12 and the hour numerals 27 on the outside or face dial 28 being arranged and progressing clockwise from l to 12 so that the corresponding hour numerals are in alignment radially of the dials and transversely of the case cover for a purpose to be hereinafter explained.

At the center axis common to both clock dials 24 and 26, a pivot axis or arbor 28 is journaled through the center of the flat bottom of the depression 2|. At the inside of the cover Il a hand or pointer 29 is fixed to the inner end of axis 28 to extend parallel to the iiat circular bottom of depression 2| and is directed outwardly at an obtuse angle near its outer end as at 38 to extend over the correspondingly angled vinclined rim 22 in juxtaposition to the inside dial numerals 25. At the outside of the cover Il, a hand or pointer 3| is iiXed to the outer end of axis 28 to move in unison with the inner hand 29 and is straight and shorter than the inner hand 29 and radially aligned therewith. Hand 3l extends ad- `acent the hour numerals 21 of the outer clock dial 26 and in addition to terminating in juxtaposition to the numerals 21, is parallel to the inner straight portion of the inner hand 29 radially inwardly of the bend 30 and to the iiat circular bottom of the depression 2l and located in a plane within Ithe depression space 23 inwardly or below the wall of the cover or top section Il. This prevents the outside hand 3l from projecting and oiering an obstruction to the free entry and removal of the case into and from a pocket of ones clothing or coat without the dial parts, especially the hand or pointer snagging or catching in the clothing or pocket lining. Also, since the inner and outer time indieating hands or pointers 29 and 3| are radially aligned and the dial numerals are reversely arranged, the corresponding hour numerals from 1 to l2 of .the inside and outside dials 24 and 26, respectively, are also aligned radially and transversely through the cover H, so that by turning and setting the inner hand 29 on a particular hour or time when another cigarette may be smoked, the outer hand 3l will be set to the same hour or time interval as the inner hand. Thus the outer hand Will also indicate when another cigarette may be smoked. This is due to the fact that the inner dial numerals progress antiy clockwise from 1 .to 12 and the outer dial numerals progress clockwise, whereby since both hands are aligned and fixed to the same axis, setting of the inner hand to a particular time indication on its dial advanced anticlockwise as viewed facewise from the inside, will set the outer hand to the same time indication advancing clockwise as viewed facewise from the outside, with iboth hands moving in thesarne direction.

In use, with the dials and time indicating hands or pointers on both vsides of the cover of a cigarette case or the like at a depression in the cover thereof as shown and described, when the case is opened and a cigarette taken therefrom for smoking by a person at the time set on the clock or time dials as seen on the outer dial before opening the case cover, .the person so doing simply resets the inner hand to the next time when a cigarette may be smoked and in doing so, simultaneously sets the outer hand to the same time, and if the case is taken out unconsciously to look and see if enough time has elapsed for smoking another cigarette, until such time arrives by the passing of the required time interval, looking at the face dial acts as a deterrent or warning against smoking and as means of disciplining oneself against too frequent or excessive smoking.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

1. A cigarette case with a time indicator comprising a dished body section hinged to a cover section, a depression in the outer surface of said cover section and a corresponding embossment on the inner` surface thereof, an arbor journaled through said cover at the center of said depression, an outer clockhand fixed to said arbor and mounted within said depression, a clock dial within said depression, an inner clockhand iixed to said arbor and extending over the inner embossed surface and movable with said outer clockhand to indicate the same time therewith, and an inner clock dial on said inner surface, said inner clock dial being in the reverse order of said outer clock dial;

2. A cigarette case as in claim 1, further comprising an inner clock dial surrounding said inner embossment, and an angular extension on said inner clockhand, said extension overlying the perimeter of said embossment,


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