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Publication numberUS2651069 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 8, 1953
Filing dateMay 18, 1950
Priority dateMay 18, 1950
Publication numberUS 2651069 A, US 2651069A, US-A-2651069, US2651069 A, US2651069A
InventorsHoffman Leslie B
Original AssigneeDayless Mfg Co Inc
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Wringer mop
US 2651069 A
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Sept. 8, 1953 B. HOFFMAN WRINGER MOP Filed May 18, 1950 INVENTOR. fmfw//v ATT ESL/z" NEY Patented Sept. 8, 1953 OFFICE WRINGER MOP Leslie B. Hoffman, Chicago, Ill., assignorto Day.`

less Mfg. Co., Inc., Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Illinois Application May 1s, 195o, ser'ialNo. 162,680 l 1 claim. (ci. `15-119)` The invention relates to improvements in mops, and .is more particularly concerned with a novel mop construction embodying manually vactuable wringer means for the mopping element.

An object ofthe. present invention is to provide a novelly constructed wringer mop of the character described.

Another object of the invention is to provide a mop with a novelly mounted mop element and a novelly constructed wringer element.

Another object is to provide a wringer mop with a novel two-piece housing for carrying the wringer rollers.

Another object is to provide a durable, rigidly constructed wringer mop of a kind that may be manufactured inexpensively.

Other objects of the invention will appear from the following description and accompanying drawings and will be pointed out in the annexed claim. l

In the accompanying drawings there has been disclosed a structure designed to carry out the various objects of the invention, but it is to be understood that the invention is not confined to the exact features shown as various changes may be made within the scope of the claim which follows.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is an elevational view of a mop structure embodying features of the present inven- A tion.

Fig. 2 is an end elevational view of the mop shown in Fig. 1, showing a portion of the handle and actuating links broken away.

Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional View, taken substantially on line 3-3 of Fig. 1.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, the mop includes a conventional elongated handle I I having a bell-shaped housing I2 firmly mounted on one end. The housing I2 is fabricated from two like halves, each formed from suitable sheet material such as steel or aluminum. Each housing half includes one-half of a socket I3 having abutting side anges I4 adapted to be secured together, as by screws I5, so as to rmly secure the end of the handle in the socket.

The body portion of the housing I2 is, as aforesaid, substantially bell-shaped and it includes an arched Wall I6 and end walls Il. The end walls consist substantially of end iianges adapted to A pair of built up rollers is mounted in the 'of the bell-shaped housing and the other sections of which are disposed outwardly thereof. The sections of each roller are mounted upon common axes 22 journalled in the respective end anges and, as is best shown in Fig. 3, the wall offsets I3 aiford clearance for said rollers within the housing I2.

A channel 23 is arranged within the bell-shaped housing I2 and extends beyond each end thereof. This channel has a length corresponding substantially to the length of the rollers 2| and it has its open side 24 disposed downwardly, as is best shown in Fig. 3. The channel is provided to constitute mounting means for a mopping element 25 which, in the present instance, is fabricated from suitable sponge rubber, or like resilient material, so that when the channel and mopping element 25 are in the position shown in Fig. 2 the portion of the mopping element extending beyond the rollers 2| will iiare out- Wardly.

Means is provided whereby the channel and mopping element may be drawn upwardly into the bell-shaped housing I2 into a position substantially as shown in Fig. 3. When the mopping element is in this position, its normally flared portion is constricted between the rollers 2| whereby excessive water contained therein is wrung out of the mopping element. The means provided for drawing the channel 23 and its mopping element 25 into the bell-shaped housing I2 consists of a lever 21 and a pair of connecting links 28.

The lever 21 may be of any conventional construction. However, it is preferred that it be fashioned from strap stock bent substantially U- s haped and having the free ends of its side portions journalled to the handle I I as by a pivot 29. The lever is pivoted to the handle II at a considerable distance from the end carrying the bell-shaped housing I 2. This positioning of the lever facilitates manipulation of the wringer mop in that it is unnecessary for the user thereof to bend over so as to reach any operating mechanism which might be closely associated with or formed as a part of the bell-shaped housing or its mounting.

The links 28 are pivotally connected at their upper ends to the lever 2l, as by rivets 3|, and their lower ends are each pivotally secured at 32 to one of a pair of ears 33 formed on the ends the rollers 2| in a wringing operation the in herent yieldability of the mopping element is' such as to automatically tend to return the mopping element and actuating parts to their initial` positions shown in Fig. 2.

Although an exemplary embodiment ofv thel mop construction has been shown 'iritheaccom-v panying drawings and described in detail in the foregoing specication, it should be understood that the invention may embody modifications in.

its details of construction without departing from I d the spirit of the invention or the scope of the ap' pended claim.

I claim: A mop comprising a handle, a rigid bell-shaped housing carried by the handle, said housing being fabricated from two like halves each including matching portions defining a socket to receive 4 the handle, end Walls on the housing having aligned U-shaped openings therein, rollers in and extending beyond the end walls of said housing on each side of the U-shaped openings, a channel arranged in the housing and projecting through the end Wall openings, a sponge carried by thexchannel. and extending outwardly between the.` rollers, aA lever mounted vdirectly on the handle, andlinks extending through openings in the housing for connecting the lever with the "channel, said lever and links providing mounting and actuating means for the channel whereby the channel can be moved to draw the sponge .inwardly between' .the rollers.


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U.S. Classification15/119.2
International ClassificationA47L13/144, A47L13/10
Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/144
European ClassificationA47L13/144