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Publication numberUS2652183 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 15, 1953
Filing dateJun 15, 1950
Priority dateJun 15, 1950
Publication numberUS 2652183 A, US 2652183A, US-A-2652183, US2652183 A, US2652183A
InventorsBernice Hlivka
Original AssigneeBernice Hlivka
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Baby holder for children's chairs
US 2652183 A
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Application June 15, 1950, Serial No. 168,271

2 Claims.

My invention relates to improvements in devices for holding a baby in a chair.

Baby holders heretofore devised for children's chairs have been inadequate in meeting the numerous requirements of a satisfactory article of such nature which call for a holder of relatively ample, durable, sanitary and inexpensive consiruction that is not only conveniently used and adjusted to fit a baby of any size, but also one that is comfortable to the baby and at the same time operable securely to hold the baby in the chair despite all of its efforts to get out of the chair.

The present device meets all of the said requirements desired in a satisfactory baby holder for a childs chair. It is constructed of washable fabric or other suitable flexible material in elongated formation and includes connected back and seat sections which are padded for the baby's comfort. Tie straps attached to the back section and adapted to be tied together about the back of the chair serve to hold said back section in place against the front of the chair-back. In continuation of the seat section is a crotch section and in continuation of said crotch section is an apron section. A waist strap for the apron section is medially secured at one edge thereof to the upper edge of the apron section and is adapted either to lie laterally extended from said apron section or laterally folded thereon in effect to shorten the apron. Sets of horizontally paired loops are applied to the front of the back section at different elevations selectively to receive the ends of the waist strap according to the babys size, said ends of said waist strap being adapted to be tied together about the back of the chair, thereby snugly to girth the waist of the baby and hold the baby centered in the chair.

The bottom section and the apron section are [each provided at each of its outer edges with a.

tab extending therealong. Each tab on the apron section is provided with an outer pair and an inner pair of fastener members and each tab on the seat section is provided with a series of fastener members along its outer edge. The fastener members of each of said outer and inner pairs thereof on each tab of the apron section are adapted selectively to coact with any two adjacent fastener members on the corresponding tab of the seat section to join the seat section and apron section snugly about the corresponding thigh of the baby adjacently above the knee in accord with the length and girth of the thigh.

In the accompanying drawing,

Fig. 1 is a plan view illustrating a baby holder embodying my invention and showing the holder as flatly spread out.

Fig. 2 is an edge view of the structure shown in Fig. 1'.

Fig. 3 is a perspective front-quarter view showing the baby holder illustrated in Figs. 1. and 2 as applied to a childs chair.

Fig. 4 is a perspective rear-quarter view of the baby holder and chair shown in Fig. 3.

Referring to the drawing, it will be seen that the embodiment of my invention therein illustrated consists of an elongated holder A including a back section In, a seat section I I in continuation of said back section, a crotch section I2 in continuation of said seat section, an apron section I3 in continuation of said crotch section, and a waist strap I4 intermediately joined at one edge thereof to the free or upper end of the apron section I3. In the form of baby holder illustrated, I have shown the end portions of the waist strap I4 constituted as by terminal pieces I4a of tape-like material. Although not necessary, this .means of acquiring the desired overall length in said waist strap I4 has been found to be advantageou in the manufacture of the holder. Preferably, the holder A will consist of two sheets I5, I6 of fabric or other suitable flexible material stitched one upon the other, the material being such that it can be readily cleansed with a dampened wiping cloth. Optionally a marginal binding strip, as at 11, and a decorative ruffle, as at I8, may be stitched to the sheets of material I5, I6. The back-section It and the seat section I I are padded with a suitable filling material I9 placed between the two sheets of flexible material I 5, I6 making up the device proper.

Placed in a childs chair, as in the chair shown at B, the back section II) of the baby holder A rests against the forward side of the chair-back 20 and the seat section II of the holder rests upon the chair-seat 2|. For thus holding said backsection ID in place, it is supplied with .a pair of tie straps 22 ecured thereto at its edges intermediate the ends thereof, said straps 22 being adapted to be passed around the back :20 of the chair and knotted together at the rear thereof as seen in Fig. 4.

Ordinarily, upon placing a baby in the holder .A, the crotch-section I2 and apron section I3 will be draped down in front of the chair B. Having seated the baby on the seat section In of the holder A, the apron section I3 will be lifted into position somewhat as shown in Fig. 3 with the crotch section I2 of the holder between the legs of the child.

For coaction with the free ends of the waist strap I4, I have provided at the front of the back section III upper and lower sets 23, 23a of horizontally paired loops 24, 24a, the same consisting of two straps 25 located in spaced apart parallel relationship extending lengthwise of said back section it and fastened at their ends and intermediately thereof to said back-section as by stitching 2% or other suitable means. The ends of the waist strap i i are passed through their corresponding loops 2a or Z ta of one or the other of the horizontally paired sets 53,- 2'3a thereof from the inner sides of the loops. Thence said ends of said Waist strap it are oppositely passed: around the back it of the chair B and knotted together at the rear thereof as shown" in Fig, 4. The lower set 23a of loops 24a are positioned approximately at the elevation of the arms 2? of the chair B so that the ends of' the waist strap i4 running through either of the sets 23, 23a of loops 2 3, 2 3a may be passed under the chair-arrns 2? before tying said ends of said waist strap i l about the back it! of the chair, thereby to thwart the rising of a baby from its safely seated position on the seat 2! of the chair.

The Waist strap it may be laterally folded upon the upper marginal portion of the apron section it or unfolded and laterally extended, as shown in Fig. 3, in effect to shorten or lengthen said apron section Having regard to the size of the child to be held in the holder A, appropriate choice of said folded or unfolded disposition f the waist strap It and appropriate choice of sets 23 of the horizontally paired loops 2 3' through which the ends of the waist strap E'Ll'are to be passed will result in locating the waist strap [4' at the babys waist line while snugly yetcomfortabl'y fitting the apron section it lengthwise thereof to the infants body, whatever its size.

' The seat section if of the holder A is formed at each of its outer edges with a tab 2'8 extending thercalong and, likewise, the apron section it is formed at each of its outer edges with a tab 22 extending along the same. Each tab 23 of the apron section '3' is provided with an outer pair of mal snap fastener members 31' and with an inner pair Sta of similar fastener members' L la and each tab 538 of the-seat section if is provided with a series of female snap fastener members 32' extending therealong'; The outer pair Si? of fastener members 3! and the inner pair 36a of fastener members era on each tab 29 of the apron section E3 are engaged selectively with any two of the fastener members 32 on the corresponding tab 28 of the seat section I lto join said apron section and seat section snugly about the corresponding thigh of the baby; whateve: its size, always above the knee and adjacent thereto.

From the foregoing it will be readily comprehended that my improved baby holder may be comfortably fitted to a baby of any size. and altered in the fitting thereof in conformity with the developm nt of the child until it outgrows the need of such a holder. Said holder properly fitted to a baby will harness the' ch ild in seated position in a chair securely against any effort it may make to slide" out of the chair or'to stand up therein and" thereby endanger its toppling from the chair. In thus protecting the baby against falls, the waist strap I4 holds the baby against the back section it of the holder A and down in the chair. Also, it'holds said" back section it against the back 2c of the chair B similarly to the tie straps 22 on said back section H] which serve such purpose prior to the placing of a bab in the holder as well'as after the baby is placed therein. With said Waist strap l4 drawn about the waist of the baby through one of the sets "23, 23a of loops 24, 25a under the arms 21 of the chair B and with the apron section I3 snugly tight lengthwise thereof and the thigh embracing portions of said apron section [3 and said seat section i I snugly tight about the thighs of the baby above the knees, the child is unable to draw its knees into theholder in any effort made to stand in the chair by getting its feet on the seat of the chair.

Changes in the specific form of my invention, as herein described, may be made within the scopeof what is claimed without departing from the spirit of my invention.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:

1. A baby holder for a childs chair, the same being constructed of flexible material in elongated formation and comprising a back section, a seat section in continuation of said back section, a. crotch section in continuation of said seat section, an apron section in continuation of said crotch section, tie means at the upper portion of the apron section" for securing thesame" to the back of the chair and snugly about the Waist of the" baby; fastening elements at each of the outer marginal portions of" the apron section; fastening elements at each" of the outer marginal por tions of the seat section", the fastening elements of one section" being spaced apart laterally of the holder and the fastening elements of the otl'ier section being spaced apart longitudinally of the holder, the-fastening elements at eachmarginal portion of one of said sections being c'ooperable selectively with the fastening elements at the corresponding marginal portion of the other of said section's adjusta'bly to join said seat and apron's'ections' snugly about the outer side of corresponding leg' of a baby at the thigh.

2. A baby holderfor a childs chair, the same being constructed of flexible material in elongated formation and comprising a back section, a seat section in continuation of said back: section, a crotch section in continuation ofsaid seat section; an apron section in continuation of said crotch section, means for adjustably fastening together the corresponding outer marginal portions of i said apron section and seat section to jointhem snugly about the outer side of the corresponding leg of the baby at the thigh; tie straps-extending from-opposite sides of the waist portion of" the apron section; loops disposed in pairs adjacently to one another longitudinally of the back section at the front thereof, the loops of each pair being respectively disposed adjacent opposite side edgesof said back section, said'tie straps being adapted to be threaded through their corresponding loops of that pair thereof selected in accord with the adjustment made in fastening the marginal portions of the apronsection to the marginal portions" of the scat section; said tie straps being adaptedthence to bedrawn about and tiedto the back of the chair securing the holder in thechair and snugly girthing the apron section and back section of said holder about'tlie waist of the baby. BERNICE HLIVK-A;

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