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Publication numberUS2653335 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 29, 1953
Filing dateJan 17, 1949
Priority dateJan 17, 1949
Publication numberUS 2653335 A, US 2653335A, US-A-2653335, US2653335 A, US2653335A
InventorsJohnson Axel A
Original AssigneeJohnson Axel A
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Wax applicating and dispensing unit
US 2653335 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Sept. 29, 1953 A. A. JOHNSON WAX APPLICATING DISPENSING UNIT Filed Jan. 17, 1949 Axel A.Johnson ATTO R N EYS Patented Sept. 29, 1953 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,653,335 WAX APPLICATING AND DISPENSING UNIT Axel A. Johnson, Holly, Mich.

Application January 17, 1949, Serial No. 71,308

6 Claims. (Cl. 15-118) The present invention relates to a wax applicating and dispensing unit and has as its object to provide such a unit which is both economical and completely efficient.

Furthermore, it is an object of this invention to provide a wax applicating and dispensing unit of extremely simple design having a foam rubber applicating pad which, in contrast to the applicating pads now in use, does not harden and neither scratches nor mars the finest of surfaces.

In addition, it is a still further object of this invention to eliminate clogging valves and levers which are ordinarily employed in devices of this type.

These and other objects wil1 appear more clear- 1y from the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure 1 represents a perspective view of the wax applicator and dispenser;

Figure 2 represents a fragmental view of a modification of the unit showing the manner in which wax may be dispensed;

Figure 3 represents a fragmental view of the unit showing in section the preferred manner of attaching the applicator to the handle;

Figure 4 rep-resents a top plan view of the dispensing portion of the present invention; and

Figure 5 represents a modified manner of attaching the handle to the applicator.

Specifically, the unit is comprised of a handle I made of suitable metal at the lower end of which is attached an applicator 2. A short distance from its lower end the handle is provided with a bow shaped portion 3 within which a spring clip 4 may be welded or firmly fastened in any other suitable manner. This spring clip 4 is adapted to retain a wax container 5, which is provided with a perforated cap 6 for dispensing liquid wax.

Preferably, the handle is attached to the waxer .2 in the manner shown in Figures 1 to 3. In this embodiment, the supporting member 8, which may be of wood, metal .or any other suitable material, is affixed to the curved wing portion 9 of the handle by the bolt 10, which extends upwardly through the member 8 and the wing nut II. To the underside of the member 8 is bonded the foam rubber applicating pad l2. Suitable foam rubber substitutes may be spongy rubber, cellulose and the like.

In the modification shown in Figure 5, a carrying member iii of suitable material, on the underside of which is bonded the foam rubber pad [2, is secured by screws 14 to the metal supporting member l5, which in turn is welded to the slightly bent end portion of the handle I. As

shown in Figure 1, the handle I is provided with 55 alooped portion at its free end in order to form the hand grasp l6. As another modification, although the dispensing portion is preferably placed at right angles to the applicator pad as shown in Figure 1, it may, of course, be angularly disposed, as shown in Figure 2, in order that the liquid wax may be dispensed without completely inverting the unit.

From the above description, the manner in which the unit is employed is now quite apparent. In use, with the bottle filled with liquid wax and in an upright position, the user simply inverts the unit, thus dispensing through the perforated cap 6 of the container the desired quantity of wax onto the floor or other surface ll. The wax is then spread quickly and evenly with the foam rubber applicating pad l2. The pad efiiciently spreads the wax and, in contrast to warp or lambs wool, materials generally utilized in units of this type, do not become hardened. Furthermore, the pad is extremely easy to clean and neither scratches nor mars the finest surfaces. By utilizing a wax container provided with a perforated top, it has become possible to obtain an excellent flow of liquid wax without the costly and clogging valves and levers ordinarily employed. Because of the extreme simplicity of design of the present unit, it is especially adapted for large scale, economical production.

Having thus described the invention, and not intending it to be limited to the form and shapes disclosed herein, what I intend to claim as new 1. A wax applicating and dispensing unit comprising a handle having a bow-shaped portion formed therein, an applicator fixed to an end of said handle and resilient clasping means fixed to said handle within said bow-shaped portion, said resilient clasping means being shaped to conform to the surface of a dispensing container, and a dispersing container held by said clasping means normal to said handle and in a substantially up right, non-dispensing position when the handle is in one position and inan inverted, dispensing position when said handle is turned.

2. The applicating and dispensing unit of claim 1 wherein said resilient clasping means is a spring clip fitted within said bow-shaped portion.

3. The applicating and dispensing unit of claim 1 wherein said bow-shaped portion and resilient clasping means are in a plane normal to the vertical plane of the handle whereby the dispensing container will be held in a plane normal to the plane of the applicator.

4. The applicating and dispensing unit of claim 1 wherein said bow-shaped portion and resilient clasping means are in a plane at an acute angle to the vertical plane of the handle whereby the dispensing container will be held in a plane at an acute angle to the plane of the applicator.

5. A fluid applicating and dispensing unit comprising a handle, an applicator on one end of said handle, and means on said handle for supporting a fluid-dispensing container, said container supporting means comprising an arcuate shaped resilient lne'mbe'r to conform to the surface of the dispensing container and having sufiicient re; siliency to clamp about said container and rigidly support same on said handle s aid means detachably supporting the dispensing container in a non-dispensing position normal to said handle, whereby said container maybe moved from said non-dispensing position to a dispensing position by turning said handle.

6. The applicating and dispensing unit of c1aim 5 and including a valveless fluid container supported on said handle by said supporting means,

said container having a perforated top through which fluid is dispensed when said container is placed in its dispensing position.


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