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Publication numberUS2653601 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 29, 1953
Filing dateNov 16, 1950
Priority dateNov 16, 1950
Publication numberUS 2653601 A, US 2653601A, US-A-2653601, US2653601 A, US2653601A
InventorsMorrison Elizabeth M
Original AssigneeMorrison Elizabeth M
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US 2653601 A
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Sept. 29, 1953 E. M. MORRISON GLOVE Filed Nov. 16, 1950 Q A in 1 1W BYaE- aw ATTORNEYS Patented Sept. 29, 1953 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE GLOVE Elizabeth M. Morrison, Pontiac, Ill.

Application November 16, 1950, Serial No. 196,005

1 Claim.

The present invention relates to gloves and particularly to a glove designed and intended for use as an accessory to be employed in the treatment of the skin of the hands of the wearer.

It is universally recognized that the skin of the hands may be maintained in soft, pliable condition by massaging with creams or thick lotions of various kinds and it is customary at this time for each person interested in maintaining the skin of her hands in soft, pliable condition to devote a substantial amount of time to this type of massaging operation when and if such time is available. It is very frequently the case, however, that the person who desires to subject her skin to such treatment does not have an adequate amount of time during which to carry out the massaging operation. It is, therefore, a principal objective of the present invention to provide means whereby any person who desires to do so may treat her skin by massage and with cream for such length of time as may be necessary to bring about the desired result, and without specifically appropriating this time exclusively for the purpose in question.

Thus the invention provides a glove adapted to closely envelop the hand of the wearer, which glove is so constructed as to be easily applied and removed and which will, when worn, effectively massage the skin whenever the hand of the wearer is moved. The glove may be worn at night so that the massaging effect results from the unconscious movement of the hands throughout the night or, alternatively, the glove may be worn during daylight hours and while the wearer is at work when, perhaps, the massaging effect of the glove on the hand will be greater due to the greater activity. In either case, the glove will include a relatively heavy layer of a porous material, adapted to hold Within its pores or interstices the cream or lotion to the action of which the skin is to be subjected. The glove also includes an impervious sheet in the nature of a sheet of plastic or the like, forming a layer which prevents the escape outwardly of the cream or lotion contained in the pores of the sponge rubber lining. A decorative outermost or exterior layer may be applied, as for instance a layer of nylon cloth, for the sake of appearances.

In order that the glove may easily be applied to the hand of a wearer which has already been covered with an adequate amount of cream, witheut pulling the glove over the hand and thus displacing the cream, its back panel, 1. e. that portion of the glove which covers the back of the hand, is longitudinally slotted from its terminal end substantially to the finger bases so that, when the edges of the slit are parted, the hand may be easily placed within the glove and without disturbing its surface coating. Preferably a slide fastener is applied which enables the wearer to close the slit and to cause the entire glove, including the wrist encircling portion, to closely embrace the hand and wrist. Preferably the sponge rubber lining of the glove will be of sufficient thickness to resist flexure to an appreciable degree so that it will not conform itself too easily to the configuration of the hand. Thus, when the fingers are moved or the hand as a whole is employed to grasp an object or perform other duties, the skin and sponge rubber layer will have some degree of relative movement, the effect being a massaging of the skin. The greater the activity of the wearer, insofar as her hands are concerned, the greater the massaging effect.

It is found that a sponge rubber layer approximately rg inch in thickness is sufliciently stiff to give the desired massaging effect and also that a layer of this thickness will receive and store in its pores an amount of cream or lotion which is quite sufiicient to maintain the wearer's hand well covered during a period of wear of substantial length. However, the pores of the sponge rubber lining of the glove are not purposely filled with cream or lotion in the first instance, the prospective wearer of the glove placing the cream or lotion on her hands in the usual manner so that a surface layer of desired thickness is created, and the hand thus coated inserted within the glove which, itself, may be quite free of cream initially.

The impervious layer may be any one of a substantial number of flexible impervious sheet materials, even sheet rubber. However, a thin impervious sheet of light Weight plastic may be used with advantage, such, for instance, as Pliofilm, and a suitable adhesive, or heat and pressure, may be employed to cause the plastic to adhere to the outer surface of the sponge rubber lining. The outer layer of the glove, which contacts the impervious intermediate layer and provides an ornamental covering, may be of any one of a number of materials. It is found that an outer covering layer of nylon cloth is suitable and is recommended. It will be appreciated that, where the glove is to be worn at night an exterior covering layer of smooth, decorative character is to be preferred. When the glove is to be employed by one at work the exterior or covering layer will naturally be formed of some durable and wearresistant material.

In the accompanying drawings one embodiment of the improved glove is illustrated by way 01' example.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the glove; and

Figure 2 is a transverse section through the body or palm section of the glove.

The glove illustrated is of the type which includes individual finger coverings and this type of glove is preferred. The glove is also preferably relatively long so as to cover the hand and the adjacent portion of the wrist. Its back panel,

i. e. the portion Ill, which is to cover the back of the wearer's hand and the upper side of the wrist when the wearers palm is downturned, is longitudinally slit or incised, the slit extending from the terminal end of the glov longitudinally thereof to a point closely adjacent the bases of the intermediate finger portions. A closure of the slide fastener type is illustrated, this closure including the slide II and the slide connecting strips l2 and I3 which are stitched or otherwise suitably secured to th severed edges of the outer layer M of the glove. The operation of the slide fastener is well known and need not be described and it need only be said that, when the slide is moved forwardly toward the fingers to the limit of its movement, the hand to be treated, and which has already been coated with cream or tion, may be freely inserted without displacing its coating. Thereafter the slide I i may be moved to the opposite end of the glove, thus snugly enclosing the hand and wrist.

The impervious layer of Pliofilm or the like is indicated at I6 and the innermost layer of sponge rubber is indicated at 11. As previously stated, th sponge rubber may vary in thickness in accordance with the needs of the user but a sponge rubber lining which is approximately of an inch in thickness is found to be adequate in the majority of cases to bring about the desired massaging effect. The several layers of the glove may be secured together by suitable adhesives 4 or by stitching or, in the case of thermoplastic materials, by the application of heat.

Minor variations may be made in the details of construction of th improved glove, all without departing from the invention, but the glove which is shown and which has been described is entirely suitable for use for the intended purpose.

Havin thus described the invention, what is claimed as new and desired to be secured by Letters Patent is:

A glove of the class described for closely enveloping the hand and fingers of a wearer including individual finger coverings and being relatively long so that its terminal end extends past the hand and wrist of a wearer, a relatively thick porous lining of sponge rubber throughout the glove adapted to receive and retain cream or other substance for the treatment of the skin and an impervious covering for said lining, that portion of the glove which is intended to cover the back of the wearers hand having formed therein an elongated longitudinal slit extending from the terminal end of said glove to a point closely adjacent the finger coverings thereby facilitating its applictaion to the hand of a wearer, and a slide fastener for bringing the edges of said slit together and maintaining them together.


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