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Publication numberUS2654172 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1953
Filing dateApr 11, 1950
Priority dateApr 11, 1950
Publication numberUS 2654172 A, US 2654172A, US-A-2654172, US2654172 A, US2654172A
InventorsSolomon Leonard J
Original AssigneeSolomon Leonard J
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Changeable exhibitor
US 2654172 A
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Oct 6, 1953 J. soLoMoN CHANGEABLE EXHIBITOR Filed April lli 1950 famnvm I/I l Patented Oct. 6, 1995.3


Application April 11, 1950, Serial No. 155,235

4 Claims.

My invention relates to changeable exhibitors, .and more particularly to exhibitors having a plurality of associated displays, each display changeable independently of the other.

Heretofore whenever it was desirable to associate with a display sheet descriptive indicia, such as a price of the article shown on such sheet, the indicia was usually printed on the sheet. A change in the indicia or the display sheet required an entirely new display which resulted in an expensive process of reprinting and duplication.

It is therefore a primary object of my invention to provide an exhibitor, such `as a sign with a plurality of related displays, each display being i changeable independently of the other, thus achieving a sign wherein the displays can be reused.

It is a further object of my invention to provide a sign wherein changeable descriptive indicia, such as price, are visible through the main display sheet and is thus closely related to the subject matter displayed.

1t is another object of my invention to provide a changeable sign that will accommodate a plurality 4of displays for storage and display.

Further objects of my invention are to provide a sign of a minimum thickness that can be conveniently used as a counter display or the like and of a construction suitable for mailing; to provide in a sign a compact storage for a plurality of indicia strips which are rapidly accessible and removable for display; to provide a protective transparent covering for said display unit which may be used to conveniently display 1A hUl and store a plurality of display sheets for future use and to provide a sign of a simple construction and adapted to be inexpensively manufactured.

I accomplish these and other objects and obtain my new results as will be apparent from the Fig. 6 a partial front elevation of a display sheet.

Referring to the drawing, the exhibitor or sign is generally designated as I0, and comprises a transparent cover II, a front panel I2, intermediate spacer panel I3; and a rear panel I4. The component parts II to I4 inclusive may be of substantially the same height and width and are xedly secured together one adjacent another, prefereably by an adhesive, to form an integral frame unit.

rPhe transparent cover I I may be made of any suitable transparent material, and in its preferred form is constructed of a thin flexible sheet, such as Celluloid. The cover II may be formed with bent-over flanges I5, I6 and I'I along the bottom and side edges, respectively, to space .the cover from the'front panel I2 and form a pocket i8 to slidably receive a main display sheet I9. The top 20 of the cover II may be provided with a nger recess 2| to facilitate removal of the display sheet I9 from the pocket I8. The display sheet I9 is provided with a relatively small opening 22, as shown in Fig. 6, forming a window for a purpose later to be described. A backing sheet 23 may be positioned in the pocket i8 to the rear of the display sheet I9 to facilitate mounting the cover I I to the front panel I2, and

Ymay function as a finishing cover sheet for the front panel I2. The backing sheet 23 is likewise provided with a corresponding window 24. The pocket IS may be of a depth sulcient to accommodate a plurality of display sheets I9, each having a corresponding window 22, so that the ldisplay sheets not in use may be conveniently stored one adjacent another within the pocket with their respective windows aligned.

rIhe front panel I2 is constructed oi any suitable material, such as cardboard, and is preferably of a thickness sufcient to form a rigid support for the component parts of the unit. The edges of front panel I2 may be bevelled at 25 to enhance the appearance of the sign. A window 26 is provided in the front panel I2 and corresponds with windows 22 and 24.

The intermediate spacer panel I3 is provided with cut-out portions or recesses 2'I and 28, with remaining spaced legs 29, 30 and 3|, and connecting side portion 32. 'Ihe recesses 21 and 28 Y are substantially rectangular and extend from one side 33 of the panel to the connecting side portion 32, forming mouths 34 and 35. The recesses in combination with the legs 29 to 3I in.. elusive and the front and rear panels I2 and I4, respectively, form pockets 36 and 3l, as shown in,

Fig. 3, and the mouths 34 and 35 form entrances for their respective pockets. The pocket 36 is substantially large in height and Width to accommodate and store an indicia strip holding card 33, shown in Fig. 5, which has removably mounted thereto a plurality of indicia strips 39. The pocket 37 is positioned to the rear of the window 26 and is of a height and length to receive a plurality oi. indiciaV strips 39 visible through thew-indowsll; 24 andi shown in Fig. 1. The inner longitudinal edges of legs 29 and 3| in conjunction with the edges of leg 3i). form guideways in the recesses 21 and 28, respectively, to slidably receive the correspondih'giedges. of the card 38 and strips 39. Iherecessu 2.8 ex.- tends sufficiently above and below the`wiildow^25 to permit the marginal portioniwl andi-4dr otthee iront panel l2 to act as retaining flanges for the. indicia strips 28 when inserted into pocket 31':

The rear panel i4 is provided with slots 42 and 43iextending from-cneedgeMof-thezpanel, which slots are positioned adjacent pockets 3.6 and31, respectively; and=` are ofx sufficient heightto permit: theentrance of aiinger'into-theepockets to assistin the removalof card 38'^andindicia=.strips 39-"that arepositionedv within theirl respective pockets; lAneasel,45is mountedto the rear surfaceof rearpanel M toprovide a convenient means to'support the display-on a counter' orA the like: Theeasel 45 is'preferabl-y constructed of an integral dat sheet of cardboard having anattachingrlap 46, which'may be-glued 'or otherwise attached `to tlierearpffpanell 4,x and anleg portion 4-1 w-hich-maybetfoldd'rnormal t0 the panel I4 into a; supporting positoniand'retained by'integrally formed-lockingta-b48': `When-itis desired to suspenditlfe-si-gn'from'a wallorvthe like, a conventional supportingl meansmayl beA provdedi' The/indicia stripholdingcard 38-,as illustrated in-Fig-.- 5 is-preferabiyfformedofg front and rear cardboardslieets-48 and-"49- respectively, adhesively oiotherwise,secured4 together, and-have a combined' thickness 'approximately-that* of i the intermediate panel I3lJ to permiti the cardtobe slidably'receivedfirr `pocket 36"; Aplrality `of'the indicia strips 3 9 l'are form-edeA by -cuttin'g' through the top-sheetr 48 providi'rig weakened lines, 5D"to 53J inclusive, which `lines define the' contour of eachindicaf strip-39;- The areas-54 aof the-rear sheetA 38 adjacent the indicia-strips 39 are left free of the 4adhesive to Apermit the-indicia strips 39-`-to xbe ejected fronrtheir respective pockets55 in the-cardbyngerpressureontherear ofsheet 49;y The indicia strips 39 fit snugly into Ytheir respective pockets 55"-in the front'sh'eet-31 so that after use they--mayjbe'conveniently pressed back therein for storage.- As *showninfliigs.-` land 4 the length ofetheepocket'l is'suflicientltoaccommodate three v`indiciastrips 56;' 51 and `SlVtol be visible through windows-H22? 24iand` 261- respectively.

The relative-dimensions -of -the '-pockets'36'5and 31," windows- -22'2 2li and ZS the-card38f and" arrangement and size of -fin'diciastrips L39mayvary accord-ingA to the parti-cular lrequirements iand/use of the signa- Theoperation-of *the'sign is quitefsimpler. The desired :display-sheen suc-h* as *i 9 is insertedinto the -pocket 1| 8 iirictheltransparent*cover l I so that the windowI 2'2Tis :substantiallyalignedd with. win'- doW-s 24 and 26? The -indicia holdingcard "3 8 Withdrawn from its pocket" 35L and-the indicia strips 39 areremoved therefrom to makeup-the desired arrangement and` are theninsertedinrthe 4 pocket 31 in the desired sequence to be visible through the windows 22, 24 and 2B, as illustrated by the indicia strips 56, 51 and 58 in Fig. 1. Thereafter the display sheets I9 and the indicia strips 39 can be readily rearranged to meet the instant requirements of the sign.

My invention provides a sign that accommodates a plurality of changeable main display sheets,A and al. plurality. ofL changeableV indicia strips to be visible therethroughi. While I have illustrated a numerical designation of the indicia strips, it is to be understood that the type of indicia may be varied as dictated by the needs of the'A sig-'na The number and arrangement of indiciaestrips illustrated on the card may accordingly be changed. By providing a convenient storage poeketifonthe card in the sign, the indicia stripsare readily available with little likelihood o`f"b`eii'1`g misplaced. In arranging the indicia strips to be displayed through a window in the display sheets, the `lWindow Acan be-changed in location within the* display sheet and varied' in size to give the desired'efiect.

I have thus describedfmy-invention; but Ii de sire itV understood that itis `not coni'ned tolthe particular' forms orA uses shownandidescribed, the same being merelyfillustra'tive',y 'andith'at" the invention may loe-carried out in other wayswithout departing fromithe" spirit offmy invention', and; therefore,- claim" broadlyu the'riglit to employ `all 4eipiivalent instrumentalties coming with-- in the scope of the appended claims, and by means ofwhich, objects of my* inventidmY are attained and new resultsaccomplis'hed; as it isobvious that the particular' embodiments herein" shown and describedare only some' of thema'ny that can be employed to attain'these objects land "accomplish theseresults.

I claim:

1. A' display unit comprising a' front' panel adaptedto' support a`r display, said front panel having 'an aperture"thereinlforming ya' window, a rear panel and an' intermediate spacer panel, meansv to secure saidfpanels .together one adjacent another, said`spacer `panel having a plurality of recesses, oneof-'said.reces`ses being isubstantially aligned 'with-'said window and 'forming a". pocket" between' the` front' and rear panels, whereby an indicia. strip may be removably supported in the'pock'etand visible through said Window, another offsaidrecesses forming a pocket between the front and rear; panels whereby said indiciaV strips may'be stored when notusedfr display.

2L` A ds'playjun'it comprising. a panel. adapted to supportla display, said front panelh'aving an aperture" therein frming-aiwindow, a rear panel -and an intermediate spacer paneL means to secure said. panels together oneadjacent'another;Y saidspacer panel'havinga plurality-of recesses,` one cf'said.` recesses beingsubstantially aligned with said window and Aformingapocket between the frontandlrear'panelswhereby an indicia strip may be reinovablysupported in` the pocketandvisible througli'said window, another of said recesses forming a. pocket between the front and rear 'panels 'Where'byj'a Dpluralii's'r of -said indicia' strips* may Ybe storedwhenlnot used for display, said rear section providedwith slot .portions adjacent Asaid recesses to provide access by a finger into th'e'recesses" for'removal 'of theiindiciastrips;

A display vunit comprisingV afrontpanel adapted' Lto support l'a' display"sheet`, said' fro'nt panel having an aperture therein formingawin'- dow, a rear panel, and an intermediate spacer panel, means to secure said panels together one adjacent another, said spacer panel having a plurality of recesses extending from one end of the spacer panel forming pockets between said front and rear panels, sides of the spacer panel adjacent said recesses forming guideways, an indicia holding card having secured thereon a plurality of removable indicia strips and slidably mounted within one of said recesses, the other recess being substantially aligned with the window and adapted to slidably receive the indicia strips to be visible through said window.

4. A display unit comprising a front panel, a rear panel and an intermediate spacer panel, means to secure said panels together one adjacent the other, a transparent cover mounted to the front panel and spaced therefrom to form a pocket to receive a display, a recess in said spacer panel, an indicia holding card having secured thereon a plurality of detachable indicia strips positioned within said recess, and means to mount said detachable indicia strips adjacent said front panel to be visible through saidrcover and be associated with said display.


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