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Publication numberUS2654948 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1953
Filing dateMay 26, 1950
Priority dateMay 26, 1950
Publication numberUS 2654948 A, US 2654948A, US-A-2654948, US2654948 A, US2654948A
InventorsRubin Louis B
Original AssigneeMizzy Inc
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Dental cavity lining device
US 2654948 A
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L. B. RUBIN DENTAL CAVITY LINING DEVICE pct. 13, 1953 Filed May 26, 1950 INVENTOR. LOUIS BQRUBINJ AT plvgx Patented Oct. 13, 1953 DENTAL. CAVITY LINING DEVICE Louis B. Rubin, Springfield Gardens, N. Y., assignor to Mizzy, Inc., New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application May 26, 1950, Serial No. 164,315

This invention relates to devices for dispensing dental varnishes; and in particular is directed to novel improvements in such structures, whereby the dispenser of dental varnishes for cavity lining may be utilized as the instrument for carrying out the cavity lining operation.

It is the practice in dentistry, after a cavity of a tooth has been opened and treated preparatory to being filled, 'to coat the cavity with an appropriate varnish or liner. The function of the varnish coating is to provide a protective seal against penetration of materials which will injuriously affect the tooth and to act as a barrier between the filling and the body of the tooth. In general, the varnish is applied. to the cavity by'means of an applicator or pledget of cotton. Dental varnishes are liquids containing highly volatile solvents so that they dry as rapidly as possible. However, these volatile solvents present marked disadvantages and inconveniences in that the rapid volatilization of the solvent seriously impairs the requisite fluidity of the'varnish and thus makes it difficultproperly to manipulate the same. Since the varnish is transferred from the container thereof to the cavity in tiny droplets'or globules of large surface areas, the volatilization of the solvent is exceedingly rapid, and the varnish quickly loses the manipulability required to achieve a propercoa'ting of appropriate thinness and even distribution.

It has been proposed, heretofore, to employ a device whereby the varnish could be discharged through a delivery tipdirectly into the cavity to be lined; It has also been proposed to provide such a device with a means for maintaining the discharge orifice thereof under conditions which inhibit the drying out of the varnish at such place. However, such structures have failed to overcome the disadvantages of the general practice in that the lapse of time between the delivery of the varnish to the cavity and the actual manipulation thereof by the dentist using an appropriate applicator results in the thickening of the varnish.

It is accordingly among the principal objects of this invention to provide a device that maintains a dental varnish in fiowable condition which may be delivered by a member of the device in a minute globule or droplet to the dental cavity, there to be spread on the surface to be lined by the said varnish delivery member.

Such principal object is achieved by a combination or assemblage of a collapsible tube, contaming the varnish, to the delivery end of which 6 Claims.

tube there is appropriately attached a flexible needle having a capillary bore through which, the varnish may be discharged drop-wise as: desired, the needle being used as the instrument: for spreading the varnish, and the needle being provided with a removable housing containing a vapor which prevents the solvent in the varnish from volatilizing while the combination is not being used.

Another object of this invention is to provide an assemblage as above described, wherein the union between the needle and the collapsible tube is achieved by means of a relatively large hub that provides means for holding the assemblage between the fingers and thus to prevent the heat of the hand from reaching the varnish contained in the tube.

Further objects and advantages of this invention will become more apparent from the following detailed description of the invention taken in connection with the accompanying drawings wherein:

Fig. 1 is an exploded view illustrating the members of an assemblage comprising a collapsible tube containing a dental varnish, a needle that may be attached to said tube, and a container having means for maintaining the delivery end of the needle in condition to prevent drying out of the varnish.

Fig. 2 is a view showing the structural elements of the combination illustrated in Fig. 1 in assembled relationship, a part thereof being shown in vertical section.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the assemblage of the collapsible tube and the needle combined.

therewith as such assemblage is held by the: dentist, and showing droplets of varnish emerg-- ing from the end of the needle.

Referring more particularly to the drawings the numeral l0 designates a collpsible tube provided with threaded delivery tip or end, the: numeral [2 designates a needle assemblage having a hub at the base thereof, and the numeral. l4 designates a container adapted to house the discharge tip of the needle when the same is not being used. The collapsible tube In may be made of flexible metal or any other appro priate material, and is filled with a dental varnish 2B. The needle assemblage 12 comprises the hub 22 and the hub shank 24. The hub is provided with an axially disposed partial bore 26, threaded at 28 and having an inner liner or bushing 30. Set within the hub shank 24 is a flexible needle 34 provided with a capillary bore 36. The inner end 38 of the needle, which may 3 be pointed as at 40, extends beyond the bushin 30 into the bore 26. The delivery end 42 of the needle is blunt.

The bottle I4 is provided with a threaded neck 50 adapted to receive a closure 52. The neck of the bottle is provided with a stopper 54, and both said stopper 54 and the closure 52 are provi fld with axiala st disposed; boresadapted:v to receive the hub shank 24., The bottomv or the bottle may be provided with a wad of glass wool 60 or any other appropriate material satus rated with an appropriate solvent such as that used in the formulation of the varnish.

The assemblage of the tuhaand theneedle-mayg be achieved as follows: thatuhe tll asit amass-rm from the supplier, is provided with an appropriate sealing layer 56 at the end ofthe, threaded discharge tip l8. The hub of the-needle isscrewed on to such discharge tip so that the pointedendi' 40 of the needle punctures the seal and passes into. the tip of, th tube, Whenthe dentist-is. ea s. app he. varnish-tn e c r ty, under.- going preparation for; the, filling; the. dentistgrasps the. assemblage; oil theituhe, and; the neee dle. afiixedi thereto by the huki 22; as: shown in Fig, 3; He then.positionstheneedlein,the=situs of! application, and} squeeze a, droplet. oil the varnish out}. of; the, tube, through the;er1d-- 42 of the needle and proceeds forthwith to spread.the droplet on; the surface-ft the, cavity. in accordt l h i practice. Hezmay hemsqueeza another droplet out of the,tube and.prooeectto: distributethersamesonthesurface of :the. cavity-t The flexibility-oi; themeedlerpermitathe same-tot beflbentsothattthe dentist reachiany -desired situs otappplication,.

After finishing the cavity lining operationthe; ssem la e fv. he c llansiblee bes nd the: needle; may them inserted in, the bottle l4; as; shown inFig, 2; The hub; shank is snugly engaged" by. the stopper. 54so thatevaporatiomof the sole vent in the bottle I4 is preventedz. AJtathB- SEmG time the: solvent varnish in the needle is prevented from volat.i'l z ng,i andsthe varnish therebys figuration with resultant increase in facility in carrying out the cavity lining operation. It is possible, precisely, to regulate the amount of the varnish being delivered to a particular situs of application by the positioning of the needle in the exact spot where the varnish is desired prior to the expression of the droplet from the tube.

It, willibeiunderstood that-the fdfgoih'g descriptionof the invention and the embodiment illustrated is merely illustrative of its principles; and accordingly the appended claims are to be con- Stnuedasdefining the invention within the whole spirit'and'scopethereof.

Itol'aimtf 1 a combination for dispensing a dental varnish' and as operating instrument for lining as. dentalcavityt with such varnish, a collapsible tube containing a dental varnish, a needle assemblage adapted for afiixation to said collapsible tube comprising a hub, a hub shank and a needle extending through said hubtshank the needle:- having a longitudinally extending. bore thatcommunicates with the interior of.- thecol lapsible--tube,.a container havinga closureprovidedwith, 3315013611111? adapted to eng-age'the. aforesaid; hub shank: in; removable sealed rela tionship, said-i container havingtmeans for filling the interiorv thereof withvapors: of. a solvent;- whereby i the varnish in =theneedlecismaintained i in flowable condition.-.

.1.- 1111 a, combination, ion dispensing; a. dental varnish and as an operating: instrumenttforv lining aqdental cavity withsuch' varnish, wool-laps ible ztube; containing; a dentalvarnish; ,said 1001 351 lapsible: tube having a-. tip: adapted to engage'aneedleassemblagepaineeellerassemblage comprise ing a hub,-,awhub :shanlc' and a needle, having-1a" longitudinal; bore; extending through saiduhub' shanlc into the hub, said hub' having ;means:.for.

40f engaging the tip-of the collapsibletubethereby;

tODI'DVidBTfOI" communication-of the needle with thezrinteriorrof the-said tube; a=housingmforrthe aforesaid hub :shanktand :the'delivery end of :the? needle; said 1 housing. comprising a container, a--

is maintained in; .fluid conditions, Thetassemblagea -T closure; ,openmeans-imthe closure for engaging'z,

is .thusirea dy for instanttuse on thanextoccasion: when the. dentist? has to;pertorm a navity fliningg oper iom It will be observed;that theestructurer abovev thehub' shank' in removable sealed relationshiw. and imeans ''for' keeping :the--- interior of the eontain'er; filled with :vap 'ors:=toprevents thei-solventi of" .theevarnish from' .=volatilizing svlierebyithefivarw described.providesrmeansfby -whigh (a) :it1is p.0s- .nish; inithe; needle is maintained" in flowabie:

sible; with great precision -top,contrel the amolmtt of the varnish; being deliyered toiztheisitiisnofir application, (b) immediately-5mJworki thegvarv nish as thus delivered-, and (c-) whi1e performing condition.

3. Inc a t combination? for-rdispensingie a dental varnish and as an-operating instrument .forflining iazdental cavityrwith such varnish} aracollapss the, cavity liningpperation; to:prevent,;th'erheat1o:r55 ible'stube containingi audental =varnish,.said col-- the hand from reaching thelbody, of thezvamishi; within the tube; Additionally thecsaid;structure provides means fOl CQHStaIEHZhZ{KQCpiIIgQthEIVEE-E nish in the needle in .;flo wab,lecondition;

lapsibie itubei having a threadedrtip adapted to" engage :-a needle 'assemblage',-' aaneedl'e assemblage?- comprisingi a :hubyi aahubshank and aaineedle i1 having 2;: longitudinal bore; extending: through:

This novel combination presents markedradstfl saidi'h'ub shankrinto' the'hub; sai'd' hub havin'gi vantagesover. any; of the vstructuressheretoforer proposed. in eliminating;- the need ;for ;auxiliar.m equipment in: carrying; out; a =cavity; liningl'opere ation, It will-benoted thafi thfi hubfofithfilllle threa ds :for E engaging the tip of the oco'llapsiblli' tube \thereby to provide for communication eithe needle=With;theinterior ofahesaidfitube, auhouS- ing fonthe :aforesaidshubrshank: and the-deliveri dle provides;the dentisttwitl umeansifor moldinggoaend of the needleiz saidihousingiicomprisin ia the assemblage Wil7h3fiIIGIS :so as toiinsulatezth'e-z varnish from the heatij-ofazthe hand, Landxthust prevent it. frqmi expanding; eithensbefbre; itjris ready ,for, or. while t is in, .usee. Theistructmrei;

container; aeclosura; openfmeanstini thecclosure foniengaging the hub shankiintremo'vabl'e sealed relationship, and a' iwad and 'a ssolvent that ro vides the: interior oi the 1'- container? filled with" pr ides e t sezof application of dentalivan-e.70Uvapors-to prevent the solvent of the'varnish from nisn in sharp contrastito.allthe methods hereto: fore used. The externalidiameter of therneedlexs is so small that the.;n eedle=can,bevinsertedrintor e t niest vi iese nd t -rflexih litxsprovidese means 61 be din tliasa n intaanadesimdc fi volatilizing:wherebythe varnish in theneedlei issn maintained insflowable condition. I

4.: In; a combination for. dispensingz a dental varnish and as-an operating instrument for: 1in o fingpadentaimavitm-with such varnish; a :collaps ible tube containing a dental varnish, said collapsible tube having a tip adapted to engage a needle assemblage, a flexible needle assembl vge comprising a hub, a shank. and a needle havii a longitudinal bore, extending through said. hah-5 5 into the hub, hub having g the tip of the collapsible tube thereby to provide for communication of the needle with the interior of said tube, a housing for the aforesaid and the delivery end of the needle, said housing corn- 10 prising a container, a closure, open means in the closure for engaging the shank in removable sealed relationship, and means for keeping the interior of the container filled with v prevent the solvent of the varni. ing whereby th varnish in the needle is maintained in fiowable condition.

5. In a combination for dispensing varnish and as an operating instrument to: a dental cavity with such varnish, a collap i tube containing a dental varnish, said collapsible tube having a threaded adapted to engage a needle assemblage, a needle assemblage comprising a hub, a tapered shank a needl having a longitudinal bore, extending through said shank 0 into the hub, said hub having threads ror engaging the tip of the collapsible tube thereby to provide for communication of the needle with the interior of the said tube, a housing for the aforesaid shank and the delivery end or" the needle, housing comprising a container, a closure, open means in the closure for engaging the shank in removable sealed relationship, and a wad and a solvent that provides the interior of the container filled with vapors to prevent the solvent or" the varnish from volatilizing whereby th varnish in the needle is maintained in fiowable condition.

6. In a combination for dispensing a dental varnish and as an operating instrument for lining dental cavity with such varnish, a collapsible tube containing a dental varnish, said collapsible tube having a threaded tip adapted to engage a needle assemblage, a needle assemblage comprising a hub, a shank and a flexible needle, having a longitudinal bore, extending through said shank into the hub, said hub having threads for en aging the tip of the collapsible tube thereby to provide for communication of the needle with the interior of the said. a housing for the aforesaid shank and the delivery end of the needle said housing comprising a container, a closure comprising a cap, provided with a hole, a stopper provided with an open orifice adapted snugly to engage the said and means for keeping the interior of the container filled with varnish to prevent the solvent of the varnish from volatilizing whereby the solvent of the needle is maintained in flowable condition.


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