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Publication numberUS265635 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 10, 1882
Filing dateAug 24, 1783
Publication numberUS 265635 A, US 265635A, US-A-265635, US265635 A, US265635A
InventorsMichael Eattghtigan
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Michael eattghtigan and albeet a
US 265635 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

(No ModeL) A M. RAUG-HTIGAN 8?; A. A. CLARK.

DISH DRAINING RAOK. No. 265,635. Patented Oct. 1O 1882.

{Kan/655 63.

N. PETERS. P'wlwlllhngnplmr. Washington. 0 c




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 265,635, dated October-10, 1882.

Application filed August 24, 188:2.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, MICHAEL RAUGHTI- GAN and ALBERT A. CLARK, both of the city of Norwich, county of New London, and State ot'Gonnecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Dish-Draining Racks, which improvements are fully set forth and described in the following specification, reference being bad to theaccompanyingdrawings.

Our object is to produce a draining-rack which shall be simple in construction, cheaply made, easily operated, and readily applied to metallic sinks as ordinarily made.

Our improvements are embodied in a rack made of cast-metal bars and hinged to the back or end of a sink.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 shows our device as applied to a sink, ready for use. Fig. 2 shows the same raised and thrown back, leaving the entire sink for other uses. Fig. 3 shows the removable lugs or cars by means of which the rack is hinged to the sink.

A represents a metallic sink, having around its topafian-georrim,ascommonlyconstructed.

B represents our drainingdevice, which consists of a series of cast-metal bars having on one end feet or projections b b, which support the rack in proper position when in use, and on the opposite end round projecting lugs or bearings, (see Fig. 3,) forming a part of the hinge, by means of which the rack may be thrown back when not in use.

The pieces a a are constructed of a single (N0 model.)

piece of metal, their general shape being that 3 5 ed. One serious objection to the use of wooden racks is the readiness with which they absorb the water, which they are soaked with several times every day also, the disagreeable odors which remain from dirty and greasy dish-water. Our metallic device is covered with a water-proof varnish and dries instantly when rinsed with warm water, and consequently retains no disagreeable odor.

Our device may be applied to the end of the sink or side, as may be desired.

We claim- The cast-metal draining-rack B, having the feet I) b and bearings c c, in combination with the removable supports a a, as described, and for the purpose specified.



E. A. TRACY, IRA L. Pack.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47B13/16