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Publication numberUS2656930 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1953
Filing dateOct 25, 1950
Priority dateOct 25, 1950
Publication numberUS 2656930 A, US 2656930A, US-A-2656930, US2656930 A, US2656930A
InventorsVries Reinier P De
Original AssigneeRevere Sugar Refinery
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Drainage leaf attachment means for leaf type filters
US 2656930 A
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R. P. DE VRIES DRAINAGE LEAF ATTACHMENT MEANS FOR LEAF TYPE FILTERS Oct. 27, 1953 Filed Oct. 25, 1950 repair operations. leaf is deformed from normal fiat shape, so e. g.

Patented Oct. 27, 1953 DRAINAGE LEAF ATTACHMENT MEANS FOR LEAF TYPE FILTERS Reimer P. De Vries, Melrose, Mass., assigner to Revere Sugar Refinery, Boston, Mass., a corporation of Massachusetts Application October 25, 1950, Serial No. 192,075

1 Claim.

This invention relates to improvements in drainage leaf structures for lters of the leaf type.

In iilters of the Sweetland type, it has heretofore been the practice to attach each drainage leaf to the stationary upper body section of the filter by means of an endwise open or tubular outlet nipple adapted to be threaded into an outlet spud which is welded to a sheet metal outlet stamping to which the sheet metal binding or frame of the drainage leaf screen is likewise welded. The side walls of the outlet nipple are provided with discharge openings, which communicate through suitable connections with the filtrate manifold of the filter. 'Ihe outer open end of the outlet nipple is closed by a cap nut which screws onto the exteriorly projecting upper end of said nipple, which cap nut also serves as the means for aiiixing the nipple to the upper body section of the filter so as to suspend the drainage leaf attached thereto within the interior of the filter body. Attachment nipples so constructed and secured to a drainage leaf and to the upper body section of the filter are difficult to detach from said body section without risk of damage to the drainage leaf when it is desired to remove the latter from the lter. 'Io detach a nipple so constructed and secured, the cap nut must be first removed from the exterior end of the nipple by turning oli the former from the latter by means of a suitable wrench. It has been found, however, since there is no adequate way by which to hold the nipple against turning with the cap nut, if turning of the nipple occurs, the drainage leaf will turn therewith with likelihood of abutting an adjacent drainage leaf with resultant risk of deformation of the drainage leaf structures. The hinged bottom section of the lter being open when drainage leaves are to be removed, attempts have been made to manually hold the leaf, re-

` moval of which is desired, against turning. This,

however, does not avoid risk of drainage leaf deformation, but rather increases such risk, since stresses and strains are transmitted by the turning nipple to the outlet stamping ofthe leaf frame which are likely to distort or rupture the frame,

and also likely to cause deformation of the drainage leaf from its true flat shape. Rupture of the leaf frame, if it occurs, may destroy the leaf, or, in any event, make necessary costly and laborious Furthermore, if the drainage its faces become bulged out of normal flat plane,

Ythen proper coverage of the face areas of the drainage leaf by sluicing fluid is not obtained when cleansing deposits therefrom, thus decreasing the efficiency of the drainage leaf in use.

Having the above in view, it is an object of this invention to provide an improved construction of attachment and outlet nipple for a filter drainage leaf which can be so manipulated, when demounting the leaf from the filter body, that risk of damage to the leaf is avoided. To this end, the invention provides an outlet nipple structure which is provided at its exterior end portion with means, unitary therewith, by which it can be firmly held against turning when an external fastening nut is being turned off and removed therefrom to free the nipple for withdrawal, with the associated drainage leaf, from the body of the filter.

An illustrative embodiment of this invention is shown in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. l is a transverse sectional view of body parts to a filter in open condition, with a iilter leaf attached to the stationary upper body section of the filter by means of an outlet nipple structure made according to this invention, said iilter leaf and nipple being shown in elevation.

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary longitudinal sectional view of the iilter leaf and outlet nip-ple as attached to the stationary upper body section of the filter by the novel outlet nipple structure of this invention, said view being drawn on an enlarged scale; Fig. 3 is a transverse longitudinal sectional view, taken on line 3-3 in Fig. 2; and Fig. 4 is a side elevational view of the outlet nipple per se.

Similar characters of reference are employed in the above described views, to indicate corresponding parts.

Referring to the drawings, the reference character I0 indicates the stationary upper body section of a filter, such as a lter of the leaf type, to which upper body section is pivotally connected, by hinge means II, the movable lower body section I2 of the filter. The body sections I and I2 are adapted to be secured in operative closed together relation by releasable swing bolt devices I3. Integral with the top of the upper body section ID is a longitudinally extending external boss or rib Ill which is provided with longitudinally spaced perpendicular bores` l5 through which outlet nipples of the drainage leaves within the filter extend, and to which the same can be secured, whereby to support said drainage leaves in operative assembled relation to the filter body. Each bore I5 communicates through a port I6 in the side of the boss or rib I4 with suitable conduit means I'I leading to a longitudinally extending ltrate discharge manifold I8 which is mounted on the exterior of the upper body section I of the filter. Mounted within the interior of the upper body section I0 is an internal manifold IS through which, when desired, a sluicing liquid may be 'delvefedjf dischar'gv agai'st'the surfaces of tliediaiage leaves, and for other' purposes.

As generally constructed, a drainage leaf for use in the lter comprises a wovenl wire screen 270A,

the marginal portions of which" afebound and reenforced by a sheet metal binding 2l of' shaped cross-section, the ends of tvh-iriliare weldA ed or otherwise xedly sec'ufr'dtoa` 'slieet'xrital outlet Stamping 22 which straddles the bound' screen, and which is shapedfor supporting conf nection with an internally screw-thread dout'let Spud 23. Said outlet Spud 23 is Weldedofotfef- Wise fixed to the outlet stamping 22, and, as supported tner'eby," projects 'radially 'from the. peripher-y` of.: the drainage lea-f," and so as` to com.- rnlirifcate witl-r'the interior of thelatter. `Overl the drain-age VAscreen' structure' is fitted a 'lteif'. cloth bag? 2 upon which solids' separatedfrom the nltijatocn deposit: Wlth' cake forming effect asl the filtrate. :enters "andi flows" through the'V leaf.. i 'lilo `the outletl spud 231 is Vscrewed, thel-ower en "dof van outlet' "ni-pple" throughv which filtra-te can befdiso'hargedi from' the interior of the drainagelaftoftlie discharge manifold Iii of the filter.

"The improved' outlet'- nipple according. to.. this invention comprises a cylindricalfbo'dy having an axial? 1; or'er'op'er21-laty its lower or inner encl and closed atl its upperor. outer end'. The body thus characterized can be produced in one piece as an integral casting or it can b'ezotherw'ise fabricated.

relativelyinexpensive' production,- the i-pplei preferably comprises a' tubular body 25 Open 'at Iits lower "or innerf'end andclosed ,at its upperor outerend: by a closure'. plugv ewhich is isertedin vthe"v bore 2'!` thereof; and securely affixed a disealed to the body; as by welding 2B, sfasf'tofbeuriitary withthe latter.' Said closure plu-gf 2G is'pro'vided with` an exposed;v axiallyfprojecting'outer lend 'ory externalzhead .portion. 29. This uter'lend orY 'external head portion 2,9.m'ay bei v'z'aiousl'yslrap'ed` toz receiveapplication thereto ifva-holdingimplernent; 'For example,v said outer endcll'rh'ela:dfp'ortioriv may be .of-square crossfsectin tolr'eceiv application thereto 'of a` wrench. Preferably,- however,-VV saidl outerk end or external head portion 29 is provided with. a transverse opening: 30- as shown, through. which can be p'a'ss'ed cross b'ar'31` (see Fig; 2.) by which holding leverage can be exerted upon the-nipple to prevent' turn-ingy or'twisting thereof undercircumstancesi hereinafter more fully. explained. The Jlowerv end portion of the nipple. body 25. is provided'iwith anext'ernall'y screwfthre'aded section 32T; whereby it can be screwed into the'outlet spiidi23ofa ltr leaf Yto be served thereby.l The upper-2 endf portion of the nipple bodyjzj is likewise provided-with an externally. screw-threaded section33, onto which' can be vscrewed a removable fastening-nut 34; Provided in the sides ofthe nipple `body =are1 one or more filtrate discharge openings35.

Surrounding the inner end of each bore. I5 of thebossor rib I4,V with which the upperoodysectionv Ifofthe filter is provided, is an inner Seale ingvgasketV 36; and; similarly, surrounding the outer` endftof eaehsaid bore I 5Y is an' outer'sealing gasket 3.7:

The nipple bodyV 251is operativelyconnected to a drainage leaf by screwing the screw-threaded y gasket 3l.

from theV openedlter, before gturninggoffnthe section 32 of its lower or inner end into the outi let spud 23 of the drainage leaf. To assemble the drainage leaf in operative relation to and within the upper body section I0 of the filter, the lower body section I2 of the lter is released and swung down to openposition (see Eig.f Il, whereupon the nipple vbody 2`5 is passed upwardly through a sed lected bore I5 of the boss or rib I4 of said upper body section ID until the outlet Spud 23 of the drainage leaf-engages the inner sealing gasket 36,

of said nipple body 25 projects externally from th'e'top oftle bosser rib I4 of filter body section If'g T l-iefastriiignut 34 is thereupon screwed onto the 'projecting screw-threaded section 33 of the. nipple .bodyivuntil it engages the outer sealing Before tightening down said fastenirl-"g t' 34, a cross barl3l is passed through the opening 3U of the headaportion 29 of the nipple body,- whereby. leverage can beappied tosaid nipple body inrle'sistance to turning thereohwhen the fastening nut is iinally turned home into .tight binding engagement with the top of the boss or rib Idso'f thefilter bodyv section I0 It will be oliviF ous that, by such manipulation, any undesirable turning .or twisting of; ther nipplewbody with'lthe turned fastening- .nut Se, and .consequently tuming or twisting.- of the.- drainage leafyfrom; which the; nipple body., extends, isprevented; sc thatgn stresses, strains. or..movement:y ofthe drainage leafflikely to involveriskof damage or, iniury thereto', can occur.v

When the fasteningnut.istightened home; the nipplepbody, zisdrawn axially outward; relativetolthe borejIE of bossornrib M of theifilteigbody, soiastddraw theoutlet. spud23 into tight sealing engagement with. the inner .sealingV gasket.- 3g, while. atf,the same lime; the fastening ynut agg-ids thrusty rrnly. home into ksealinge.Iigffigerne-nt; with the V outer v sealing gasliet 31..,` It wilLV thus: be ap'- parent. `that not onlyi-s the drainage leaffsecurely assembledr'elative .tel the vfilter. body, butlalsq-the nipple body. .Z-'ais properly sealedl in colnectgn therewith again-sti.` leakage of; filtrate whenthe lterfis .closedandinoperation,` .andltherefore filtrate'. flowingthroughy .the npple.]oody. can only discharge by..`way.lof .theonenings ,3i-port I 6 .and eonduitln'eans I l; to. the; filtrate, discharge v manifoldIa WhenJ it; is;r desired,.;tof remove adrainageleaf fastening nutvgfrom.theputer end ofthe'niipple body.. 25, .the crossbar `43 I kisagain paA d ,through the'.- opening. i 39;. of. the head. plfticpn,- 2 l rof said -nipplci ,ihealalel' against. turningV .oriztwistng when; they,faste'1ing' nut isA loosened ...for .turning oiiglv fromthe ln body. rumuithereforebe undiisteodihat to mearainageieafilike .ftoriinvoliverisk gigi.

of the drainage leaf for communication with the t' .3 interior of said drainage leaf and thence to withdrawably extend outwardly through a wall of the lter apparatus, said nipple body having an outlet opening in its side to communicate With the n1- trate discharge means of the filter apparatus, the outer end portion of said nipple body being externally screw-threaded, a closure plug having an external diameter corresponding to the diameter of the bore of the nipple body, the lower end portion ofsaid closure plug being entered and immovably xed in the outer end of the bore of the nipple body as a unitary part thereof and in closing relation thereto, the upper end portion of said closure plug projecting axially outward from the nipple body so as to provide the same with an external head member of reduced diameter, a fastening nut adapted to be passed over said head member and to screw onto the externally threaded outer end portion of the nipple body for releasably securing said nipple body in operative assembled relation to said wall of the lter apparatus, said head member having a diametri@ transverse opening therethrough, and a cross-bar detachably engageable through said opening, said crossbar when in place affording hand hold means for applying leverage resistance to turning movement of the nipple body and therefore of the drainage leaf when tightening or loosening said fastening nut thereon, removal of said cross-bar from the head member permitting application of said fastening nut to the nipple body or Withdrawal thereof therefrom.


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