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Publication numberUS2658201 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 10, 1953
Filing dateFeb 2, 1950
Priority dateFeb 2, 1950
Publication numberUS 2658201 A, US 2658201A, US-A-2658201, US2658201 A, US2658201A
InventorsSherwood Yorke
Original AssigneeSherwood Yorke
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Fixture casing
US 2658201 A
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Nov. 10, 1953 Y. SHERWOOD 2,653,291 FIXTURE CASING Fild Fob. 2, 1950 I2 6 l0 13 I0 I 5 INVENTOR.

j; rKe Sherwo 0d BY Patented Nov. 10, 1953 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE FIXTURE CASING Yorke Sherwood, Los Angeles, Calif. Application February 2, 1950, Serial No. 142,018

1 Claim.

This invention belongs to that general class of devices known as casing and/or cabinets and relates particularly to casings for toilet fixtures and the like and the casings are so constructed and designed so as to enhance the utility and sanitation of the plumbing fixture, especially a toilet including its bowl and water box portions.

The invention has among its objects the production of a means of the kind described that is simple, durable and compact in structure, inexpensive to make and manufacture, dependable and efficient in use and service, and convenient to handle and store; a device that is pleasing and attractive in appearances and very satisfactory for use whenever and wherever found applicable.

One of the principal objects of this invention is to present a new and novel means for cover ing and protecting water closet bowls and other portions thereof and which means snugly encases the water closet so as to make it unnecessary to clean around its corners and spaces which are often diflicult to reach and clean properly; the encasing means itself being smooth and glazed and easy to clean and maintain in and attractive state.

Other objects, advantages and features of this particular invention will appear from a careful perusal of the accompanying drawings, the subjoined detailed description, the preamble of this specification, and the claim appended hereto.

Below, applicant describes one of the preferable forms of his invention in order to teach the art thereof and show how to make and use the same, but it is to be understood that the drawings and description thereof are not to limit the invention in any sense whatsoever except as the same is limited by the prior art. Language employed herein is not to be construed as giving any unauthorized person or organization the right to make, use and/or sell the invention herein disclosed.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view showing a typical water closet with the invention applied thereto,

Figure 2 is a front elevational view, enlarged, of the right half of the casing shown in Fig. 1.

Figure 3 is an inner side elevational view of that shown in Fig. 2.

Although the material employed in applicant's device may be any vitreous, porcelain, plastic, metal substance, it is preferred to use the same material from which the water closet or portions thereof are made, however, contrasts in color and materials may be employed just as in other things of household use.

Applicants device is made of complementary parts indicated as l and 2 in the drawings and these parts are shown as halves, but it is to be understood that the parts need not be halves. Complementary halves are preferred, however, and the halves are opposite identicals except for the bore 3 which is for the accommodation of the stem of the valve means indicated at 4.

Each of the parts I and 2 has a front wall member 5 and a side wall member 6. The lower portion of the front wall is substantially vertical, but the upper portion is curved, as at I, so as to provide heel and/or toe room at the front of the casing along the floor. Each side wall member 6 is vertical, but need not be, in that this wall member may be given suitable offset forms for appearances. At the lower portion of the front corners of the water box there is an integral depending portion 8 which is for the purpose of laterally holding the rear portions of the parts I and 2 when installed. For holding the front portions of the parts, a pair of spaced pivoted bars lo and II are employed. Each bar has a pivot screw or rivet means l2, and the distal end of each bar is provided with a slot l3 which is adapted to engage and be held by a fixed stud M, the part I having the fixed studs with heads that can be screwed down or otherwise tightened onto the marginal portions of the slots Hi. There is a cutaway portion I5 at the lower rear portion of each complementary part so as to accommodate the baseboard of a room; obviously, there would be no such cutaway portion where the baseboard is removed.

It is, of course, understood that various changes and modifications may be made in the details of form, style, design, and construction of the whole or any part of the specifically described embodiment of this invention without departing from the spirit thereof in that such changes and modifications are considered as being within the scope of the following claim:

I claim:

In a casing for water closets having a flushing bowl with a perforated seat resting upon the top thereof and having a Water hopper to the rear and above the seat; the casing comprising a pair of complementary parts which completely shield all parts of the water closet below the seat thereof, means at the front of the casing for latching the parts together, the casing having a top front edge and a bottom edge which is set inwardly with respect to the top edge so as to provide toe room, the casing having side walls which have their lower rear edges cut away to neatly conform with a. baseboard and the like of a room, and one of the side walls having an opening near its rear portion to accommodate the handle of a water valve which controls the water to the hopper of the water closet.


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