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Publication numberUS2660877 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1953
Filing dateJul 30, 1951
Priority dateJul 30, 1951
Publication numberUS 2660877 A, US 2660877A, US-A-2660877, US2660877 A, US2660877A
InventorsAbraham M Malouf
Original AssigneeAbraham M Malouf
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Keyhole cover for lock caps
US 2660877 A
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Dec, 1, 1953 A. M. MALOUF KEYHOLE COVER FOR LOCK CAPS Filed July 30, 1951 3nventor,


Patented Dec. 1, 1953 UNETED STATES FATENT ()FFICE KEYHOLE COVER FOR LOCK CAPS Abraham M. Malouf, Los Angeles, Calif. Application July 30, 1951, Serial No. 239,327

1 Claim.

from entering the keyhole opening. When the cover swings, it often unscrews and becomes lost, and the invention is directed to a keyhole cover for a gasoline cap which is adapted to be rotated in one direction only to thereby prevent unscrew mg.

The invention has for an object the provision of a keyhole cover for gasoline caps which is so constructed and arranged as to withstand rough handling, and which operates in such a manner y as to at all times assure that the keyhole opening in the gasoline cap is maintained closed, after a key is removed from said opening.

The invention has for a further object, a gasoline cap construction which is inexpensive in cost of manufacture, and generally superior to constructions of this type now known to the inventor.

In the drawing: Figure 1 is a fragmentary elevation of a gasoline tank with a pipe leading thereto, and the improved gasoline tank cap applied to said pipe, Figure 2 is a partially sectional, enlarged view of the improved gasoline tank cap,

Figure 3 is a fragmentary sectional view on the line 33 of Figure 2,

Figure 4 is a plan view of the gasoline tank cap, and,

Figure 5 is a view similar to Figure 4, the keyhole cover being moved to exposed the keyhole.

Referring now to the drawing, the improved device of the invention is shown as an entirety at I, and the same includes a cap 2 adapted to be secured in some manner, not shown, to the pipe 3 communicating with the gasoline tank l. The cap 2 is adapted to centrally house a barrel 5 within which are the usual tumblers adapted to be actuated when a key is inserted within the keyhole opening 6 of said barrel, and parts revolved for the purpose of unlocking the cap from the pipe 3. To protect the keyhole opening, I have provided a cover I which is carried by the cap 2 and adapted to completely overlie the barrel 5 as shown in Figure 2. To accomplished this, the cap is provided with an internal enlargement at 8, the enlargement provided with a bore 9 and counterbores I 0 and I I.

A pin I2 is axially positioned in said bores, there being a, coil spring I3 surrounding the shank of the pin and interposed between the shoulder I4 and the head I5 of said pin for normally urging the pin in one direction. The opposite end of the pin is screw threaded at I6 for threaded engagement with a circular shank I7 formed on the base surface of the cover 1. Shank I'I fits within the counterbore I I.

Referring to Figure 3, the cap 2 is formed on its upper surface with an annular flange I8 which is concentric with the axis of the barrel 5 and adapted to surround the margin of the cover when the cover is closed over the keyhole opening 6. The construction is such that the top of the cap internally of the flange I8 is depressed as shown at I9, and provided with an annular inclined wall 20, which interconnects one side of the annular flange I8 with a flattened portion 2I of the cap 2. The periphery of the cover 1 is provided with a uniform diameter portion 22, and an inclined wall 23 interconnecting the base of the cover and the portion 22. The inclined wall 23 is adapted to rest upon the wall 2%! of the cap.

The surface of the flange I8 is provided with a ledge 24. This ledge is in the form of a wedge, which is to say, it has an inclined surface 25, and an abrupt end portion 26. The inclined surface merges with the top surface of the flange. This ledge acts as a cam, as hereinafter pointed out in the statement of the operation. In order to revolve the cover, the same is provided with a diametric raised portion 21 which acts as a finger hold for revolving the cover.

The operation, uses and advantages of the invention just described are as follows:

If the operator desires access to the interior of the tank 4 through the pipe 3, the cover is moved from the position of Figure 4 to that of Figure 5 through the expedient of placing the finger on the raised portion 21 and pushing sideways to cause rotation of the cover, using the pin I 2 as a pivot. The cover will move upwardly on the inclined surface 20 to raise the cover, the cover raising the pin I2 and compressing the spring I3. As a consequence, the cover will remain in the position shown in Figure 5, whereby access is had to the keyhole 6 for the purpose of unlocking the cap. Upon relocking the cap, the cover may be moved clockwise, viewing Figure 5, which will cause the cover to move along the top of the annular flange I8 and engage the cam surface 25. Further movement will raise the cover and drop the same into depression I9 as shown in Figures 3 and 4, the spring I3 urging the cover to this position. Any attempt to move the cover in a counter-clockwise direction will be prevented by the cover striking the abrupt edge portion 26 of the ledge.

The ledge 24 and pivot pin 12 are located 90 apart, see Figure 4. Hence, it is difiicult to revolve the cover I in a direction other than clockwise to uncover the keyhole opening 6, as the ledge presents a side as well as an end obstruction to such counter movemen. As the cover 1 is adapted to be rotated in a clockwise direction, the screw threads 16 of the pin [2 are righthanded, and the pin tends to advance within the threaded portion of shank H. Thus, there isnotendency for the cover to unscrew from the pin, hence the cover is never lost.

I claim:

In cap construction for gasoline tanks, the said cap housing a central barrel lock and havingan outwardly positioned keyhole opening, said cap formed with an annula' flange surrounding the top of the barrel lock, with the said flange-formed with an inner annular inclined wall, a cover. cc,- centrically mounted for rotation on said. cap and provided with an inclined wall complementary to the annular inclined wall ofthe cap and a wedgeshaped ledge on the annular flange of the cap, the said ledge being located 90 from the eccentric mounting for the cover, whereby rotation of the cover relative to the cap is permitted in one direction to uncover the keyhole opening and counter-movement of said cover from keyhole cover position is prevented by said ledge.


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