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Publication numberUS266220 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 17, 1882
Filing dateMar 6, 1882
Publication numberUS 266220 A, US 266220A, US-A-266220, US266220 A, US266220A
InventorsGeoegb S. Steong
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Steam-boiler tube
US 266220 A
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No ModeL) S. STB0N.

STBM BoILBB TUBBl Nol 266,220.

Patented ootl 17. 1882.


sPoIoAoN forInin art of Ietters ,atent 1To. 266,220, dated october 17, 1882.

oppHootion f1o1 Maroh 6. 1882. (No modol Be if known that I, GEOBGE S. SBoNG, aJ oitizon of the TDited StateS, ond o feSidentof Phadelphia PennSylvanio, hve invented an IInproveDont in Steom-BoeT TubeS, of Whioh the foHowing is o Spooioation.

Iy invention TelofeS to an improveInent in the oprighf topering tobeS of Stean]-bonerS nd io oonSiStS in rednoing an ordinory o lindrioal lapwelded tube to the deSired tapering shape by oorrugating oI' orimpingitin the peonlior manner fuy desoribed hereinofter, the tube thuS oonStruoted being oheaper nd a bettef tronSmittor of heof and preSentin II1ofe leating-surfaoo than an ordioary ta er fube.

In the aoooTnpanying draWings, l igure 1 TepfesentS aJ Side vieW of aJ oylindrioal laI)- Tvel(Ied tube, preferobly of steel, and bont twelve inoheS in dimeter I igS.2 and3, views of the Same tube, Showing the sucoessivo degreeS of toper impartodo it ig. vieW of tho tnbe in itS niShed oondition. he above vieWS are drowu to a SoaIe of one iooh to foof, 1 `igS. 5, 6, and 7, Whioh ore drown to a Soale of Six inoheS to foot, Show the dierenf oondifions of the corrugtionS af the lowef end of the fobe in the difforent stageS of itS redootion to tho deSired topering forIn; ig. 8, Which iS alSo drown toa soale of Six inoheS to o foot, showS the lOWer end of the taper tube in itS niShed oondition. ig- 9 iS aJ porfion of a boi]er drown to rednoed Soalo, and showing tho tapefing tobeS; and Eig.10, dio gfoIn iHoSfTating tho II]ode in Whioh I prefer to mko the tnbeS.

he uprighb fapering tubes, larger abovo thon below, of the Style of sfeaIn-bonofknown aS the GaHoWo ,ore aoknow]ed ed b engineefs to po SeSS SeveroI advanoageS over oy lindfioal veftioo1 tnbeS, tho onl objeotion to then being theif expenSe S hefetofore made thof iS, b outting ont o Sheet of plate ifon of appropriate form, lapping the edgeS, and Welding the lap by hand WhHo the tube is heM on a tapering InondreL he outting of the plote to waSte, the fedionS operation of Welding b hond, and the neoesSity of employing thiok )lote-iron in order to effeot o proper vvelding, aH oontribnte to ronder ordinary tnbes of thiS olaSS expensive.

In oarI'ying out IDy invention I toke aJ o 1in driool lap-Welded tobe, ig. 1 of the Te quired length, and rednoe it to the deSired tapering forIn by tapering oorru ations. TheSe oorrugationS I prefor fo oake gfduaH v, or by oS Inony SoooeSSive operationS as the dimeter of the tube nd o[her oiroumSfanoeS Inay rouire. huS the taper ShowU in i 2 is obtained b oorrugoting the fobe, oS ShoWo io Fig. 5, Whioh iuS[rateS the oondition of the oorrugotionS at the extreme loWer end of the SHid tube, the grooves formed in the exterior of Wbioh are fperig, or, in othorWordS, grad uaH deoreaso in depth from the lower end of the tube ontH they fiI1L1y diSappear of ,ig. 2, for a portion of the nppef end of tho tube abovo the Sid ine Should Tebin itS oylindrioal form f or o urpoSe rendered appreHf hereinafter. The ribS formed by the ooffuga tionS re proninenb below, buf beoome gradoaHy leSs pro]1inenf until they n1erge into the oylindriol portion of bhe tobe of oo. Inoro obrupt toper iS imported to the tube by Tedooing the oofrugtionS af the lowef end of the Said tubo to the oondioion shoWn in Eig. 6, the oorrugtionS being Still Inade on a taper and n1ergin into the oylindriool portion of tho tube by thiS Seoond opefatiOD aSSuming the forn, I ig. 3, in Whioh, hoWever, I hove ShOWn o lines indioting oorrugotionS, fo tho rea- Son that, if propefly Inado, the 7 Wonld be too Inuoh ofowded. By the third operation the foldS nade by tho oorfogationS are ooInpaoted aS Shown in ig. 7, nd o sti11 nore abrup taper iS imporfed to the tobe, the oorrugafionS being StiH on J taper ond Inerging iofo tho upper oylindriool portion of tho tube. Dhe fino1 operotion iS .to pTeparo the tubo fof aJt taohmentto tho boiler. This WiH depend opon the mode dopfed of foSteniog the tube. In the pfeSent inStanoe the upper o lindriool pof tion of the tube iS forged into a flaIge, for oftaohment to obranoh on fhe nppefhorizontal poftion of tho boiler, While at the lovver end of the tnbe tho oofrugationS aTe Welded toether, aS ShOWn in i 8, So as to i,orm o short tube, o, of SoHd lnefal, into whioh the Tibs forIIed by the oorfugotionS Dergel vVhile in [noSf ooSeS the SuooeSSive oper tionS desoribed m be adviSoble, in somo in Ico SfaJnoos tho desirod toper Inay be in]pafted b one oorrugating operotion, or 1ofe thn three SuooesSive operafionS lI1ay be reSofbed to.

vhile my impfoved tpef tnbeS, When form-

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