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Publication numberUS2663300 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 22, 1953
Filing dateMay 3, 1950
Priority dateMay 3, 1950
Publication numberUS 2663300 A, US 2663300A, US-A-2663300, US2663300 A, US2663300A
InventorsDe Pinto Sergio
Original AssigneeLucy Mezzacappa, Salvatore Mezzacappa, William Auerbach
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Cigarette holder
US 2663300 A
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Dec. 22, 1953 s. DE PINTO CIGARETTE HOLDER Filed May 3, 1950 IN V EN TOR. 55/?6/0 0: Pmra BYi A OEIVE) Patented Dec. 22, 1953 CIGARETTE HQBDER;

Sergio- De B ir to staten Island, N. Y., assignor of n'w nth w Salv t e zecenra nd-Luce M zze en m 01 Staten Island, and one:

tenth to; W il1 inrAperbachiNw York, I,

Tiiissinvention. relates v to; smoiging; utensils. and moreespecificaiimtoea ci arettehol-der One-oi theobjeets oftherin-y. is a cigarette holder-- with disposat which excludes fire hazards; .and-, perm-its smoking inicrowdeo, rooms: where smoking, is; usually other-wisenot permitted.-

A. moresspecific object-p this. invention, is. a. e cien w nelan ent n mttech d. thereto-and providing; for.-=automati e feed of. the cigarettaendwintmtheeash G9p;taine1', 7

Fig. 1 shows perspectively; a cigarette. holder with. an ashcontainen Fig isshowsaqiea1t$l ecee e o 1 in section and iiione ofits cperativepositions; Fi szrepresen s anether; pera, v.6; positi of the; cigarette holder;-

Figs-- 4z.and:5, .represent in front-and si elev tions respectively; anz ash: container used for the purpose of this invention. 7 e i 3 Eig..6;representsa c rtaiasueasswhlh Q l mentssshowin im Eig I fer Is-represents; ano her suhrafieemblk g n elements;

Em n w! flPQSQ smea s anti Jews e;- spectively sea m mber; suppo tin heash: new

tamer- V 1Q: 1 .1 represent; end! and: side; of? a sleeveiorming partzofrtheiash. ontainer;

Rigs; 12b through. represent. views of; a stopping'membenas a part'oith asmremo n e stopping; member's Eig. kids at, view on. g from the right and; Fig: 114-; a. View. on, Fig; 1- 2; firomtheileiti Fig. 15. represents a; perspective ViEwi of: the stopping; members Fig; 1: pants I represents; diagrammatically; a tube for receiving a cigarette; part 2 a mouthpieceattachedtontube; l; to .perimitsmokihg oi such eigarette. Tube l.- issupported; i11.a.busis-. ing- 3' which in turn forms. an insent: in; bowl; 4; Bowl 4 serves 35:2:I1i ash container;v It; has. a cover 5? having; ventilation: openings; 43;, and: heldby:- metai clamps; 6; so: that it maybe. easily; re moved: and put back if desired; to.- permit ashe removal:- Diametricailyz arranged with respect to. bushing. 3, there; is another and:simi1ars bushingv T supporting anadfj ustmentmember; wwhi'ch Will' be described: furtherheiowe Bushings 3 and 7- ahe=shown-.ini Figs; fiend; 91

in side and end elevations respectively; They are; provided with outside threads ifiufitting mtGLGOEH. responding. openings of. bowie c; and; with; inner; threads 42H- for=- receiving: tubular memben I: amt

B hin s sandal-are also ro ded W th-circumferential openings 4| also shown; ssh matiee ly F 9, e e mi a ces Q r' the. n ide. bow-i i and also to, preventexcessive heat; from reaching tuhular merrrber l ;andsleevefi'l;

T eele ents iu ti n m rat ds y be ad any. ppro ri teme ria o xample. m th ie e.tot e ubber; ube of meta u h a l in m; us insg 'yane. lso f mete-, we a ra s; h W1'i 'I eed r ast cover bf eed? l i r me al; lam B i? at h n d us ent em i ls c met l, us h n es n. plast ez uchesFBa liw Mo h iec 2 m d W4 iiiito-bescrewedoyer an ert. i tm adegofrmetai as aiuminurn. Insert l j is also provided at i2, with another thread screwed into rnetaitube i. supporting the cigarette: ina manner-described further-- below:

Insert;- Me: ais q-serves to receive a filter of antini'cotine material sucii asshown schematically at M. Insert H also supportsar-ound. portion/l5} a; tension spring: 5,6,. as also shown more clearly in; the ;sub-assembliesof Figsvfi and Z.

Spring [6 normally. presses. metal sleeve L8 against theinner end of: cigarette .l Tsupportedlin sleeve [8:

Sleeve H}; is important for the purpose of the. inv-entim Itservesv to assure straight. feeding at cigarette: IT to the pointofl. its. use or burn-i mg:-

Sleevelalhas; a tubular section l9" for receiving theinnenendof' cigarette. l 11 to assure. the proper axial. position of. cigarette n;. At its bottom, tubular portion, l'fljnarrowsdownto an annuiar projection 20' whi'chforn'is theseat for the inner end of cigarette I11 and prevents cigarette l'i from bei'ng pushed into sleeve |8 further than necessary for theproper seating and alignment of cigarette H with respect to tubular portion [9.

Another tubular portion 2 of sleeve I8 serves to guide sleeve I8 and thereby cigarette E1; in it'saxial movement insi'de tube It Tubular portion 2-1 is also circumferentially engaged by-'- spring l6 and: thus normally pushedin the directi'orn of: arrow 2 2i.

Spring l 6 is so dimensioned-.thatritassures-nontinuous pressure. against sleeve is and; cigarette:

. I l into -di'rection.22 untiltheicigarettepractical mnsiee ekafi. as described: be1ow, resp'ective1y-:- 23 provided at the; endzof; tube I. inside thereof- 3' Sleeve i8, however, under the pressure of spring 56, will not be able to pass through ring 23 completely, because it will be prevented from passing through ring 23 by the larger diameter of tubular portion 2! sliding inside tube I.

In this way, it will be assured that cigarette I? may be smoked to the fullest extent possible without, however, risking that the driving or supporting mechanism for the cigarette is pushed into the open and out of control.

Bowl 42 is preferably made out of briar to insure heat resistance as well as heat insulation to the best possible degree.

However, any other appropriate natural or synthetic material may be used for this and any other elements described herein without exceeding the scope of this invention.

Cigarette I? on its way from the inside to the The cigarette holder operates in'the following manner:

Cigarette I! supported in tubular portion It will be in smoking position as long as its end 36 is pushed against stop member 26 under control of spring 16 and as long as stop member 26 is positioned in the center of ash container 4 thereby maintaining the cigarette end 36 in that position.

sleeve 3'! and assume substantially a peripheral position with respect to ash container 4. In this position and by contact with the relatively large heat conducting surface of metal sleeve 3'! and at the same time due to reduced access of air (which outside of tube i under control of spring [6 is pushed with its outer end against stop member 26 preferably made of metal wire such as shown in Figs. 12 to 15 inclusive.

Stop member 26 is shown to consist of a ring portion 2? which has just the diameter of cigarette ll thus preventing the cigarette I! from slipping through ring 21; yet at the same time ring 2! will permit the ash to pass inside ring 2'! as indicated in Fig. 2 by dotted line 36 and to extend through the conical space formed by the four legs 28. Legs 28 as shown more clearly in Fig. 15 form the four sides of a four sided pyramid attached at its base to ring 2?, and the legs 28 converge at the top to a common junction point 29. From this common junction point 29, there extend four further legs 30 which form a spider type clamping device fitting over adjustment member 8.

In Fig. 3 adjustment member 8 is shown to com sist of an operating or handling flange or knob 3| extending from a tubular sleeve 32 over the free end of which the legs 30 of stop member 26 are fitted or clamped.

Stop member 26, under the control of a tension spring 33, is urged normally against the outer or burning end of cigarette ll.

Spring 33 is substantially stronger than spring iii thus preventing stop member 26 from being pushed outwardly by spring i6. Spring 33 as shown in Fig. 3, if moved inwardly, merely serves to urge continuously sleeve 32 and stop member 26 clamped thereon into contact with the end of cigarette {1, thus holding that cigarette end 36 substantially in the center of ash container 4 and forcing the ash of the cigarette to feed into the cone formed by legs 28 as shown in Fig. 2.

Sleeve 32 and flange or knob 3| of adjustment member 8 are hollow; an opening 3 1 extends from the atmosphere through stop member 26 to the cigarette end, thus permitting the cigarette to be lighted.

Another purpose of adjustment member 8 is to permit extinction of the cigarette. By pulling knob 3i into the direction of arrow 35 (Fig. 3), the burning cigarette end, shown in Fig. 3 at 36 will be pushed by spring !6 into a substantially peripheral position with respect to ash container 4, and enter sleeve 31. Sleeve 3! is supported, as already stated above, by screwing into bushing l, which in turn is screwed into bowl 4 at a point diametrical with respect to bushing 3 shown in Fig. 1. For this purpose sleeve 31 as shown in Figs. 10 and 11 is also provided with an outer thread 12 to permit its attachment inside of bushing l by means of thread 46.

in this position can enter from one side only through opening 34, while in the central position of the cigarette end 36, the air is accessible from all sides) the cigarette will be extinguished.

In order to relighten or lighten the cigarette end 36 it is only necessary to release adjustment member 8 so that stop member 2 3 under control of spring 33 will move in a direction opposite to arrow 35 so that cigarette end 36 will again assume a position defined by stop member 2% in the center of ash container 4. Lighting of the cigarette is then eifected by placing a flame at opening 34 and sucking at mouthpiece 2 in otherwise well known manner.

Thus while extinguishing and lighting can be effected in extremely simple manner, smoking itself is made extremely efficient. I

The invention is not limited to the use of all the elements in the form shown and described but the structure may be varied without departing from the scope of this invention.

I claim:

1. A cigarette holder, comprising an ash container, means to permit a cigarette to enter said container, including a tubular member extending into said container at one end thereof for receiv ing the cigarette and a spring member arranged within said tubular member for pushing one cigarette end into said ash container, a metal sleeve in said container, and a stop member slidably supported in said metal sleeve and extending into said ash container at the end thereof which is opposite to the cigarette receiving end for stopping said cigarette end in two predetermined positions with respect to said container, namely, a position in which the cigarette end is substantially in the center of the container, and a substantially peripheral position with respect to the ash container in which the cigarette end is surrounded by said metal sleeve.

' 2. A cigarette holder comprising an ash container, means to permit air to enter said container, including a tubular member extending into said ash container at one end thereof for receiving the cigarette, and a spring member arranged within said tubular member for pushing one cigarette end into said ash container; an adjustable stop member extending into said ash container at the opposite end thereof for stopping said cigarette end, a metal sleeve in said ash container for slidably supporting said stop member, and a spiral spring of cylindrical shape closely following the inside of said sleeve and arranged to oppose the sliding movement of said stop member in one direction, said stop member being formed at one end so as to engage said cigarette end substantially along. its periphery 5 only and being adjustable in two predetermined positions, namely, a substantially central position in which said cigarette end is exposed to air permitting it to burn, and a substantially peripheral position with respect to the ash container in which said cigarette end is surrounded by the metal sleeve causing it to be extinguished.

3. A holder according to claim 1 wherein said stop member includes a hollow end portion, having lateral openings and circumferentially engaging the cigarette end and wherein said metal sleeve includes a relatively large heat conducting surface surrounding said cigarette end while in said peripheral position. 7

4. A holder according to claim 1 comprising a metal bushing in said ash container supporting said tubular member and having circumferential openings to permit air circulation.

5. A holder according to claim 2 comprising a metal bushing supporting said metal sleeve and having circumferential openings to permit air circulation.


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