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Publication numberUS2664206 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 29, 1953
Filing dateAug 22, 1950
Priority dateAug 22, 1950
Publication numberUS 2664206 A, US 2664206A, US-A-2664206, US2664206 A, US2664206A
InventorsBeal Louis E
Original AssigneeBeal Louis E
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Magazine display fixture
US 2664206 A
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Dec. 29, 1953 E, BEAL 2,664,206

MAGAZINE DISPLAY FIXTURE Filed Aug. 22, 1950 2 snuzs smn 1 9 Lou/l9 E. Bea/ INVENTOR.

Dec. 29, 1953 BEAL MAGAZINE DISPLAY FIXTURE 2 sheets-sheet 2 Filed Aug. 22. 1950 w 4 7 w 2 0 6 0 .5 4% 7w 2 a a 7 V x x a 1 I 1 1 m l i i Vt x 6 3 w 111? :2a 4 l I N VEN TOR.

B Y 8mm Patented Dec. 29, 1953 UNITED STATES ATENT OFFICE MAGAZINE DISPLAY FIXTURE Louis Beal, Detroit, Mich. Application August 22, 195i), ScrialNo. 180,739

2 Claims.

1 l The present invention relates to improvements in display fixtures and more particularly to the type of display fixture which is adapted to re-' ceive ma azines and the like for use in dru stores and the like.

' An obect of the present invention is to provide-an improved display fixture for magazines that is readily adapted for varying in holding capacity and which is susceptible of variations in design by the provision of simple means.

A further object of the present invention is to provide a magazine display fixture wherein the magazines are concentrically disposed in arcuate channels whereby they will be normally supported by their own curvature and wherein a major portion of their front cover is visible.

Still another object of the present invention resides in the provision of an elevator means which is positionable in the channels of the display fixture for supporting smaller magazines in raised positionwhen desired. e

Still further objects of the present invention are to provide such mean that are simple in construction, readily assembled and disassembled, and economical of manufacture.

Various other objects and advantages will become apparent from the detailed description to follow.

The best forms in which I have contemplated applying my invention are clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the preferred embodiment of the display fixture;

Figure 2 is an exploded view taken in vertical cross-section showing the preferred embodiment comprised of the upper and lower sections;

Figure 3 is a bottom plan view of the structure of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a vertical transverse sectional view taken substantially along the plane of line 4-4 of Figure 1;

Figure 5 is a detailed perspective view of the elevator means employed in conjunction with the present invention;

Figure 6 is a detailed perspective view of the skirt means employed for enlarging the capacity of the display fixture; and,

Figure '7 is a top plan view of a modified form of the present invention.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, wherein like numerals designate like parts throughout, the numeral ID designates generally the preferred embodiment of the magazine display fixture while the numeral I2 designates generally the modified form of display fixture.

The preferred form of magazine displa fixture I0 is comprised of upper and lower sections I4 and I6 which are substantially similar in construction. The upper section I4 is comprised of a plurality of concentrically disposed and substantially circular walls I8, 20, 22 and 24. Integrally formed with each of the bottom edges of the upstanding walls [8 through 24, are the bottom walls 26, 28, 30 and 32 which are fixedly secured to intermediate portions of the next adjacent outer concentric upstanding wall. Thus, each of the concentric walls is vertically displaced from the other concentric walls and provides magazine receiving channels therebetween. The .upper section I4 is provided with a top closure disk 34. Rigidifying means in the form of braces or ribs 36 are provided for holding the walls in their desired relationship. Each of the plurality of braces 36 is provided with stepped out-outs or notches 38 receiving each of the upstanding walls and bottom walls.

The lower section I6 is comprised of a plurality of upstanding concentric and substantially circular Walls 40, 42 and 44 with bottom walls 46, 48 and 50. Braces 52, similar to the braces 36, are provided in the bottom sections also. The uppermost wall 44 is provided with a plurality of apertures 54 for a purpose to be hereinafter described.

As seen best in Figure 4, when it is desired to join the upper and lower sections I4 and is of the preferred embodiment, the braces 35 and 52 are aligned and the upper section I4 is positioned within the uppermost wall 44 of the lower section 16. A plurality of screws 56 are positioned within the apertures 54 and engage the lowermost bottom wall 26 of the upper section [4. It should be noted that the screws 56 are not necessary, in that the upper section l4 may be positioned within the lower section [6 and normally held therein by its own weight.

The skirt means designated generally by the numeral 58 is shown best in Figure 6. It comprises a substantially circular upstanding wall 60 having a pair of substantially circular rings 62 and 64 secured to the inner surface thereof with spacing elements 66 maintaining the rings 52 and 64 in spaced relation. Welding or other means may be employed for securing the rings, spacers and wall together. When it is desired to increase the capacity of the fixture Ill, the skirt means 58 is positioned about the lowermost wall 40 as seen best in Figure 4.

The apron means 68 is comprised of a substantially circular ring 10 which has upstanding supporting bars 12 and H secured to its under surface for support thereby. Figure 3 shows best the supportin bars 12 and 14 as forming a pair of concentric octagonal supports.

If still further expansion of the capacity or the magazine display fixture is desired, the apron means 58 is circumferentially disposed about the outermost wall 60 of the skirt means 58, as shown in Figures 1 and 4. The magazines may be laid flat on the upper surface of the ring 10 for display.

Looking now at Figure 5, the elevating means 16 comprises a circular ring 18 with a plurality of downwardly extending supporting spacers 80. It will readily be seen that when it is desired to maintain the magazines in a slightly raised position, should they be too small for the channels already provided, the elevating means 16 may be positioned within the channels as shown in dotted lines in Figure 2 and in full lines in Figure 4.

The modified embodiment shown in Figure 7 is similar in construction to the preferred embodiment but differs in the following respects. The preferred embodiment l0 may be cut in two along a vertical plane and a rectangular section may be positioned therebetween to result in the modified embodiment I2. Of course, the elevating means 16 and skirt means 58 would be modified accordingly for cooperation therewith.

From the foregoing description, taken in conjunction with the drawings, it is believed that a magazine display fixture has been provided which will accomplish all of the objects herein above set forth.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. In a display fixture, the combination of a plurality of circular units disposed in vertically nested relation and each including a cylindrical side wall and an outturned horizontal flange at the lower edge thereof, the flange of an upper unit being secured to an intermediate portion of the side wall of the next lower unit and an upper portion of the side wall of such lower unit projectin above the flange of the next upper unit and being spaced outwardly from the lower portion of the side wall of the upper unit to atford a horizontal annular channel having said flange at the bottom thereof, and a series of radial and upwardly convergent ribs disposed within and secured to the nested units, said ribs having outer longitudinal edge portions provided with notches constituting seats for the undersurfaces of said flanges.

2. In a display fixture, the combination of a plurality of circular units disposed in vertically nested relation and each including a cylindrical side wall and an outturned horizontal flange at the lower edge thereof, the flange of an upper unit being secured to an intermediate portion of the side wall of the next lower unit, the upper portion of the side wall of such lower unit projectingabove the flange of the next upper unit and being spaced outwardly from the lower portion of the side wall of the upper unit to afford a horizontally disposed annular channel having said flange at the bottom thereof.


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