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Publication numberUS2664573 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 5, 1954
Filing dateMar 17, 1952
Priority dateMar 17, 1952
Publication numberUS 2664573 A, US 2664573A, US-A-2664573, US2664573 A, US2664573A
InventorsInez Taylor Lucille
Original AssigneeInez Taylor Lucille
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Excrement disposal device
US 2664573 A
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Jan. 5, 1954 l, TAYLOR 2,664,573


LUCILLE l. TAYLO R Patented Jan. 5, 19h54 UNITED asthma DISPQSAI! PEV'IQE ,lireiilslinez Taylor, Lincoln, Nebr. AppiicaytionMarch 17, 1952, serial 21eme;

(lflafiuni.m (Cl. 4.,1`)

This invention relates toA excrement disposal devices for colostomy patients after a colostomy, and in particular a receptacle and a stand for` supporting the receptacle in such a position that a patient may take care of his requirements without the assistance of an attendant or nurse.

Thepurpose of this invention isuto4 eliminate the'` necessity of an attendant handling the ex- Cremsilt @i a patient @iter a colostomy.

After an operation for removing a colostomy r iiiisian. in the. @910,11 ii is lindesirabie for excrement to'pass through the colon tube and an incision is made in the side of the 'patierjijg` or this purpose. `Because the incision is 'Iliade the front .oi the patient the. use of e Geilven...0na.1 heeren is fiiicult and because oi the O .do .essere Qt the six ement isfobiectioiiabla With this; thought mind, this invention @daf tsmrlaies, a gennaro e` adapted te be residence between the less, of. .retient with an inlet meel@ extended from one side and positioned to 'nt snugly over an incision of a colostomy and having a discharge tube extended from the lower end, a stand for supporting the receptacle, and a colon irrigating tube also carried by the stand.

The object of this invention is, therefore, to provide means for forming and supporting a receptacle whereby colostomy patients may dispose of excrement without the assistance of an attendant.

Another object of the invention is to provide means whereby excrement of colostomy patients may be deposited directly through a receptacle into a toilet bowl.

Another object of the invention is to provide means for supporting a receptacle for receiving excrement of a patient after an operation for a colostomy in which the receptacle may be adjusted vertically and horizontallly to register with the opening in the side of the patient.

A further object of the invention is to provide a device to facilitate patients after a colostomy disposing of excrement in which means is also provided for irrigating the colon.

A still further object of the invention is to provide an excrement disposing and colon irrigating device particularly adapted for patients after a colostomy in which the device is of a simple and economical construction.

With these and other objects and advantages in view the invention embodies a receptacle having a substantially cylindrical body with leg -receiving recesses in the sides of the lower end, 'a nipple having a resilient body engaging collar Aon the extended end positioned on the side of 2 the receptacle facing the body oii a patient. a dihaljge @libe positi'onedtc extend betvverf'the" lees 9i 'a retient" e transparent Cover o' receptale, and a' stand having a bracket for `supp"ortingA there'eptacle on gne side andcolon irrigating apparatusonthe upper end.

Qther features and advantages ofthe inventarea ia @the .ri with iheidrawina wherein? lasers l, is a sie@ @iereiifdnl View 'Ofi'th i'iprove sacrement disease?! dsis'illusirtih'g the device with iseevi amiral@ 'f ili'vcl@ PO'S- tleriesi een si a; patient ege, Sherfhg e dishjelse' trips Qf t' @evite extggqedimntb @gaat toni; the patient sa@ toilet. bevi birlglhwii 'iii dpiid lines' M.-

Figure 2 is a plan view ci' the receptacle ofthe series., with the Shore 9a anf'elssd' Scale.: l l

Figure 1S a verhaal. iilieush; the. receptacle of the device, said section bing'tken on line 3-3 of Figure 2.

Figure 4 is a front elevational view showing the receptacle of the excrement disposal device, also with the parts shown on an enlarged scale.

Referring now to the drawing wherein like reference characters denote corresponding parts the excrement disposal device of this invention includes a receptacle I 0 having an inlet nipple I2 in the front, a discharge tube I4 extended from the lower end, an opening I6 in one side and a transparent cover I8, a stand having a post 20 supported with three legs 22 and having a tray 24 on the upper end, and a bracket 26 having a ring 28 in which the receptacle I0 is positioned and a collar 30 slidably mounted on the post and secured in adjusted positions with a set screw 32.

The receptacle I 0 is formed with a substantially cylindrical body having leg receiving recesses 34 and 36 in the sides of the lower end and a bell-like rim 38 around the upper end and upon which the cover I8 is positioned. The cover is provided with a flange 40 that extends over the rim 38 and frictionally retains the cover in position upon the receptacle.

The inlet nipple I2 which extends from the front of the body of the receptacle is positioned at one side of the center, as shown in Figure 4, and the extended end of the nipple is provided with an annular collar 42, whichY is formed of resilient material. The collar is provided with an annular recess 44 into which the end of the nipple extends, as shown in Figure 3.

'Ihe collar 42 is comparatively soft whereby with the collar contacting the skin of a patient with the nipple placed over an opening in the side of the patient, the opening is substantially sealed and all excrement passing through the opening passes into the receptacle, and from the receptacle through the discharge tube I4 into a toilet bowl, as indicated by the dotted lines 46, and upon which the patient, as indicated by the dotted lines 48, is positioned.

The opening I6 in the side of the receptacle provides a vent and also facilitates cleaning the interior of the receptacle.

The three legs 22 supporting the post 20 of the stand are positioned whereby with one leg eX- tended away from the bowl the two other legs straddle the bowl, as shown in Figure 1. The legs 22 are provided with rollers 50 to facilitate moving the device from one position to another.

The tray 24 mounted on the upper end of the post is provided with an annular ilange 52 and the tray, which supports a container 54, is provided with an opening 56 through which a colon irrigating tube, as indicated by the numeral 58, extends. The tube 58 extends from the container 54 and when not in use the extended end thereof is temporarily held in a clip 60 which extends from the container.

With this apparatus a patient, after a colostomy, and positioned cna toilet bowl, as shown in dotted lines in Figure l, may irrigate the colon and dispose of excrement by drawing the device to the position shown in Figure 1, with the rubber collar of the nipple I2 positioned over the outlet opening in his side, and the excrement will pass directly into the bowl. The position of the receptacle is readily adjustable on the stand so that the nipple may be positioned to cover the opening of the patient.

From the foregoing description it is thought to be obvious that an excrement disposal device constructed in accordance with my invention is particularly well adapted for use by reason of the convenience and facility with which it may be assembled and operated, and it will also be obvious that my invention is susceptible of some change and modification without departing from the principles and spirit thereof, and for this reason I do not wish to be understood as limiting myself to the precise arrangement and formation of the several parts herein shown in carrying out my invention in practice, except as claimed.

What is claimed is:

In an excrement disposal device, the combination which comprises a cylindrical receptacle having leg receiving recesses in the sides of the lower end thereof, with a discharge tube extended from the lower end, an inlet nipple extended from the front, and having a bell-like ange around the upper end, a transparent cover positioned on the ilange at the upper end of the receptacle, a resilient collar positioned on the extended end of said nipple, a post supported by radially disposed legs and having a tray on the upper end, a bracket having a ring on an extended end thereof adjustably mounted on said post, said ring of the bracket receiving the receptacle with the bell-like ange resting upon the ring, a container positioned on the tray at the upper end of the post, and acolon irrigating tube extended from said container.


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International ClassificationA61F5/445
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