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Publication numberUS266531 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 24, 1882
Filing dateJul 26, 1882
Publication numberUS 266531 A, US 266531A, US-A-266531, US266531 A, US266531A
InventorsWilliam W. Eosenfield
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US 266531 A
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(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 1. W. W. ROSENFIELD.

` A BATH TUB. No. 266,531. Patented Oct. 24, 1882.


ggg au u 71pm. Wi Jaswfuc,

\ 'N. PETERS. Phnwmmgnpnnr. wahmgm. D. c.

2 Sheets-Sheet 2.

(No Model.)


Patented 0011.24, 1882.

N. PETERS. Pnawhlhugnphar. wnshingcon. D. C.

UNrrren Stearns Parenti Ormea.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 266,531, dated October 24, 1882.

Application filed July 26,1882. (No model.)

To all idiom it may concern Be it known that I,\V1LLIAM W. ROSEN- FIELD, a citizen ofthe United States, residing in the city of New York, county of New York, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Bath-Tubs, fully described and represented in the following specification and the accompanying draw` ings, forming a part of the same.

ln an application for United States Letters Patent led by me in the PatentOiiice on Jannary 12, 1882, I have shown an ordinary bathtub provided with a longitudinal spray or shower pipe so arranged that the shower will extend over the greater portieri ot' the body ot' the bather when recuinbent in the tub. In that case, also, I have shown a detachable Siamese connection, by which the ordinary hot and cold water cocks ot' the bath-tub may be utilized to supply water to the shower or spray pipe.

'Ihc present invention is designed to effect certain improvements upon the apparatus shown in the former application, by which said apparatus is eapacitated to administer asteam or vapor bath as well as a shower-bath, thereby giving bathing facilities to an ordinary bathtub which have heretot'ore been gained only by the use of special and costly apparatus.

Theinvention also embraces certain improvements by which the devices for connecting the shower-pipe to the ordinary smooth cocks ot' a bathtub are simplified and cheapened.

To these ends the invention consists in various details ot'construction and combinations of parts, all of which will be hereinafter fully explained and particularly pointed out.

In the drawings, Figure l is a longitudinal vertical section of an ordinary bathtub, showing the application ot' the present invention. Fig. 2 is a transverse vertical section of the same, taken upon the line .fc v of Fig. 1. Fig. b is a side view of one ot' the ordinary smooth cocks of a bath-tub, showing also the devices by which the shower-pipe is connected thereto. Fig. 4 is a longitudinal section ot' the same, and Fig. 5 is a view showing the upper end ot' the nipple and the annulus for holding the same against the end ofthe cock.

l The bath-tub is in thepresentcase, as in my 5o former applica tion, of any ordinary or approved form, and i's provided at a point near its top with the longitudinal shower or spray pipe 2, which may, as also in the former application,

be permanently attached to or made integral with the tub, or be loosely supported, so as to be removed when not required for use. This pipe, which extends nearly or quite the entire length ofthe tub, so as to administer a shower along the entire length ot' the body ot' the re- 6o cumbent bather, is connected by a liexible branched tube, 3, with the hot and cold water cocks 4, from which it receives water.

When cold or tepid water is allowed to pass into the pipe 2 it will ow through the perfo- 65 rations in said pipe and fall to the bottoni of the tub in a large number ot'jets or in the form of spray; but I have found that when waterot the temperature usually found in the hot-water pipes of ordinary dwelling-houses is allowed 7o to pass into the pipe 2 and through its perforations (said pert'orations being quite small) it will be largely converted into steam or vapor, which vapor will, if confined within reasonable limits, be sufficiently hot for the purposes of a vapor bath.

For the purpose oi confining the vapor generated in the manner just stated the bathtub is provided with a exible cover, 5, of rubber cloth or other suitable material, which extends 8o over its entire top, and is-hooked, buttoned, or otherwise suitably fastened around the edge ofthe tub, or it may be allowed to fall loosely over the edges of the tub, as shown in the present case, this cover being at a proper point provided with an opening, (i, for the neck ot' the bather. The Iiexible cover, instead of being arranged as shown, may be made in two partsone stretched lint over a portion ot' the length ofthe tub, and the other, in the form ot1 a cape, 9o tittingaround the neck ot the bather, and falling over the edge ofthe tub and onto the iiat part of the cover.

For t-he comfort ot' the bather the tub is provided with a removable seat, 7, of any eonvenient form, to which is attached a foot-rest, 8, which latter supports the feet ot' the bather a short distance from the bottoni of the tub and prevents them from being scalded by the hot water which accumulates in the bottom of the tub.

lt will readily be seen that were the hot water, when a vapor bath is being taken, allowed to iiow the whole length of the-perforated pipe 2, not only would an unnecessary amount of water be used, but the jets issuing from the perforations would strike against and scald the body of the bather. To obviate this difficulty the pipe 2 is provided with a cock, 910- cated a short distancesay about twelve or eighteen inchesfrom the ingress end, vby which, when steam or vapor is to be generated, the hot water can be shut olf from all but the short section Al of the pipe. When the water is reasonably hot the small amount issuing from the perforations in this short section ofthe pipe will be sufficient to produce al1 thel steam or vapor required for a bath, while at the same time the hot water will be econoy lnized and the body of the bather protected.

may be shut off whenever the vaporrises to' the required temperature.

The perforated pipe 2 may, as already stated, be made integral with or permanently attached to the bath-tub, in which case Vit may communicate with the hot and cold water pipes by permanent connections, one form of which is shown in my former application, before referred to; but it will more frequently be found desirable, Vparticularly as this apparatus is especially adapted for application to tubs already set, to have the pipe 2 so supported thatit can be readily removed, and to detaehably connect it lby a exible pipe, as shown, with the usual hot and cold water cocks. When these cocks are provided with screw-threaded nozzles,

` such connection can be readily made by an ordinary coupling. These cocks more frequently, however, have only plain or smooth nozzles, and to make a temporary connection in such case I provide a nipple, 11, of such form that the elastic flexible -connecting-pipe 3 can be slipped over it to form a water-tight joint, as shown in Figs. 3 and 4, and having a broad smooth surface, 12, adapted to make a watertight joint by abutting against the mouth of the cock. A plain annulus, 13, is then passed over the end or nozzle ofthe cock and secured in position a short distance above the end of the cock by means of a set screw or screws, 14. The annulus 13 is screw-threaded upon its outside, and the nipple 11 is provided with an annular shoulder, 15, as clearly shown in Fig. 4, from which construction it results that by the usevof a simple interior-threaded annulus, 16,

provided with a shoulder, 17, the nipple may' be drawn and held snugly against the end ot' the cock.

It is of course to be understood that a suitable annular packing will be interposed between the nipple and the end of the cock to insure a tight joint under all circumstances. It is evident thatl if the annulus 16 is made sufficiently short the annulus 13 may be secured in position so as to be just ush with the end of the cock.

To connect or disconnect the shower-pipe all that is required is to simply screw or unscrew the annulus 16.

It will readily be seen thata coupling apparatus of this character can be used in connection with a cock of almost any size, as an annulus 13 suitable for a large-sized cock can be used equally well upon one of small size.

1t is apparent that the means herein shown for connecting the liexiblepipe 3 to the smooth end of the cock may be made useful for other purposes than that herein shown, and therefore the right to claim such connecting devices broadlyr is reserved for a'future application for Letters Patent.

\Vhat I claim is- 1. The combination, with an ordinary bathtub, of a flexible cover, as 5, provided with an opening, as 6, a perforated pipe, as 2, and means for connecting` the same with the hotwater cock, substantially as described.

2. The combination, with an ordinary bathtub, of the longitudinal perforated pipe, as 2, provided with a cock, as 9, for shutting the water off from a part of its length, substantially as described.

3. The combination, with an `ordina-ry bathtub, of the iiexible cover, as 5, provided with the opening, as 6, the perforated pipe, as 2, and means for detachably connecting the same. to the Vhot-water cock, substantially as described.

4. The combination, with an ordinary bathtub, of a flexible cover, as 5, provided with an opening, as 6, a perforated pipe, as 2, and a removable seat and foot-rest, as 7 8, substantially as described.

5. rIhe combination, with an ordinary bathtub audits hot-water cock, of the perforated pipe, as 2, iiexible connecting-pipe, as 3, nipple, as 11, plain annulus, as 13, and annulus, as 16, substantially as described.

6. The combination, with an ordinary bathtub and its hot-water cock, of the perforated pipe, as 2, eXible connecting-pipe, as 3, and

means whereby the flexible pipe is coupled directly to the cock, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.







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