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Publication numberUS2665922 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 12, 1954
Filing dateJun 18, 1949
Priority dateJun 18, 1949
Publication numberUS 2665922 A, US 2665922A, US-A-2665922, US2665922 A, US2665922A
InventorsBard Elmer H
Original AssigneeGeerpres Wringer Inc
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Clip for attaching pails to supporting chassis
US 2665922 A
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Jan. 12, 1954 E. H. BARD 2,665,

CLIP FOR ATTACI-IING PAILS T0 SUPPORTING CHASSIS Filed June 18, 1949 INVENTOR. 2 /7716 fljard l-TED Patented Jan. 12, 1 954 CLIP FOR ATTAOHING PAILS T SUPPORTING CHASSIS DEPTH-CE Application Jnne' 18, 1949,-Seria'l N0."99;940

1 Claim. 1

This invention relates to an'improved 'clip' and more particularly to a clip adapted -for attaching a pail or tank to a supporting chassis.

In conventional caster mounted tanks, such for example, as'those used "in. mopping outfits, it is customary to "employ a spider ihavinglooating projections whichregister'with a portion "of a supporting 'fiange'on' the tank "and itis'custernary to secure the pail to the spider by drilling holes through the spider projections and tank flange and securely fastening the two together by bolts extending through the drilled holes and receiving cooperating nuts.

It is an object of the present invention to probolts.

reliable and efiicient in operation.

the appended claim. In the drawing:

present invention;

indicated by the circle 2; and,

trated in Figs. 1 and 2.

variety of uses.

ping outfit to its supporting chassis.

lines at l6.

transversely extending bottom wall annular-supporting flange 22, the lowerend portion=t2 4 :IO-f' which is reversely turned outwardlyeiandniterminates in an upwardly iacingexternally' disposed annular shoulder :23.

"The chassis 1 it comprises a spider- 2 8 suppor* ed .:on;.cas.ters 30 :and engaging the lower surface of "the, supporting flange .22 -at a plurality nil-angularly tspaced' :points, to support the .tank :12. At each-\oiithese points :the spider ZEireXlIBnds outwardly of the tank :2 and is provided with an aperture 32 extending vertically therethrough which receives an upwardly extending stud portion 34 carried by the caster 30 and the upper end of which is threaded to receive a nut 36 for By these envide an improved clip which may be easily a securing the caster 30 to the spider 28.

plied for attaching the tank to the spider with In accordance with the above-mentioned conout the necessity of drilling the above mentioned ventional construction, the spider 28 illustrated hole and without the use of the above mentioned in the drawing also includes an upwa y tending locating boss 38 spaced inwardly of each It is a further object of the invention to pro- 0f e apertures 32 and ap to b disposed vide such a clip which is simple in design, which adjacent the supporting flange 22 of the tank 12 may be economically manufactured and which is and substantially in engagement with the inner surface thereof. It will be appreciated that this Other and more detailed objects of the invenportion functions as a locating tab and is the tion will become apparent from a consideration p on o Which e S p g a ge was seof the drawing, the following specification and Cured y Screws in the ebQVe mentioned prior practice of attaching the tank to its supporting chassis.

Figure 1 is a perspective View f e caster To this point the described construction is conmeunted tank in which t t is Secured be ventional and the present invention relates to an its supperting chassis by clips embodying t improved clip for attaching the tank l2 to the supporting chassis I4. Ihe clip 40 of the pres- 2 i broken greatly enlarged i of t t ent invention is illustrated in perspective in Fig. portion of the construction illustrated in Fig. 1, 3 d p is s a ra y fiat d t ul plate having an aperture 42 adapted to receive Fig 3 is perspective View of t clip m the stud portion 34 of the caster 30, and having the corners at its outer end deformed downwardly It will be appreciated from a complete unto define a pair of spaced legs 44. The inner end derstanding of the present invention that the portion of the cl p 0 s set upwardly to define a improved clip thereof may be employed in a wide finger p i n 6 pt d to extend over and en- In an illustrative but; t a gage the upwardly facing shoulder 26. When the limited sense, the improved clip of the present clip is mounted in place, as best illustrated in Fig. invention is herein illustrated and described as 2, the legs 44 project downwardly and engage the a means for attaching the tank or ail of a mopupper surface of the spider 2'8 and the finger portion 46 engages the shoulder 26.

Referring to the dreWing, the pp Outfit gagements, the clip 40 is supported in generally generally. indicated at e illustrated in parallel and slightly spaced relation above the 1, compnses a Whlch supported on a upper surface of the spider 28. It will now be apchassls gt f q i g a cagry preciated that when the nut 34 is tightened down a come 1on8 Wrmger 1 us m e m m en 50 against the clip 40, the engagement of the finger The tank 12 illustrated in the drawing is a portion 46 with the shoulder 26 on the tank 12 conventional cylindrical metal tank having a firmly Plamps the tank to the Splder The It will now be appreciated that the clips 40 cylindrical side wall 20 of the tank extends may be readily used With a spider 23 of convendownwardly below the bottom It to define an tional construction and including the upwardly extending projections 38 which function only as locating projections when the clips 40 are used, or that when the clips of the present invention are employed, these clips may perform the locating function and a spider 28 may be used which does not include the projections 38. Further, it will be appreciated that the clips of the present invention may be used with a tank the supporting flange or lower edge of which has an enlarged or bead portion, the upper surface of which may be engaged by the clip in the same manner as the above described engagement of the clip 40 with the shoulder 26.

While only one form of the invention has been illustrated and described in detail, it will be readily appreciated by those skilled in the art that numerous modifications and changes may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention.

What is claimed is:

In combination, a caster mounted tank having a downwardly extending supporting flange defining, adjacent its lower limit, an externally disposed upwardly facing shoulder, a spider supporting said tank at a plurality of spaced points 2 about said supporting flange and having a plurality of vertically extending apertures therethrough individual to and disposed outwardly of said points, a plurality of casters individual to 4 said apertures supporting said spider and having stud portions extending upwardly through said apertures and receiving nuts on their upper ends, and a plurality of clips attaching said tank to said spider, each of said clips comprising a plate overlying a portion of the upper surface of said spider and having a circular aperture receiving said stud portion therethrough, said plate having a pair of spaced legs at one end engaging said upper surface of said spider and an offset finger portion at the other end engaging said shoulder on said supporting flange of said tank so that upon tightening of said nut on said stud portion said tank will be firmly held against said spider, said stud portions of said casters and said nuts cooperating to mount said spider on said casters and to secure said clips in place to mount said tank on said spider.


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