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Publication numberUS2666249 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 19, 1954
Filing dateApr 26, 1951
Priority dateApr 26, 1951
Publication numberUS 2666249 A, US 2666249A, US-A-2666249, US2666249 A, US2666249A
InventorsRuiz Raymond R, Smith Fred A
Original AssigneeJohn Plumer, Joseph Cervone
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Combination rosette maker and flower holder
US 2666249 A
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Jan. 19. 1954 U Z ETAL 2,666,249-


FRED A. S/V/i'll AGENT Patented Jan. 19, 1954 TED I stares PATENT 4 r w v r 2,666,2 cemmmmcn Rosana Mamia m V a r newal: Holman 7 Raymond liafiuii and Fred" A'Q'Sii'lifii, it, assigiilifsof one-fcirrtirtwicsepfi cer veneand one-fourth to Iona Elmer; NewYcs-m Applicatiomripril .26, 1951iSiidlBTdQiZZfififi 2 Claims. (01. 28-2) Our invention relates to a new article of manufacture designed to serve as a combination rosette maker and flower holder.

An object of our invention is to provide an ornamental and useful device adapted to aid in the forming of rosettes or bows from ribbons, strands, wires or the like.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a device of the character set forth having means for varying the diameter or the length of the rosette or the bow to be formed.

A further object of this invention is to provide an article of manufacture comprising a plurality of members, each adapted to support an artificial flower or the like, in combination'with means whereby these members (or some of them) may be utilized in the formation of a rosette or a bow.

An article of manufacture in accordance with our invention is deemed to be especially useful in gift shops, bakeries and other stores wher the necessity regularly arises of wrapping goods in attractive packages adorned with bows or rosettes, flowers, or both.

A now preferred embodiment of the invention will be described with reference to the accompanying drawing in which:

Fig. 1 is a front elevation of an article according to the invention;

Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the base portion of the article shown in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a section on the line 33 of Fig. 1, illustrating use of the article as a flower holder;

Fig. 4 is a top plan view of the central portion of the article drawn to a larger scale, this figure illustrating use of the article as a device for making rosettes; and

Fig. 5 illustrates a finished rosette produced in the manner shown in Fig. 4.

The article I comprises a base I l of preferably transparent, resinous material provided with seven bores aligned in a row, including a center bore I2, a first pair of side bores [3a, l3b on opposite sides of the center bore, a second pair of side bores Ha, I 41) at greater distance from the center, and an outermost pair of side bores I a, l5b. As here shown, the center bore I2 is a through-going hole whereas the side bores I3, I 4, I5 are recesses extending only about halfway into the base, as best seen in Fig. .3. The base II rests on short legs Ilia, Nib secured to its underside adjacent opposite ends thereof.

A series of tubular members 2311,2311, 24a, 24b, 25a and 25b are removably inserted in the bores [3a, I31), I 411, Mb, [5a and [5b, respectively.

2 These members are preferably made of a material similar to that of the base I l and are of a height progressively increasing from the center toward the ends. A rod 2| preferably of like material, but of less height and greater diameter than the .tubes 23, 24 and 25, bears a reduced stud 22 which enters the bore I2, thereby maintaining the rod 2| centered with respect to these tubes. The rod 2! bears a pair of axially extending slots 26, 27 intersecting at the center at right angles to each other, slot 26 being aligned with the plane of the tubes 23-25 while slot 21 is perpendicular to that plane.

Fig. 3 shows how any of the tubular members -25, here the member 23a, may serve as a support for an artificial flower 30 having its stem 3| received by the slot.

Fig. 4 illustrates the forming of a rosette of small diameter, 1. e. of a diameter substantially equal to the spacing of the inner pair of tubes 23a, 23b. As a first step in the formation of this rosette a short length of thread, ribbon or wire, here a narrow band I1, is placed in slot 21 of rod 2| with its ends projecting from opposite sides of the rod. Next a flexible element to be wound into a rosette, here a wide ribbon I6, is looped around the tubes 23a and 23b a desired number of times, care being taken to have the ribbon l6 enter the slot 26 on each passage from one of the tubes to the other. Thereafter the band I! is tied around the loops thus formed, and the object so produced is removed from the device H) to form the rosette 20 shown in Fig. 5.

If it is desired to produce a rosette of larger diameter, use may be made of the tubes 24a, 24b or 25a, 25b in the manner shown in Fig. 4 for the members 23a, 23b. For greater convenience the unused tubes may be removed from the base ll during the looping operation.

It will be understood that the invention is not limited to the specific embodiment described and illustrated but that it is, on the contrary, capable of various adaptations and modifications without exceeding the scope of the appended claims.

We claim:

1. A rosette maker comprising a base, a central peg rising from said base and provided with two intersecting slots substantially at right angles to each other, each slot being of substantially greater depth than width, said base being provided with a plurality of recesses on each side of said central peg and in line with one of the said slots thereof, and at least two additional pegs removably fitting into said recesses, on opposite sides of said central peg, the width or said one or said slots being substantially less than the thickness of said additional pegs, whereby a ribbon inserted in said one of said slots and wound around said additional pegs will converge toward said central peg. v V

2. A rosette maker comprising a base, a central peg rising from said base and provided with two intersecting slots substantially at right angles to each other, each slot being of substantially greater depth than width, and at least two additional pegs rising from said base on opposite sides of said central peg and in line with on of the said slots thereof, said additional pegs being of a thickness which is less than that of said central peg but substantially greater than the width of said one of said slots, whereby a ribbon inserted in said one of said slots and wound around said additional pegs will converge toward said central peg.


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European ClassificationD04D7/10, A41G1/00