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Publication numberUS26663 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1860
Publication numberUS 26663 A, US 26663A, US-A-26663, US26663 A, US26663A
InventorsGeorge E. B. French
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Appakattrs fob medical topical
US 26663 A
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Apparatus` for Medical Application.

No. 26,663. Patented `.latny 3,-1860.

2 SheetsL-Sheet 2.

N 4'UNITED N STAWENT OF 1 N i GEORGE E. B. FRENCH, or wasHINefroN, Dis'rRIo'rNoEooLuMiA.." d

N APPARATUS PoR MEDICAL 'roPIori-L APPLICATIONS. l NN N N i specification Nof Letters `PatentNo.26,663,` dated aanua1:y;e,is6o`. 1

To all whom it may concern: for the application l of splints to the'u l "Be it known that I, GEORGEE. FRENCH, joint of arm. N* u j of the city of Washington, District of Co- Section l() represen ther cap forl lower N lumbia, have invented a new and Improved joint of armi.` N` .N N N i 5 Moden of Aipplying hot, tepid, orcold water Section 11 represents-'them-i `or other fluid and hot or cold air `to the Wrist. N N N NN hiimaiifbody for sanatory and" other` purfSectionM12 representslgpad *to befa-"pp'lied poses by means ofi garments being eonstructto the womb. N` l ed and made for that purpose, such garments Section 13f represents thef application l l being constructed and made of india-rubber, splints `to the thigh.

I do hereby declare that the following is a thigh bone; y i j full and exact description thereof, reference Section I5 represents'the` section tobe apfs guttaspercha, or other suitable material; and N Section I4represents acap l being had to the accompanying drawings plied for freezifrigjlimb beforeainputatioirWm cold water, or other fluid, from whence the splintsto the lowerzjointof leg.

B represents the water cock which reguto lower limb. 1- l N lates the application of water or fluid. N Section 19 represents an attachment `for `1 C represents the upper tube which conveys the womb.

D represents the channel through which for hemorrhoids &c.`

the water or other fluid passes. N E represents the dress, or parts of the for bathing the invalid in `bed Nas aforesaid. j y

the water from lower tube, which may be making and constructinggarments of india- N placed back into pail A, if required. rubber, gutta-percha or` other suitable ma-N. Figure l, represents the garment for the terial `of a double thickness, so that" hot,

water or fluid passes. Fig. 2, represent-stile or cold air, can and may, be `int manner of applying the different sections to therein, `by means of the pressure o shows the bathing dress to be applied to inor required temperature by the use oftiibes valids in bed. In this case the water touches attached thereto, and of the `applicatiorrN l the body. Fig. 4, represents a dress which thereof to the whole `or Ntoany partfofthe N95 40 is to be applied to the whole body (during human body for sanatory or other purposes.N life) for sanatory purposes, and for preserv- To enable others skilled fin the fartyNto; y 3j i ing the body after death by a current as make and use the.invention;`il1 willprocfeedl aforesaid; the garments being of a double to describe themannerof itsconstruction, 11 N thickness, with space for hot or cold water, and the mode of its operationand applica-100 'or other fluid; the inner broken line repretion. j j N ply I sents the inner thickness of dress; the buckles I construct my `garments sowas that they, and straps represent the mode of `inclosing may contain any required quantity fthot the dress by fastening the same to the body. tepid or cold water, or iotherffluid, or hot` ffl j Section l to be applied to the head; secor cold air, in such `manner as that either 105 tion 2 to the throat; section 3 to the chest of these may avoid touching the bodyiand and back; sections 4 4 to the belly, stomach may keep up anevenI temperature by means N` N and back; section 5 to be applied to the of tubes attached at eachyend` Theupper; strictures; section 6 to the arm; section 7 for tube I attach or introduce intoa bucket `or` 3 [Nr N application of splints to the lower joints; other vesselon a table,standior otherelevaylio i section 8 `cap for the application to ampution; through this tube Iintroduce hot .tepid` 1 tation of upper joints of the arm; section 9 or cold water,`or other fluid, into thefvacu# 'i5 and to the letters of reference marked thereon. section 16 a legging forNalpplicationtothe N` A represents a. pail or reservoir of hot or feet and legs section 17,for*applicationfof l water &c is applied to the human body. N Section 18 represents a cap foramputation the water, &c., to the body. N Section 20 is anNattchinentxto theanus i Section 21, being Fig. 3, represents adress `,8O

dress of india rubber &c.; F, the lower tube, Section 22, being Fig. `4,1represents as l 'is for the purpose of carrying off the water specified in Fig. 4 aforesaid.;` `N N i :i

or fluids; this regulates the temperature of Section 23-represents as specified in Fig. 1.,; N j either and both; G the lower pail to receive The nature of my invention :consists in y body, and the spaces through which the tepid, or cold water, orotlier fluid, o oty` `Q various parts of the human body. Fig. 3, or inflation of air, and keeping up any i um between the exterior and interior of the garments aforesaid, and apply the garments containing the hot tepid or cold water `or,

other fluid, or ice water, or hot or cold air to any part or parts of the body according to the nature of the disease, or any other requirements as applicable to the human body. At the lower end the Vsmall tube may emit the water or air ad Zbz'am, and thus bythe continual current of water orair may keep up any required temperature.

These garments, or suit if I may so call it shall be divided into sections, in order to apply either section to the corresponding part of the body for which it is adapted, each sectional garment and the Whole suit if required are water and air tight, except through the tubes whence flows the current aforesaid.

The ice cap, or cap for hot or cold water to be applied to the head is constructed that the invalid or patient may not remove it olf. Pads can be made to contain ice water to splints. Pads can be made to contain ice water to be applied to amputated limbs,

also may be made in the same manner; tubes with `attachments for piles and other diseases Vfor the introduction of hot or cold water &c.; tubes for the womb containing ditto; leggings and sleeves containing hot or cold water for the purpose of producing reaction in the limbs or other parts of the body; also an entire suit for bathing a person in bed which will avoid the lifting or removal of invalids.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent is- The hereinbefore described adaptation of garments &c. to the human body constructed of india rubber gutta percha, or other suitable material for the purposes hereinbefore set forth and keeping up any even or required temperature by the use of tubes introduced therein and forming a part thereof, or any device substantially the same.


Signed in presence of- DANIEL MAJOR, F. I. MURPHEY.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61F7/12