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Publication numberUS2668083 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 2, 1954
Filing dateJul 7, 1950
Priority dateJul 7, 1950
Publication numberUS 2668083 A, US 2668083A, US-A-2668083, US2668083 A, US2668083A
InventorsHerman C Kirchner
Original AssigneeW M Cissell Mfg Company Inc
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Double jet spray gun
US 2668083 A
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Feb. 2, 1954 H. c. KIRCHNER 2,668,083

DOUBLE JET SPRAY GUN Filed July 7. 1950 23 #g2/VAN C. z/Q CAM/2 Patented Feb. 2, 14954 DOUBLE .mfr 'SPRAY Herman C. Kirchner, Louisville, Ky., assigner -to W. M. Cissell Manufacturing'Company, Incorporated, Louisville, Ky.2

tucky a corporation of Ken- Application July 7, 195o, seria1No.`1'z2`,4ss

1 claim. (o1. 299-112,) v

eration over a longer period of time without fouling.

To provide a sturdy light-weight dependable instrument of the general type disclosed in application, Serial No. 143,858, filed by Frank H. Richterkessing, February 13, 1950, now vabandoned, capable of operation through a long period of service without fouling by detergents or other chemicals used by operators is the main object of this invention.

Another object of this invention is the provision of novel parts that can be manufactured on a production basis in order to provide the user with the best grade and type of a spray gun of this class at the minimum cost.

To provide comfort and relief of strain for the operator during long periods of continuous operation is a further object of the invention.

Other and subordinate objects are also comprehended by my invention, all of which, together with the precise nature of my improvements will be readily understood when the succeeding description and claim are read with reference to the drawings accompanying and forming a part of the specication.

In said drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the double jet spray gun, connected to two supply hoses, ready for service.

Figure 2 is a side elevation, on an enlarged scale and partly in section, of the discharged end of the spray gun shown in Fig. 1.

Figure 3 is a schematic elevation of the spray gun connected to 'apparatus for supplying fluids and the foot control for one of said fluids.

Referring to the drawings by numerals, and iirst to Fig. 3 illustrating the apparatus as a Whole, 5 designates a pipe that conducts steam to chest 6 that stores steam in the top portion under pressure of approximately 100 pounds and collects condensate 1 in the lower portion where it is maintained at the indicated level by means of discharge pipe 8 connected to conventional trap 9. Valve I closes the top of the chest and controls the flow of live steam through outlet II, hose I2 to spray-gun I3. lSpring I4 retains the valve head closed through rod I except when lever I6 is forced downwardly to the open position by chain I'I that is actuated by pedal I8. When actuated, a jet of steam 3I is liberated from an orice or nozzle ISA.

Outlet pipe 20 yconducts hot water to cooling coil 2I then to cold water storage tank 22 that is connected by-hose 23 to thumb operated spray head and valve 24, Where la jet 30 o r spray of water may be discharged from nozzle 25 at the will of the operator. It should be noted that both iluidsare supplied under pressure from the same source, the boiler, however, this is not a prerequisite, since independent sources may be employed.

The spray-gun illustrated in Fig. 1, comprises a handle 26, having conduit 21 for conducting water to spray head 24, conduit 28 likewise is provided for conducting steam to orifice or nozzle ISA. These conduits are disposed interiorly of the handle and project forwardly to the outlets and rearwardly into the hoses, adverted to above. Lever 29 of the water spray-gun extends over the handle for ready actuation by the thumb of the gun supporting hand of the operator for discharge of sprayed water 3u from orice or nozzle 25, while spray steam 3| may be discharged at will from nozzle ISA by actuation of pedal I8, Fig. 3. The other hand of the operator is free for handling the lgarment under treatment. Thus, the operator is provided with a double jet spray-gun whereby either fluid or a mixture thereof may be effected instantaneously.

To provide for long periods of continuous all day operation without fag of the operators muscles of the spray-gun hand, a balanced spraygun was provided. Weight of conventional spray-guns and spray heads would have defeated this condition. The use of sand and diecastings for these elements was not desirable in order to forestall fouling and/or corrosion since metals alloyed lwith zinc, aluminum and the like are attacked by many solvents in current use in the dry-cleaning industry. To meet these conditions and provide Vfor occasional service such as cleaning, repairs to damaged parts and substitutions of nozzles to change orifices et cetera the principal elements were made of superior metals on automatic screw machines, assembled and welded as shown best in Fig. 2 in which, as adverted to above, conduits 21, 28 are centrally disposed in air chamber 26A of the handle and are located therein by headers 26B, 26C. Tube 21A telescopes conduit 21, abuts the shell of spraygun 24 at one end, extends into header 26B at the other end with the central portion disposed over the top portion of spray head I9 in order that all of the contact or near `contact portions can be Welded. A preferred procedure consists of assembling the next above mentioned elements in a xture or jig preparatory to unifying 3 the same for producing the structure shown herein, this is followed -by the application of a suitable flux, heat and a Welding medium as Well understood in practice.

While dry steam and cold water are chosen for disclosing-my invention, it must be; understood that other uids maylikewise be,l expeditiously dispensed with this apparatus and the methods embraced herein.

Manifestly, the invention, as illustrated and described is susceptible of modication' Without departing from the inventive concept, and right; is hereby reserved to such modificationsasfall-l Within the scope of the appended claim;

I claim:

In a spray gun, the combination-of aY spray.

head having a casing and a spray nozzle, a tubular handle having one end thereof closed byla header member, means mounting said spray head upon said handle comprising ametal-tubefhaving one end thereof rigidly-secured'to said header and the other endrigidlysecured. to;v aside-Walllportion of said casing, the axis of said. tube being substantially parallelfwith the axis4 of. said` handle and. the axis of' said nozzlebeing substantially at rightangleslto'the. axis of said` tube.,a

second spray head secured to said tube at an intermediate point thereon and having its nozzle axis extending parallel With the nozzle axis of said rst spray head, a supply conduit for said rst spray head located within said handle and passing' throughsaid header, througlfr.l said tube and into the casing of said rst spray head, and a second supply conduit located within said handie and passing through said header and being connected to said second spray head.


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